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>failed my 4th year of mech eng and had to transfer to a BSc
>Graduated 2 years ago and now work a dead end call centre job
What's it like to have a job where you're actually doing something that isnt brain dead repetition?

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Idk, im still a parasite of those scholarships. I feel depressed as shit tho.

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Ugh...I come to /sci/ to not talk to/read
about versions of me.

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Dude, get out there quickly.

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And do what?

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Save some bucks and start searching something that really interests you. Im sure that you can find something better. Dont let it be more than 5 years or you are kinda fucked up. I was in the same situation and with the support of my (few) friends and family i am kind of making it now. It was really a pain in the ass ngl, and sounds like a meme, but you should search for something that makes you feel alive before you permanetly feel dead inside

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Been there, got better.

So much this. neet'd away after I got my MSc and barely managed to get a basic science job after that.
Had to move abroad for a glorified intern position. After lots of hard work and 3+ years as Research Assistant I got enough experience and contacts to be seriously considered for a PhD in my field of choice. If that fails I will try for r&d position in industry.

So if you are serious about getting into science again you better move your ass now, even if you have to travel to buttfuck nowhere for a while. Or quit and get into a job you enjoy.

But don't stay on 4chan in doomer threads, you will get in a negative feedback loop.
If you don't have big responsabilities or money/health issues it's doable even if you are 30 or older.

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