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Do you think tobbacco would be healthy and why would you want to say that? Are you currently believing that tobbacco is a worse illness than HIV and how are extraterrestials connected to that? Are you currently praying to a space lizard which would look like a chief? Do you believe to have found god in tobbacco and is this god good?

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The chief tobacco space lizard in the UK was a giant. It was a giant from the 1960s until it disappeared in the 1990s. In its era it may have covered one million square metres. That's the size of several football grounds. But the tobacco space lizard (TPL) is not nearly so vast as the tobacco lizard in the US. They are far more closely related and have shared the same habitat of living in the same space for millions of years.
A new paper published in the Journal of Heredity researches whether the TPL had a natural history. That is, to what degree it has ever been in a habitat other than that of human beings. It can be expected to have a natural history of moving into habitats away from the human population, because the TPL is a highly migratory reptile. So a habitat that human beings have inhabited for thousands of years - possibly much longer - might well be the place where they have settled

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Are you having complexes because of your physical appearance?

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