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It's a world situation, not a US & Canada situation. Even so, it's nigh ridiculous to suggest that the CIA would have any jurisdiction or direct stake over it, while the US Department of Agriculture DOES actively host and fund climate science initiatives, you dishonest twat.

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No there are just some people like me who recognize homosexuality is a disease of the mind. We aren’t closeted, we just can’t fucking stand faggots.

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>Unironically using undergrad as an insult

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>My fucking pet peeve is that one fucker who considers himself to be a math genius and won't shut the fuck up during class
Feels good to get better grades than those POS after they get their paper and realize someone got a higher grade than them.
Coincidentally the only people like this I know are all tumblr femenatzy faggs, I like to trigger them when they ask how I'm "so smart" I just tell them men are on average smarter than women.
Gets them real red in the face.

>Imb4 Tumblr train, women are nothing more than objects and sex toys.

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>solving retarded problem
>spitting shit answers
>expecting praise and answers

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wow, this is good, are you a comedian?

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>teach the controversy

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Philosophy is not important as an academic field.

It is important as somethign you do whenever you do something important.

If you are performing science, you should be mulling over the philosophical implications of how what you discover might be used.

If you are a politician mulling over information about how new knowledge in physics could be applied to weapons-making, you should be philosophizing deeply about what you do, rather than assuming you're on the right side automatically.

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worshiping a particle

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