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Look at this piece of shit:

It's supposed to be an article about chemistry but it reads like a New Age pamphlet.

>It can be consumed as a psychedelic drug and has historically been prepared by various cultures for ritual purposes as an entheogen.[4] Rick Strassman labeled it "the spirit molecule".[5]

>DMT was known as the "businessman's trip" during the 1960s in the United States, as a user could access the full depth of a psychedelic experience in considerably less time than with other substances such as LSD or magic mushrooms.[6]

>DMT can produce vivid "projections" of mystical experiences involving euphoria and dynamic hallucinations of geometric forms.[8]

>Reported encounters with external entities

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Do you not recognize there is more to a molecule than just its chemical mode of action? DMT has a rich cultural history and like any other drug that should be acknolwedged in a wiki article. Or should wikipedia have scrubbed the article for Alcohol of all references to any cultural usage?

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Now this is a serious article, unlike the DMT one. Your own example defeats you.

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>Or should wikipedia have scrubbed the article for Alcohol of all references to any cultural usage?
Yes. Any and all cultural references in any form should be erased. Mankind will advance tremendously as a species if this were done.

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Ethanol is salient to a shit load of chemistry as a solvent so it has multiple pages for multiple applications. The page treating it as a drug is more like the DMT page then anything else. The ethanol page treats it like a basic organic building block which it is. DMT is not a common solvent or even common for pretty much any reaction pathway/scientific pursuit outside of its activity as a drug. Hence why DMT's page is mainly focused on its pharmokinetic behaviour and culture impact.

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You will justify anything, won't you? Take a look at the users who wrote the DMT article. It's not biochemists. It's a bunch of junkies into "magic".

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>complaining that the people most interested in this molecule are the ones writing the page

None of the OP greentext seems out of place. It all seems like true, cited information about DMT.

You prefer ignorance of things that fall outside your narrow worldview?

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a person that somehow didn't know about alcohol could not possibly fathom the cultural significance of the molecule in our culture by reading that article though

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Good. It's an encyclopedia, not a pop-culture magazine.

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>encyclopedias are supposed to talk only about science and not history and culture

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God you are unbearably autistic.

a book, set of books, optical disc, mobile device, or online informational resource containing articles on various topics, usually in alphabetical arrangement, covering all branches of knowledge or, less commonly, all aspects of one subject.

Just because you have issues with recognizing social impacts and cues doesn't make them less important as a branch of knowledge.

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There should be a link to a separate page for cultural significance. This sort of linking to different articles is done all the time with other subjects.

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