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whats up with that?
at financial business for example they go and teach you how to make and raise money, yet they haven't even started a damn business
the mathematicians? tell you a lot but when its time to show results they have nothing at the end of the day, nothing noteworthy and nothing to show, they just remain static there
what the fuck? when I went to learn to fly in the air force, they instructor knew how to fucking fly and did it alongside me
the same with cooking, the chef knew how to fucking cook unlike those teasing bastards at college with the nose high in the sky and when it was time to show off they have no restaurants or worked for a luxury cruiser before, nothing, no real actual experience...
I have yet to meet a damn scientist that is a true scientist
I would love to meet a true mathematician that have something true to show, a true mentor to learn from and one that have real experience to back up
are they ALL dead? are they hiding somewhere or something?

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My research advisor in business school was very successful personally

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that frog has really had it with having his expectations being checked by reality

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because being a professor isn't that great of a job other than at high profile schools. they aren't paid that much for starters, probably because the universities are spending their budget on their small army of administrators and diversity programs and puppy therapy.
every actually good (STEM) professor I've had so far either had another job or was retired.

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