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How can a fabric be "wind and waterproof" yet "breathing"?

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dark matter.

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There you go anon.

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It's leather.

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are you blind?

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gunna go out on a limb here and guess the 'breathable' fabric (interior lining) is not the same material that's wind/water res.(shell).

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vented in hidden places under the arm.
also, breathable fabric like goretex.
it lets warm perspirant air out, while preventing wind and rain from penetrating from the outside.
magic technology

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it has a rating which is a spectrum.
the higher the waterproofing rating the less breathable it could be

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Leather doesn't breathe.

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It does, though. That's why they put chamois in those tay bicycle shorts.

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It’s only dangerous past the flash point, where fluorocarbons are released, and no studies linking the dangers between humans have been conducted that say it’s dangerous. Birds have seen flu-like symptoms, but there’s no data on human cancer or birth defects.

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>no studies linking the dangers between humans have been conducted that say it’s dangerous
>birth defects in humans
>no studies about humans

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The problem is the industry realized people will pay huge sums for these ridiculous promises and the industry basically created an environmental nightmare

Microplastics from the disintigrating fibers
Fluorocarbons permanently in the environment and for chain now

And perhaps the realest lulz is that waterproof is a fucking lie, a bit of dust or dirt on the fabric reduces its wetting resistance and once wet through its not waterproof at all. Every single piece of gear I had failed.

It's nothing but a marketing gimmick and false advertising with the collateral damage to the environment and consumer wallets

All the manufacturers are silently hoping the spotlight doesn't fall on them and enough time passes that everyone forgets.

Meanwhile the $1 per hour sweatshop worker will get cancer and the microplastics continue to accumulate in the food chain.

In case you think you are special and aren't at risk these toxic compounds continue to be added to carpets, upholstery, and other goods worldwide.

American Chemical Society has no shame, your politicians hope they can avoid blame and no one wants to hear their closets and houses are full of biologically dangerous substances.

Cowardice & ignorance & a whole lot of lazy consumers sleepwalking to their inevitable cancer diagnosis

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I don't know that I've ever heard lamb skin called leather though.

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god i hate humanity. i should been born as a great white Dolphin, master of the ocean

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>I don't know that I've ever heard lamb skin called leather though.
holy shit are you serious? there are many types of leather depending on what animal skin is used and how it's treated.

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Something to do with the composition of the fabric.

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yeah well what exactly?

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it puts the lotion in the basket

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This is why I only use cotton

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this. i always did prefer cotton over synthetics mostly.
even though cotton has some drawbacks.

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If you've ever had a good jacket you'll know what they mean. It basically has to do with the layering, sweat and heat gets funneled out usually by the armpits, but the rest of the jacket is water and wind proof. So it's not so much the material, but more the design.

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