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Post images that make you chuckle and make you feel smart at the same time

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Thanks for your contribution

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i looked at that for like a minute until i figured it out that's pretty funny lol.

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>What did the number theorist say before drowning to death?


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Thank you, anon!

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I repost this one every time.

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I will always smile out loud at this image. It's so true

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What's the real answer to the problem?

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1.5 kg. The mass of an object is unrelated to the internal configuration of the object.

Same reason why pic related doesn't work.

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It reads numbers :)

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obv bait but i'll bite. it's not internal. the flies aren't INSIDE the glass. they are not transferring weight to the scale.

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Why? The flies are suspended in the air.

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That pic is the biggest cringe tho

>aspiri = a constant

hur hur hur

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The flies are applying a downward force roughly equal to mg, that force pushes through the air onto the bottom of the jar

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>Water and air are the same
Kek every time

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Not only to the bottom. As 0.5kg of flies would need a fuckton of space and would also create turbulences the scale would probably show something like 1.01kg.

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Is the guy left from sun 0)))?

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No. That's Grothendieck.

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Remember that force is a vector quantity. Consider the vertical component of force: if the flies are on average not vertically accelerating, they must exert a force on average equal to their weight on the air, which transmits that force to the jar (since the air has no average acceleration) which transmits that force to the scale. So an average of 1.5 kg reading.

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Wouldn't most of the vectors colliding with each other cancelling its forces out before it reaches the glass?

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Each independent component of momentum must be conserved. The average vertical momentum of each body must be zero, or it would move away. If a body is in a gravitational field and isn't accelerating down, it must exert a downward force equal to its weight on other bodies. The flies exert this force on the air, the air on the glass, and the glass on the scale.

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The fly applies pressure downwards the column of air over a squared area of 0,01 m. We have an air height of 0,3 meters inside the jar

The fly applies enough pressure to lift its own body, which weights 10^-5 kg (trusting 0,5/50000)
9,81 m/s2 * 10^-5 kg = mg [N]
(0,01 m)^2= 10^-4 m^2 = A

P= [9,81 m/s2 * 10^-5 kg] / [10^-4 m^2]= 9,81*10^-1 Pa
>Roughly 1 Pascal applied over 0,3 meters

I bet the flies don't move shit down in the jar
the turbulence is not spread

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No need to consider pressure, it just overcomplicates things. All you need is force and the third law

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then how can you know if the mere presence of the fly is negligible? is the jar open? if so, how high should be the fly to exert a relevant force downwards?
how about buoyancy?
the vertical force exerted on the fly would be proportional to the volume of the fly, reducing the vertical force

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that's actually funny, anon

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2D > 3D
oh fuck wrong thread

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I see what you did there

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only tolls answer 0.5

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I'm assuming the jar is closed, that's what it looks like to me in the picture. Buoyancy doesn't change the fact that conservation of momentum, and thus Newton's third law, cannot be violated. Assuming gravity is the only externally acting force, the flies must exert an average vertical force down on the air equal to their weight, and the air must transmit that force onto the jar, which must transmit that force onto the scale. If that didn't happen, then either the flies, the air, or the jar would experience a nonzero average vertical acceleration, which they clearly don't.

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Professor Cox teaches at my school. See also: the Cox ring.

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>that force pushes through the air onto the bottom of the jar
To the bottom? But air is not solid, the force goes pretty much everywhere in the jar.

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>the force goes pretty much everywhere in the jar
wrong. The air molecules all bounce off of each other chaotically, but the majority of the force is directed downward and bounces off of the bottom of the jar, such that the average force applied to the bottom is 0.5kg. This is basic newtonian physics.

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Unambiguously 1.5 kg

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Unambiguously 1.5 kg, assuming the scale has not been zeroed
Nice b8

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>nice bait
It's not newtonian physics, but it's still not bait.
Attaching furry prostitutes to your post is bait.

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No. When a fly pushes air down with their wings, they create a small difference in pressure beneath and above their wings, which is where the air relocates. Doesn't domino force through air particles to the bottom of the jar. Also, that force wouldn't represent the fly's mass anyhow.

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The force does represent the fly's mass. It's just Newton's third law, which is a consequence of conservation of momentum. Unless the fly has some nonzero average vertical acceleration (which it can't, since it's in the jar), it must exert a downward component of force on average equal to the fly's weight on the air. Likewise, unless the air has some nonzero average acceleration, the jar must exert an upward force on the air to balance this, which by Newton's third law, implies a downward force of the air on the jar corresponding to the fly's weight on average.

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Maybe I don't understand, but by that reasoning shouldn't you be able to feel birds as they fly over your head?

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You can if they fly just above your head. Otherwise the force they exert downward is diffused over a large enough area that it is unnoticeable to a human, but it is still exerting that force. Think about it this way; if a person is floating in a pool, their weight adds to the total weight of the pool, but if youre underwater, you dont notice a great difference when they float above your head.

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>Unless the fly has some nonzero average vertical acceleration (which it can't, since it's in the jar),
it has vertical force, im telling you fucking moron
BUOYANCY Archimedes' law affectz air as a fluid. It's relevant since the fly has low mass-volumen ratio (density)

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Buoyancy is part of the force that keeps the fly aloft, the rest is provided by the fly's wings. The total vertical force, after accounting for everything, must equal the fly's weight on average for the reason I already explained. That's the beauty of understanding Newton's Third Law and conservation of momentum: you don't even need to understand buoyancy, turbulence, or any other aerodynamic effects to come to the conclusion of the previous sentence. All you need to know is that the fly counteracts gravity through interaction with the air inside the jar.

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Didn't know pancake formalized that.

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Henry path gave me a giggle.

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Would anyone be interested if I tested this experimentally?

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I'd be extremely interested in watching an anon get 0.5 kg of flies.

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I was thinking of 10g rc helicopter

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do it anon

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Might do it tomorrow. Have to see how much the rc helicopters cost here

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