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Anyone here know how this can be transformed into a telescoping series? c^(k) is a counter that goes from 1 to K, w(k) is a vector of weights initialized as <0,0,..0>, x is a vector of inputs with same length as w(k) and b is a bias scalar.

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Does this have something to do with the sign operator being -1 during updates?

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Anyone? This is one of those this exercise has been left to the reader and i can't seem to get it. Pls halp.

It's from the book http://ciml.info/dl/v0_99/ciml-v0_99-ch04.pdf
eqn 4.18

Would greatly appreciate some help, frens.

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>c^(k) is a counter that goes from 1 to K
you mean c(k) = k?

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yes, that's exactly it.

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