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>prof chooses an open source math textbook for the course

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good fuck overpriced textbooks

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>not a GPLed or GFDLed text

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>not getting textbooks online for free

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>professor chooses the most expensive book possible for the course
>it's literally $5000
>for a 6 month subscription

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>Always pirate books anyway so I don't care what book the prof chooses

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*class requires code for online portion in your path*

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btfo'd >>10965623

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>prof gives out a free pdf copy of the textbook which he just rips from libgen

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I dont believe this

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I'm posting from the future.

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nice, what book

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Is it this textbook by any chance?

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i was just thinking that

or is it this OP?

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>prof prints out his own textbooks specifically written for the course

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>option to just buy the access code
I bought a used hardcover in person, I promise ;^)

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This happens a lot

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What's a good open source math textbook?

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That's great. The texbook business is a cronyist scam in some ways.

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literally almost always the case in germany

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>Using the textbook at all
Just use notes and examples and get the book problems off chegg. For $15 a month you don't have to buy anything.

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RIP libgen.io

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My physics teacher is doing this.
Extremely based.

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How is a textbook "open source"? Comes with a scan of the author's brain?

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>american profs don't write their own courses

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They do write their own courses and textbooks but only at the most prestigious schools. If you're going to fucking MIT or Harvard yeah sure, but at some no-name state school in bumfuck why bother.

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Same, loving the money he's saving me

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hahha fuck jews
based prof
or you could pay nothing ever. I know the jews will do something about this shit one day. but fuck them.
>math somehow changes and requires to be rewritten.
math didn't change nigger.

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>Russian studying at Moscow State University
>Every single professor just openly tells us to pirate the book from libgen

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>American university
>tell students to pirate books
>the next day a SWAT team bursts into your lecture room and arrests everyone, killing half the students in the process
>the american anthem plays in the background as you are sentenced to life in prison

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In literally anywhere in the world except america profs would just tell you to rip it from libgen and mock you if you actually bought the $5000 book. I feel bad for burgers for being forced to buy expensive books just so the rest of the world can freely pirate it.

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Used this book for a proof workshop class and it's one of the most nicely written math books I've read. On top of that, it has a permissible license. Another book I found extremely useful was pic related.

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Publisher has to provide LaTex source on request by anybody who bought a copy of the book.


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it's the license they release it under.

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I really liked picrel when I was first learning proofs as an undergrad

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Change russian to any non cucked uni.

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