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I'm an adult who can't do basic math. Am I retarded?

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Can't you do it because you are actually retarded or can't you do it because you haven't learned the concepts?

>> No.10965063

Probably both desu

>> No.10965068

I no tat feelig op im retard 2

>> No.10965081

posting in a thread

>> No.10965099

Hopefully. Otherwise, you have no excuse.

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Define basic math

>> No.10965120

Addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication.

>> No.10965132

You almost certainly would have to have some kind of learning disability to not be able to do that.

>> No.10965139

Or he didn't learn how to do it. You need to learn the concept for long division before you can do it.

>> No.10965190

this guy gets it

>> No.10965224

You don't need to know how to perforn long division in order to understand the concept of division.

>> No.10965233

just stop your'e embarrassing yourself

>> No.10965234

That's true, but long division is pretty weird.

>> No.10965270

I'm not saying he's retarded, I'm saying he might have some level of dyscalculia or similar, and thus require adapted teaching.

>> No.10965407

Define, basic.

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>You almost certainly would have to have some kind of learning disability to not be able to do that.
I'm actually the same
>Addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication.
I'm just too lazy to be bothered and when I'm actually forced to I seize up and don't trust my conclusion. I've become dependent on calculators

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do you mean like multivariable calculus?... or just calculus 1?

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