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What is the scientific explanation that the web bot project predicted the coronavirus since a couple years ago?

He was talking about a solar dissease since at least five years ago.
You can see his previous interviews of several years ago he was talking about a solar flare or something that will burn humans.

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A better question is do u think really low IQ races have consciousness like abos and african pygmeis?

Also the average black has the same speech skill as a preteenager from smarter races.

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Do u think we can give proper scientific explanations to /x/ shit?

Here's my attempts:

It seems related to changing human reality, at least society, like changing the perceptions of a group of humans, seem to change their reality.
So far seems shit like meme magic a kind of effect on changing the perceptions of a society.
So, basically it works like a form of propaganda.

>Reiki healing and white healing magic
So far seems to effect the mental state of a person, similar to how music effects your mental state, it would be possible to induce a proper mental state where the brain liberates chemicals to heal the body.
Maybe the mind works like some claims to be like an electromagnetic aura and disseases are a chaotic form of this aura, maybe remote healers just make this field of the mind works in a more coherent and harmonius way, giving some proper healing effect.

Explained by having the elites and groups in power decide their false flags and special events like wars follow proper biblical patterns.

>Lucid dream, astral projections, remote vission, prediction of the future
So far this seem to be related to giving yourself the skill to dream while being awaken.
Maybe remote vission works like lucid dreams you have while being awake, same as predictions of the future.
So far it seems that with proper training you can enter dreamlike mental states that allow you to visualize future events or remote locations.

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why most animal species the male is the colored one while the female is rather brown and shit while in humans we tend to prefer colored (hair, eyes) females while such traits look like shit on males?

Compare most anime girls which are colored as fuck vs most anime males which are most of the time black, brown, white or yellow hair, which are more realistic than blue, green, pink, hair if female characters.

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