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Thoughts on this? Why isn’t it discussed here more? Its only 4 years away

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because every thread on this turns into an incel general for some reason

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there is not even rocket yet, no modules, no astronaut training, it's underfunded, always behind schedule and next administration may stop it, it's not worth talking about until there is everything ready
Elon will land on Mars before NASA is ready to go back to the Moon.

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Honestly I really don't want to get my hopes up. I give it 20% chance. Fuck this gay earth

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>Only 4 years away
That's what they said back in 2004

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Because it won't happen. The SLS will never fly and everybody knows that. NASA is just dicking around until commercial crew launches are safe.

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>it's underfunded
No. It's more than funded enough. It's funding is just poorly managed.

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Because the Democrats will scrap it.

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I'm excited about it but Congress is probably gonna fuck it up

Upcoming milestones other than Orion flight tests:
they need to pick a human lander design to build, that's gonna happen in the next few months
they need to build and launch at least the first two gateway modules
they want to launch a small satellite called Capstone into the weird-ass orbit that Gateway will live in, to make sure it works
they're gonna do a commercial resupply thing for the gateway like they do for ISS

I think if they manage to get Gateway built they'll be able to keep running lunar missions for a long time, it'll be a sunk cost that nobody will want to end, like ISS is today. But if they don't get that far, NASA will keep on switching from one focus to the next every eight years and go nowhere

(all bets are off if the USA collapses first but there's only like a 25% chance of that happening in the next decade, right?)

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>Elon will land on Mars before NASA is ready to go back to the Moon.
Elon himself, even, not just the first SpaceX employee.
>It's funding is just poorly managed.
Same difference, maybe even worse since a low budget program can do tons of precursor work.

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Commercial crew will not be capable of going beyond LEO

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The Demoscraps

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