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Although not personally having invented purposefully simulated hallucinations in music, are you aware of acoustic hallucinations in music, do you know how to create such and what would be the parameters for successfully creating an acoustic hallucination or anything that could be defined as such? Do you know any examples?

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you want auditory hallucinations? Easy.
Stay up for like 50+ hours. It's insanely common due to sleep deprivation. I will warn you though, I am an extremely grounded individual with tons of experience with psychedelics, and have never freaked out or anything. But auditory hallucinations are fucking terrifying, I swear to fucking god I know I heard my dad yell my name to the left side behind me, i 100% perceived it, or my brain thought it did, I just know it cannot be real because he was halfway across the globe.
I dunno, I can dismiss visual hallucinations pretty easily, auditory not so much.

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I don't mean hallucinations which one would really have but artificial hallucinations.

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You could start looking into some of the most common subjects, differens limen, sum/difference tones, spatial release from masking, Risset tones, Stenger principle, Weber-Fechner law etc.

It's really all about taking advantage of central auditory phenomena and blurring perceptual boundaries.

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Do you know anything about these things?

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I know a bit. This is a very complex subject and multidisciplinary, deriving from physiology, psychology, acoustics, signal processing, neuroscience etc.

I suggest you start with von Békésy and Helmholtz for an overview of cochlear mechanics and function, before delving into more central phenomena as well as psychophysics.

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Thank you, this is very good. Are you able to explain any of these things with your own words?

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Are you retarded?

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I make music with this specific intention, my melodies become so garbled that you can hear voices inside them. I've even heard my music outside of listening to them, but that's just my own pysche.

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Why are you so defensive?

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???? If anything I'm being open by sharing my experiences, how is this being defensive?
You don't believe in auditory hallucinations? Look at this picture, your brain thought the dogs face was odd until you realised you assumed it wrong. Auditory Hallucinations are the same concept except its audio not visual.

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