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Does attractiveness usually mean higher IQ?

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Define attractiveness

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Heteroskedastically, yes.

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source: My mirror.

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Source: Also my mirror.

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source: my mirror
t. 99th percentile on WAIS

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I'm very attractive and stupid so no

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I'm very ugly and stupid so yes

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If so why are all the hot chicks dumb bimbos?
Case closed

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The correlation is stronger in men than women.

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Why yes.

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>another IQ thread

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among same racial group, if you have a large penis, you have a higher iq. But i do stress, penis size in comparison to your racial group, not other racial groups. No sources btw.

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Absolutely yes. Look at Witten's magnificent phenotype. Those powerfully wise but at the same time soft and kind facial features, that strong, like a Moai statue, forehead. Amazing.

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Define "define".

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What is words??? I only draw pictures, i dont even talk at home

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People are more likely to overestimate the intelligence of someone they find attractive

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So smart black men are basically bipedal horses?

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Good looks are probably associated with low mutation load, and low mutation load is associated with high intelligence (half the genetic variance in intelligence is due to rare SNPs, recent deleterious mutations).

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no, most professors look like shit ngl

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yes. saw a study once that showed correlation between iq and looks especially among men. the reasoning behind this is that success correlates with iq and intelligent men get the hottest trophy wives. apparently iq is more hereditary among the same gender so sons have the good looks of their mom and the high iq of their dad while daughters only have the good looks of their mom

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