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Should I really get my child vaccinated against the zombie virus?

Because I'm also concerned about contradicting autism.

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Does it matter which variable is dependent or independent when solving a first order ODE? If so why does it not matter when it matters for higher order equations?

I had a midterm and I had to solve the DE
dx/dy = x(yx^3-1)

and I assumed that y was the independent variable and rearranged the DE to dy/dx = 1/(x(yx^3-1))

However there is no closed form solution to this DE.

I realized after the exam that the DE : dx/dy = x(yx^3-1) was a Bernoulli DE with x(y).

I emailed my prof about the matter and he told me it doesn't matter because dx/dy = (dy/dx)^(-1) and the DE is impartial to variables.

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