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>Your textbook was great (just a chapter ago) for Calc 1 & 2.
>Your textbook is not good for this class.
I actually read the textbook.
>Examples in class are from the book.
>"You can look at the full proof in the book."
>Projects book on screen for examples.
>Pulls quiz and exam questions out of book.

What did my teacher mean by this?

Pic my nose

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ill watch it, like I eat bread sticks before the meal.

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Claim: Grading on a curve discourages students to help each other learn material, and is not conducive with the egalitarian perception of college as a place whose primary goal is to educate all its patrons to the best of its abilities.

Premise 1: College ought to be, or is at least generally considered, a place and practice put in place and funded in order to educate as widely and thoroughly as possible.

Premise 2: Many college classes grade their students on a 'curve,' or relative scale to more easily determine students more proficient at the curriculum. The more students you outperform, and the more you outperform them by, the higher your grade in the class.*

Premise 3: Placing highly on these curves offers advantages for students' in their educational or personal careers.

Premise 4: A student who successfully helps their fellow classmates understand the material in a curved grading scheme is lowering their own score.

Conclusion: Students looking to perform well in courses with a curved grading scheme are generally incentivized not to help their classmates, barring paid tutoring or other deals.

*Note: There are other problems with curved grading schemes, such as the majority of the class performing very well or very poorly on a normal scale, but the best of those students will still get good marks despite being under or over challenged, which essentially boils down to lazy curriculum construction.


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