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Why did science peak in the 60s? Is there just nothing left to discover?

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it peaked on par with hollywood cinema, crazy coincidence haha

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iq began to decrease with boomers

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The easier discoveries have been depleted. Don't need any conspiracies to explain that.

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The rise of publish-and-perish pressured scientists to spend their time researching miniscule stuff that no one cares about

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publish or perish*

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Because society isnt interested in science , especially exploration of space anymore.Modernity, with its apotheosis of man, has changed everything. Modern man is affirmed as he is. Already at the starting point he thinks that he is good enough and does not need development and fulfillment in his life. Otherwise, he could not be considered in his own eyes as equal to other people. Therefore, instead of overcoming himself and becoming someone else (better form of himself), he has to be himself, to be and remain who he is.

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>Is there just nothing left to discover?
Pretty much.

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Wrong and dumb. We've discovered and proven 99% of the easy/normal shit. Now we are so deep that growth will slow to a crawl until the next big break through. This happens all the time, retards.

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Because computers then smartphones took everyone attention

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Republicans started cutting stem funds.

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You just lack historical perspective. Most discoveries take a full century to mature.

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Leftist and jews deplatformed , oppress or constanly box out the most intelligent or capable scientist because they are White or European.

So much of the mainstream science communties involve the following.

Now we have a bunch of monkey brained wakandans and jews that keep discovering ways to brag about the fragility of their ethnic groups while standing in the way of scientific progress for the sake of gloating about how retarded they can be.

Poos one uping each other on who can be the most useless while holding authority positions they are far too incompetent for.

Asians that are playing with fire in a pool of gasoline.

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That can explain the last 20 years, but not 1970-2000

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>Why did science peak in the 60s? Is there just nothing left to discover?
The final discovery was white self-loathing.

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Complex lifeforms cannot exist outside the protective shield of the van Allan radiation belt with current shield technology.
So what's left of NASA (after the moon landing all the blueprints etc were destroyed ) cannot let anyone try to go to the moon or everyone will know about the hoax.
And by NASA no I don't mean the administrators and clerics etc that work there. I mean the above top secret military organisation that poses as NASA.
The government lies and keeps secrets from you.
You will never get very far if you trust something that has continuously mislead you for your entire life.

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Read it.

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Because the CIA killed the soviet union. The Soviet Union made for a great rival, they never were enemies, however the CIA psyop was so successful they singlehandedly elongated the cold war. Otherwise, humanity would have reached the moon by 1950 and by now we'd be shitposting with people in the space colonies, bantering about their massive lag.

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>landing men on the moon
>easy discovery

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Not as easy as your mom

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>Why did science peak in the 60s?

Did it though?

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Science is "peak" now and shows no signs of reversing trajectory, but something something the jews are stealing my teeth.

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I dont see anything to suggest its fake

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We're reaching the limit of human intelligence. It's physically impossible to know more. Unless we create an AI (we won't) we are doomed.

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The scientific progress we've made since the early 1990s up until 2019 pales everything that has came before it.

It's only uneducated plebs that think we are making less progress. It's just that you need a higher understanding of these fields to understand the insane amount of progress we made.

When I was born in 1989 we didn't even know if there were planets around other stars or not. It wasn't until the early 1990s where we found evidence of the first exoplanet. Now we already have found thousands of exoplanets within the habitable zone and even one proven to have H2O within its atmosphere.

Computer and IT technology in general like the internet are society changing events on the same level as the industrial revolution. It pushed us from an industrial economy into a service based economy. Just like the industrial revolution pushed us from an agrarian economy into an industrial one.

It's extremely easy for people to just brush these last decades off as on a surface glance it looks like we made more progress in the past. However I wouldn't be surprised if the actual amount of progress made from 1990 to 2020 is more than ALL SCIENTIFIC PROGRESS EVER from before 1990 combined.

It doesn't seem like it's going to stop soon as well. ELT, JWST, ITER. These are all projects that will come to fruition by the mid 2020s and will change how we look at society again.

I liken them to the invention of the transistor, steam engine or the detonation of the first atomic bomb. And we will experience 3 of these events in just the next 5 years alone.

Strap in, we're in for a wild ride the coming decade.

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>Is there just nothing left to discover?
No, it's just that making new discoveries requires an increasingly high IQ.


>Moreover, progress becomes steadily harder over time; disciplines splinter (see the disappearance of polymath “Renaissance men”), and eventually, discoveries become increasingly unattainable to sole individuals (see the steady growth in numbers of paper coauthors and shared Nobel Prizes in the 20th century). In other words, these IQ discovery thresholds are themselves a function of the technological level. To make progress up the tech tree, you need to first climb up there.
>An extreme example today would be the work 0f Japanese mathematician Shinichi Mochizuki. At least Grigory Perelman’s proof of the Poincare Conjecture was eventually confirmed by other mathematicians after a lag of several years. But Mochizuki is so far ahead of everyone else in his particular field of Inter-universal Teichmüller theory that nobody any longer quite knows whether he is a universal genius or a lunatic.

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What mission is this from?

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>This happens all the time, retards

"Science" is failing as an institution. But at least it's diverse, right?

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Discovery is so common nowadays that iypu don't even hear about it unless you read journals. There's no point reporting it on CNN as people won't be entertained.

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Gemini 4

it's not, the G4C spacesuit could do that, the helmet was on a rotating bearing.

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Different cultures different goals. We have down-to-earth things to worry about and not wasting our precious lives and effort on some macho drivel.

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Imagine being USA
Imagine doing the impossible and land on the moon 50 years ago
Now imagine having a population that is half retarded
The same population keeps insisting that the moon landing never happened
Land of the free

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The process took off in the 60's though. USA before and after are different beasts.

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>Now imagine having a population that is half retarded
>The same population keeps insisting that the moon landing never happened
I really hope the percentage of Americans who think that the moon landings were faked aren't as high as 50%, because that would be depressing.

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the moon landing was a pointless political stunt.
the establishment academics and the politicians who fund them have failed to advance the ball at all in the past half century, JWST is now 2400% over budget and 16 years behind schedule, why would anyone logically think that those same people could start a moon landing program in 1961 and complete it in 1969?

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Just goes to show how retarded are americans

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>Just goes to show how retarded are americans

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>"Let's make shit up!"
>"Because we need to validate a schizoid's belief, stemming from the trauma of catching his dad playing Santa Claus! We're his favourite villains, remember?"

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>"Science" is failing as an institution. But at least it's diverse, right?
The history of science shows a trend of long periods containing very few discoveries, followed by the break of the current paradigm, a period where the new discovery is contested, then the proof of the discovery's validity and the North of a new paradigma that'll drive innovation until it gets stale and becomes the new "old paradigm".

Why do you believe it has anything to do with diversity again?

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Nigger, AI is about to change everything, every single thing in the coming decade. You have no idea what you're talking about.

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A.I. is impossible and will never exist.

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You're right int that true AI might be impossible. However, Chinese rooms and neural networks that, in some specific tasks, completely outclass humans are inevitable.

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>The scientific progress we've made since the early 1990s
you? did you do any of that? or is it just other people's bragging lies that you've places faith in?

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In the 60's they had a huge budget, and the rich were taxed a lot to fuel that budget. In the 1970s lots of things were deregulated and taxes on the rich went down, which has also led to our economic problems.

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It's just economically impossible to do anything significant in space.

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>and does not need development and fulfillment in his life.
You're simply too autistc to understand that self-fulfillment is not equivalent to "people respect me" anymore. We're smarter than our forefather, unfortunately so.

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Only if your only concern is profit.

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But anon, you're white, yet not an intelligent or capable scientist!

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>Is there just nothing left to discover?
With any discorevy comes infinitelly more things to discover and a lot of questions.
It's a lot of information for us things gotten a little bit slower but progress is happening and its happening at such fast rates as never before.

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Personally in the field I work in for 5 years we have basically improved the yield close to 20x while historically it has only increased ~5x from the dawn of agriculture until when my team started working on it.

We still have lots of low hanging fruit and better and better tools to improve on all fronts. We're the opposite of peaked we are at the exponential slope of progress.

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