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I finally win the fucking lottery and the site breaks down. Fucking Marxist fucks. I was out and checked the numbers on my phone with a picture I took of my ticket earlier. Won. Celebrated. Now the site is fucked. I'm about to lose my shit. The fuck is going on

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There's a filtration process. They don't just let anyone have money, ie, power.

Keep trying.
Replicate Rife's microscope if you get the funds.

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>gets fucked by a capitalist
>"Fucking Marxist fucks"
no wonder you're a pool slob

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I'm convinced I'm literally in hell. Any time there's a chance of something good happening in my life and there's a semblance of hope everything turns the worst way possible. I can't even count the number of times of died. I just wake up again in the fucking morning. I'm so fucking tired. Fuck this place.

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Same. My grandfather said this place was hell. I have believed it.

Reagrdless, all you can do is try to use your thoughts to alter your life on whatever level you have in mind. Make it happen. Or hell, maybe I'm a fragment of a greater God, and few other people are, though I think we're likely all these fragments. Whatever the case, I don't know you or what you'll do, but I'm deciding that it's going to work out for you. Have a good one, Anon. Do great things. Like Rife's microscope.

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>I have believed it.
To clarify, by this I mean I have believed it previously. It may not actually be that way, I've actually just stopped considering it through that lens at all. Posting some thoughts that have come to mind about what this place is.

At this point I think none of this is "real". We're all dreaming components of a greater dreamer. Ever have a lucid dream and try to convince someone they're in a dream? They will always argue with you, but, more importantly they will try to convince you it's real. That's the part I was most struck by. Why? Why would they do that? However, if you leave them be you can control them to a great extent using your will alone.

Turns out, the "real world" works the same way. This is a dream. You can control others directly, or through other means. These "direct means" have had many names, the CIA put it under remote action, Soviets had their names for it, telepathy, I dubbed it "short range mind control" when I discovered it in high school, and tested it in a blinded scientific way. Interestingly the CIA also noted a short range of 2 to at most 10 meters iirc. I suspect that this process is actually occurring automatically, all the time, and the only "control" is simply polarizing and direct it. We are making and following a script.

When people meditate, connect to their "higher self", pray via "Jesus" or whatever else, this is what they're really doing. They're projecting their intent and desire to the superstructure, a greater dreamer we're all a part of, and causing it to alter events and synchronize things accordingly. Allocating resources, perhaps.

This is all "real", and the corporeal form has to be taken care of, but not in the way we think.

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I appreciate that anon.. I've written and deleted several messages and accounts of such phenomena in shame of sounding like a schizo. I've had many experiences in my life where it must have certainly been operating on such a heavenly plane, expect the backlash has always been enormous... I understand that probability operates on peaks and valleys but I've never known anyone to raise as high and fall as low on such a consistent level. The lows always far outreach the highs, not just from a relative stand point either, anytime I start talking about a day of a bad time in my life it's always multitudes worse than anything they can comprehend, I've lost everyone I've ever cared for time and time again.. there is no winning. If I win.. it'll soon be lost.. spectacularly.
If I get the chance, i'll certainly build your impossible microscope...

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