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Anon I had an hour long dream last night that was as real as could be. A complete fantasy sci fi universe with unique characters and creatures and technology, and its own storyline.

My partner does not dream.

Do any of you not dream?

It blows my mind that some people will never experience what I did last night. It makes Oculus seem like a toy or NES game in comparison.

And made me wonder of there is truth to some people being able to visualize like this during waking reality.

Can any of you visualize photoreal during waking reality? Because for me, during waking reality my visualizations are hazy, like behind a black curtain, that I can query with my subconscious but not see with my waking eyes...

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Everybody dreams, but most people often don't remember their dreams.

I can only remember bits and pieces of mine, but often the portions I remember are small bits of lucid dreams. I feel like I have way more lucid dreams than I can even remember.

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Just practice visualizing

The ability to visually imagine is light because from a survival perspective you dont need to represent all the detail just the basic concepts

But if you practice you can get better

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Fuck off faggot.

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I had some weird fucking dreams last night too OP. I was trading this guy marijuana for money and then he gave me a bunch of bees, and I said, can I put them with the bees I already have? Yes he said so I added them and they started killing my bees
>wtf dude!
Out of no where a blob of ducks came and stole all my bees and started hovering away.
Back at home going to bathroom, see two cats running into bathroom, I have no pets
>wtf cats!
Run into bathroom after them one runs out, I pick up and throw the other, accidentally hit a snow leopard and her cubs.
>oh shit pls don't kill me pls
snow leopards aight, walks away, I get my cellphone to prove snow leopard in my house with pic, holy fucking shit It has a human face, think we may have kissed or something don't remember, the next minute I was eating my ex girlfriends vagina during a 3some
>woke up

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The trick to lucid dreaming is to realize that you are dreaming when you dream. The trouble with that is that the realization can startle you awake and end the dream. So you have to learn to stay relaxed and asleep when you realize you are dreaming. With practice you can take a fair amount of control over your own dreams.

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