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Hey Faggots I heard you all smart Science and Shit... Fix My tinnitus NOW!

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just ignore it lol

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gonna have to pull the trigger with your toe LOL

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turn the gun towards yourself and shoot

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Find out which frequencies are involved. Test it by tuning a synthesizer to exactly reproduce the sound you hear in your ear. You will know this happens when you don't hear any acoustic beats anymore.
Then, remove that exact frequency from songs you like and listen to those modified songs regularly. Your brain is filling in that missing frequency and as soon as the song is over will notice there's something wrong.
It might take a while, but there were quite a few success stories using this technique.

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Thank you pal, post your bitcoin wallet

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Thanks Anon, a simple "thank you" is enough for me. I tried finding charities for hearing loss or tinnitus accepting bitcoin, but couldn't find any. If you want, you can donate some spare Satoshi to
which seems to be a sensible organization.
I used to have tinnitus but thank God it was only temporary. Good luck and best wishes.

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Put your palms over your ears, tap on the back of your head with your fingertips for half a minute

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>tinnitus on spambot rotation
might get a bingo soon

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