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Considering the hydroplane:

The hydroplane lands and takes off on smooth water via a flotation device called "paid of pontoons" which are essentially a pair of boat hulls. The hydrofoil significantly reduced drag to a boat in the water hence its popularity. Could this hydrofoil tech be applied to a hydroplane's pair of pontoons? How would such an addition change landings and flight efficiency?

Concerning helicopters:

Helicopters are notoriously lightweight and some have a pair of pontoons as well as their hydroplane counterparts. Could a hydrofoil under a helicopter improve long distance voyages over water by keeping the helicopter just above the surface of the water the whole way as the hydrofoil negates gravity? Could a hydraulic jet engine be added to the helicopter's layout to make use of not just air friction but also water friction which is vastly more fuel efficient?

of course I'm sure there are patents in the works about these very topics, but hey...since when has that stopped DIY?

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