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>first question on practice midterm stumped me

What do I do? Midterm is in 24 hours

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execute order 66

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nigga have you never taken a test before? I learn a semesters worth of content in a day practically. Its how I got my BS in math.

>> No.11046701

your gpa is 2.0

>> No.11046703

stay mad brainlet

>> No.11046706

post your transcript

>> No.11046735

Study right now then get an 8-hour sleep


>> No.11047127

Maybe brush up on the shit thats stumping you, dipshit.
If you get stuck on a question skip it and move on to the next one. Pick the low hanging fruit so you have more time to work out the harder ones.
You also never know if a question later on the test is going to knock loose something in your brain.

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