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>"Anon, let's skip today's Metaphysics lecture and spend the day in earnest conversation at the local hipster cafe with our large boisterous friend group, spend the afternoon perusing the city's museums and parks, catch that film at the indie cinema, spend a few hours writing the essays for our enjoyable college majors, and spend the night passionately fucking."

Why isn't or wasn't this your life? It's easily within reach.

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I don't have money

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why copypasta this dumb thread again? it’s just going to lead to another “humanities are for thots” cringefest

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>not skipping all the female bullshit and just going straight to fucking her

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>it’s just going to lead to another “humanities are for thots” cringefest
Is it still cringy if it's true?

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>tfw no qt3.14 girl to spend a few hours deriving theorems for our enjoyable math majors.

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>Why isn't or wasn't this your life? It's easily within reach.

I had paralyzing social anxiety in high school and didn't do any homework, instead I smoked lots of pot with a group of idiots because I was not in control of my actions.

I also did not exercise much.

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>read math girls
>get depressed because you'll never have a harem of math girls

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log(x) is wrong in that image.

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I feel you bro, poor times

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Go to class and spend the night fucking.

You don't have to do the dumb stuff around sex.

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Guys I'm about to go into university soon and I've been pretty antisocial all my life, I've never gone out or been to a party or shit, and now I'm thinking when I'll be 70 years old and I'll regret not doing any drinking or any shit during my university years
What should I do?

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ahh, never met anyone like that, most girls I know are obnoxious af, spending an evening with them just for a fuck is hard work, dating them or even marriage would make me kill myself. Its like I want to fuck chicks just like the next guy spending time with them in order to fuck is just unbearable. And I am not chad or good looking enough just to have random casual sex

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you wont care when you are 70yo, I am 30 years old and I stopped caring few years ago

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i am pretty antisocial and a physics person but when i was an undergrad i was in a fraternity; couldn’t go to all the events but still had a good time. plus, fraternities are one of the only surviving relics of pre-metoo boys clubs that are getting demolished by feminazis

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I feelz ya. Just wait and get lucky with a girl whose company you don't despise, or die alone. Compromising won't help you or anyone else in the end.

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or stay with a girl who actually loves you. i know most anons think this is not physically possible, but it is. it just takes a very long time and hard work

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second this>>10749066, i also used to worry about this, but i stopped caring once i got to about 25

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>skipping Metaphysics lecture

Never gonna make it, brah.

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>spend the night passionately fucking."
A night lasts longer than 15 minutes

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*wakes up*
>oh god did I really miss this once in a lifetime dream because the cat next door woke me up?
*hangs himself to death*

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tfw i studied english studies and i did not skip lectures, no conversations at local hipster cafe with friends, no museum and park visiting, no cinema visiting, no fucking

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