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Objectivelly speaking, why should we keep psychopaths in the gene pool?

>We've seen from history that even one single psychopath can be responsible of great damage (Caligula, Pol Pot, that last Enron CEO, etc.)
>They comprise around 80% of jail populations
>The deliberate willingness to harm other humans in order to get something is by extension harmful to humanity as a whole

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Because empaths are horrifically bad as psychopath spotting and your post is evidence of this fact already.

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as long as their not primary psychopaths the're good

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Primary psychopathy is the kind where the lack of inhibition leads to excessive generosity as much as excessive use of force. You probably want sociopathy, which is intentionally manipulative, rather than unwittingly manipulative on an emotional level.

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>Because empaths are horrifically bad as psychopath spotting
I see the importance of proper psychopath identification to avoid pointing inocent people. With that being said, we now know that psychopathy can properly be identified by neuronal patterns, dopaminergic and amygdala disfunction, i. e. not only by psychological evaluations. I don't see your point.

>your post is evidence of this fact already.
How so?

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no primary psychopath is what i meant!

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Because dysgenics is in style right now.

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Both sociopaths, and psychopaths can be manipulative. Also they refer to the same disorder.

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but psychopaths are primary psychopathy while sociopaths are also primary psychopaths

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>innocent people
Psychopaths are innocent as well.
>How so?
The deliberate willingness to harm others is a situational trait, and there is always a situation under which any human would exercise it. You have misidentified the target, and are aiming a hypothetical genocide cannon at everyone.
There are different types. Primary psychopathy isn't intentional about manipulation. I can't speak for any other diagnosis.

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>Objectivelly speaking, why should we keep psychopaths in the gene pool?
Because they are, like you, humans. They have rights too, it's even called Human Rights/

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Unfortunately our society promotes that type of behaviour. The richest people are the least trustworthy atm. Look at the banks and the brokers. And especially triple letter organisations.
If we just eliminate everyone who can’t feel empathy then humanity would be saved.

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They are literally the cause of every crime that takes place.

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1. That's not what the OP says.
2. Neither that nor the OP post has any sort of empirical backing to it.
3. No they aren't.

As a special bonus: Most murders are crimes of passion.

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That's my point, they're the same.

Then why should we keep primary psychopaths in the gene pool?

>Psychopaths are innocent as well.
>You have misidentified the target, and are aiming a hypothetical genocide cannon at everyone.
I never said such thing as killing psychopaths, nevertheless I do refer in avoiding their genes getting spread further, preferable by a proper cure or gene blocking.

>The deliberate willingness to harm others is a situational trait, and there is always a situation under which any human would exercise it
This is a valid fact for each single option situation or for an utilitarian choice problem, but what about the contrary cases?

We can all agree prosociality is a foundation of humanity, with that being said, since psychopathy/sociopathy is caracterized by an antisocial behaviour, it shows that being biologically homo sapiens doesn't necessarily means being human.

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>proper cure
Leaves the genes intact and thus remains as part of the gene pool. You have to decide whether or not that matters, given a cure.
>gene blocking
Best done on an individual level. People can select embryos on their own if they so desire.

>homo sapiens doesn't necessarily means being human
That's an antisocial statement in the extreme. Further, those are not the only diagnoses that involve antisocial traits.

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>1. That's not what the OP says.
>3. No they aren't.

2. Neither that nor the OP post has any sort of empirical backing to it.
Caligula, Pol Pot, and Keneth Lay have plenty of evidence for their psychopathic behaviour.
It is true, the proper fact is that, 93% of psychopathic males are in prison [1]

1: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4059069/

>That's an antisocial statement in the extreme.
I see by engaging in eugenics we fall in antisocial behaviour. It makes me think of how we as a society treat animals.

>Leaves the genes intact and thus remains as part of the gene pool. You have to decide whether or not that matters, given a cure.
I believe that a cure is preferable, but this just weakly justifies psychopathy purpose as being there to be treated.

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bumping interesting thread

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it doesnt matter if in the end, being a psychopathic asshole hurts others, therefore by common sense preventing humanity reaching its fullest

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This. Psychopathy benefits the individual at the expense of the entire society. It brings civilisations down by destroying public trust. That’s the main reason civilisation exists

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Kill'em all as the last psychopathic act, therefore giving them a place in human history in terms of their forced sacrifice.

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Because they are a myth similar to witches. Also the myth mostly targets people with "low arousal" emotions, which actually makes you racist, because low arousal emotions are the nroma among Asians. It's also stupid, becuase low arousal people hate adrenaline and will do everything they can to avoid violence.

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Obviously bait, but whatever.
What about the ones giving the order, executing it and most important agreeing with it?

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Psychopaths crave adrenaline rushes.

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>we fall in antisocial behaviour
No, you increase it in the extreme. You're reasoning cart-before-the-horse style and supposing that anything that seems moral in principle is moral in implementation. Not only is this false, but the exact way in which it is false in this specific situation is one in which the only actions that could be taken would require a form of demonization more expansive than anything practiced throughout history. It is antisocial in practice, at the very least, and there is no preexisting evidence that it would result in the ideal you predict. In effect, it requires experimenting on live humans. You don't know what it will do to the people that carry out the task, and you don't know what effect it will actually have.
Yes, and being a generous psychopath helps others. The clinical diagnosis and the common slur have only marginal similarity.
Many individual habits hurt the public at large. Trying to scapegoat selfishness as a trait onto a particular demographic will only delay actual solutions. Again; you need a method of identifying psychopathology for this to matter, and that identification process itself MUST be rooted in sympathy so that it does not cause people to emulate psychopathic traits. You can't sacrifice your humanity for the sake of humanity because that only leads to the current society with its fractured to nonexistent community.
It's not wise to threaten genocide.

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Psychopath here and no, I don't. I'm extremely docile and wouldn't hurt a fly if I could find a way to avoid it. I'll even watch where I'm going so I don't step on insects. I barely make it to the point of holding something small if I feel like I could crush it because I don't know how weak or fragile it might be. These aren't emotional decisions I make, but rational decisions based on a lack of emotion. I obviously have a personality despite my blunted affect, so what you're losing from the gene pool are types of personalities that you probably won't get a chance to see again. I'd like to see if an empathic child of mine would inherit my freakishly gentle personality. I just need to ensure that my mate will bring strong empathy to the table.

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You sound like the perfect example of dangerous passive-agressiveness, the type that will poison you while inviting you out to dinner. While you think you can navigate on reason alone, peolple who commit henious crimes usually have complete rationalizations behind them, but commited them because they lack the empathy to understand the consequences.

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Women are attracted to degenerate dark triad males. So we should just take away women rights unironically, so good and honest men get the motivation to do things if we keep thots in the kitchen.

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Classic manipulative post.

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There are no consequences. There is a series of reactions. When they do these things, they know in the back of their mind that it's possible they'll be caught. It just doesn't matter. You can't reward or punish my behavior. You don't get to be me and I have no reason to pretend you would be any good at it if you could.

I don't like the concept of going to jail, but that's not why I don't commit violent crime. The horrible truth is, I don't commit violent crime for the same reason you don't. Because I have no fucking reason to and you can't give me one. The idea that the law acts as some kind of psychological deterrent is absolutely baseless and always has been. The only thing that improves as society moves forward is the concept of justice. Blood feuds have died out because people started showing sympathy for the victims. All law does is record what people found to be more reasonable than the cycle of violence. It's effect rather than cause.

Also poison is passive aggressive. I would rather die than stoop to that level. Only the most impotent faggot would waste time with cowardly indirection like that.

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>Objectivelly speaking, why should we keep psychopaths in the gene pool?
Because, doctors are needed to help heal others.

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