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Where does the friction energy go?

Doesn't friction fuck up conservation of energy entirely?

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Heat? Yes?

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>Where does the friction energy go?
It turns into heat.
>Doesn't friction fuck up conservation of energy entirely?

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energy is conserved in a closed system. accounting for friction, the two blocks do not form a closed system. If however they are contained in an insulated box, this whole system will be approximately closed and the temperature increase from the heat of friction will last.

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>when marbles collide, where does the energy go
solids are tightly packed small marbles

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Rub your hands together really fast. That burning sensation and the heat in your skin? That's where the friction energy went.

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Heat is what moves the electrons around ;)

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you're asking the wrong question. the question is more properly "what is the physical mechanism of friction"

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Also sound energy is a thing.

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My hand moves electrons around when I slap people.

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Shut up your gay

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