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I know you think this isn't a pressing issue, but I'm Brazilian. I've seen things you wouldn't believe.

I'm desperate, smart people aren't having kids, the opposite is happening with the dum dums, pls, sci pls, tell me someone somewhere will find a way to raise avg IQ, we need this otherwise I really believe we're doomed, I'm a dumbass myself but at least I'm aware, you don't know how bad it is here. Pls help

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>tell me someone somewhere will find a way to raise avg IQ

It's called raising the prosperity of the masses so that the average person has better access to education.

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>I've seen things you wouldn't believe.
try me mother fucker
I've seen a homeless man take a shit on the metro and nobody said shit because "hurr durr we love the homeless"
that's not fucking homeless, that's mental incompetence. Real homeless people are in shelters or programs to get help.
These mother fuckers and their SJW retardation are quite literally causing a micro genocide against the mentally incompetent.
I digress.
oh yeah forgot to mention, reproduction is eugenic, not reproducing is dysgenic.
Therefore if smart people aren't breeding (which makes sense women are fucking work and why bother with that shit when your studies are more interesting) than they are the inferior ones.
Harsh reality but that's just nature.
Education has nothing to do with it. All these niggas got phones. I used the internet to self teach myself when I was younger. They simply don't give a fuck about stars n shiieet. they don't have to, it's not a required process.

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>I've seen things you wouldn't believe.
tell us

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Faster than you think and in different ways than you imagine. The thing is, it will depend on implementation. Like the "IQ" can come from automation. Intelligent cameras with recognition capabilities can aid in ordering a society tremendously and make crime much less rewarding than it is now. In addition logistics, work, and many areas will just replace human workers.

So to understand the future of say a low IQ country like BR. You have to imagine two different major possibilities. IQ increases on a biological level like gene therapy or some therapy in adults or in the increasing use of AI to replace human brains (outsourcing IQ to something reliable).

In both cases BR can benefit but it depends on government implementation and if they get in the way or use such advantages. China is a good example of a country at least attempting to maximize the value although it's getting pretty negative with authoritarian uses.

In BR, it will be pretty tough and depends on gov whether say smart-cameras will be used to stop crime. Whether AI powered systems can replace human IQ. Whether genetic technologies or other things would even be used and how fast brazil would be on the uptake curve.

Most likely you will watch some other country do it first. North Korea is in a better position to use such technology than Brazil IMO.

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This is what I was looking for. Thank you.

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Just keep in mind "Intelligence" can come from many things. If say aggressive self-driving car time-tables hit. You could imagine in USA all the sudden millions of human brain's economic output could be replaced by chips and cameras.

Every year the economic value of a human brain (un-augmented or imrpoved via technology) decreases. This relatively helps low IQ countries, but at the same time depending on existing wealth it might be hard for them to take advantage. The only thing for sure is the future is going to be very weird and the next superpower might not even be a large population country. It could even be something like Google.

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I also would like to hear unbelievable Brazillian stories.

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When will we be able to engineer IQ?



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I think the reason nobody talked to the homeless guy is precisely because he was taking a shit and might be dirty, aggressive, etc.

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I dont believe brown people like myself should reproduce even though I have a somewhat average IQ

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I am sorry OP, but we need uneducated manual labor workers by the millions, NAY, BILLIONS. Our own nations are too wealthy to even support such a population, as even the poorest may just get a loan and get the education once only fit for a prince. But brazil, a nation of beasts, shall supply us with the labor we need.

OP, learn your place a pick a shovel.

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Make your own labourers instead of importing immigrants

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But immigrants are already used to being poor and just kinda accept that being poor is okay. Their traditional christian religion is even filled with memes like "rich people don't go to heaven". They are perfect drones.

For some reason, poor white people just insist, JUST FUCKING INSIST, on becoming educated and demanding higher wages. I'm sorry but that won't fly. This is the world you asked for. Was working our mines that bad? We even gave you life insurance and shit.

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> tell me someone somewhere will find a way to raise avg IQ, we need this otherwise I really believe we're doomed
I don't know how to raise IQ, but I know how you can help raise Brasil average IQ.

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> Poor white people get educated and demand higher wages

Lol Charles Murray would disagree. Or are you not in the US?

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>, I'm a dumbass myself

So its unironically good idea.

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I get your point but here is mine:
Today, the grandsons of farmers get college-educated. How does that even work? In the good old days, the descendants of farmers would for all eternity be farmers.

Now think of it in economic terms. Training a farmer is relatively easy. A specialized high school diploma is more than enough for you to work my land. To put in random numbers, let's say that it costed me 50k$ to educate you, and once you are educated, owning you means I get yearly payments of 5k$. In about 10 years, I made back my money.

Now let's see the grandson of the farmer. Educating this little shit who thinks he deserves to go to college will cost me (the state) maybe 300k$. If I then send him to work the farm his grandfather worked, that is still just a yearly dividend of 5k$ for me. That means I wouldn't make back my money in 60 YEARS! In 60 years you may even be dead. This means that if I educate you, I must also put you in a more important position. How? Well, I guess I'll make you a manager. Instead of making you work the land, because you were so expensive I'll give you 10 immigrants to manage. Now let's say that after paying the immigrants too, I now get a yearly dividend of 30k$. Now we are back a 10 years for me to make my money back.

Did you get it? The more you demand I educate you, the more immigrants I have to bring in so that I can give you a glorified manager position so that you can make me my fucking money back.


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>tell me someone somewhere will find a way to raise avg IQ

Force goverment to sterilize people who are social parasites in Brazil.

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Yes, I get that the free movement of labor across borders suppresses wages. I think everybody gets that. But your farmer example is silly because most farms are large scale industrial ones that receive government subsidies. Farming at that scale requires land and capital that poor whites just don't have.

The reason poor whites go to college is because we have thousands of colleges whose costs are subsidized via federal loans, thanks to the GI Bill. Find me an elite institution of higher learning with white Pell Grant recipients exceeding more than a percent or two. Go ahead; I'll wait.

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>When will we be able to engineer IQ?

We've been able to do that ever since formal schooling for the young became mandatory and law. Every individuals mileage will vary but ultimately going through a well planned and supported education system will raise any persons intelligence (barring those with significant or genuine mentally retarded traits).

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>Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion
>C-beams glittering in the dark near the Tannhauser Gate

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>muh education

no, it's childhood nutrition especially preventing iodine deficiency

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Education has nothing to do with IQ. It's almost entirely determined by genetics and your early childhood access to nutrition and mental stimulation.

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Education has limits and simply cannot help those who are unfortunate enough to inherit shit genes

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>another IQ thread

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Not sure if true but I saw on pol somewhere that the average IQ of an African American hasn’t improved in over a century, still stuck on 86..?

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> smart people aren't having kids
> More than two-thirds of scientists have tried and failed to reproduce


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Listened to that the other day. Go to 45 minutes to listen to iterative selection described. Rapid evolution in humans is within reach.

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>Noooo! You're supposed to marginalize people and create further stratification of society based on arbitrary parameters!

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>me me me
who the fuck are you

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IQ can only be slightly influenced by environment, last I'd heard it could be raised maybe 5-10 points max through a combination of good parenting and lifelong good education (note, education worldwide is shit, it does very little to enhance the mind and mostly exists to indoctrinate the young into the apparatus of their nation). On the genetic end is where the most influence can be exerted, if all of the genetic factors that make up IQ can be identified they can at least hypothetically be induced through gene engineering to be expressed a lot more than normal. There are risks obviously, gene editing methods are not yet accurate enough to guarantee what most medical practitioners and ethicists would consider acceptably low risk, if you gene-mod 100 people you might end up with a few horrifically aberrant individuals who's lives are destroyed by an attempt to edit their genes. It's safe IMO though to assume that gene editing will continue to improve until mistakes can either be rectified or avoided to the point where health hazards are not the primary issue. The next issue is whether or not genetic gigachads can integrate with the rest of society, their introduction to a world of vanilla humans might have catastrophic social results. They may create an enormous resource disparity that causes social upheaval, who knows, people have a hard enough time getting along with each-other for relatively small differences, how will they treat (or be treated by) an artificial new race of humans with substantial genetic advantages?

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>I've seen a homeless man take a shit on the metro and nobody said shit because "hurr durr we love the homeless"
and you didn't say shit either, did you? was it because you love the homeless, or because you're a pussy?

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