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I drew the family tree of the human race

Starting with the Indo-Europeans

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Now the Semites

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And finally the last branch of the human race

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If you have nothing better to do, I suggest you go clean your room.

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keep it up, that's pretty cool. what kind of an anthropologist would you like to be in the future, what would be your focus?

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I'm done with the human tree, I've done every race that exist
As an anthropologist I'd like to search for the origins of the Olmecs

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Circassians and Georgians are not related to Hurro-Urartians. Only NE Caucasians (Chechens, Avars and Lezghins) are.

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Anthropology is a retarded subject

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>Scythians + Assyrians -> Germanics
What the fuck

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As somebody interested in Mesoamerican history, this seems pretty fucky to me, why are the Olmec so taxonomically speerated from other amerindians like "native americans" and Incas? What about other Mesoamerican groups besides the Olmec, like the Nahuas, Mixtec, Zapotec, Teotihuacanos, totonacs, huastecs, purepecha, etc? or Central Americans, South Americans, etc? Are you even aware the Inca belonged to a broader cradle of civilization with other groups like the Chavin, Moche, thre Wari and Tiwanku empires, the Sican, the chimor kingdom, etc?

Alsao in relation to the Olmec, something to keep in mind the Olmec really aren't a singular civilization or culture, so much as it is an artistic and cultural trend that spread across mesoamerica around 1600-800BC and became popular at a lot of sites, with many of the first urban and proto-urban centers with complex socities happening to have that style in vogue.

Here's more info from another anon I collaborate with for a mega drive talking about them and the potential ethncity that "core" olmec sites probably had: https://desuarchive.org/his/thread/7043603/#7048369

also see pic for some context for the various groups that post mentions

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yes they are

see pic related
this explains why EĆ“stre the germanic god of fertility is the same as Ishtar

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It's bullshit. Basically all of it. It's incredible how much you get wrong even if it's clear that you must have read some stuff.

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