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Can you pursue a degree in math if you can't understand the solutions to Aime and IMO problems ?

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Nope, looks like the world is gonna have another sociologist! Tough luck op.

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Checked , guess i'll go for engineering then

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You should be able to _understand_ the solutions if somebody shows them to you.
I wouldn't expect your average mathematician to be able to solve IMO problems quickly. They require training a very specific skillset, and that skillset isn't particularly related to actual math.
If you're a couple years into a math degree you should be able to solve the majority of problems off of easier contests like AMC/AIME. AIME isn't that hard if you have a basic grasp of techniques for solving problems.

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As a highschool graduate , i just look at the solutions for IMO and i am floored none of the language they use makes sense to me.
AiME is much easier to understand the solutions but still hard to solve

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Of course they're hard to solve, they're contest questions.
Contests and competitions are usually their own skill in and of them selves, hence why people spend an autistic amount of dedication and practice to git gud at them.

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Im a brainlet with a math degree, so yes. My biggest math achievement is singular value decomposition of a matrix.

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