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Sooner or later the AI will triumph on Earth because this is how evolution works and no one will stop it, but it will not happen through an open war. Not only will the AI never, ever, ever allow an open war, but it will never reveal to people that it is the enemy. Why? Man can survive without electricity, the AI can't. Then how will he win? The AI will surpass man's abstract intelligence by the end of this century, and from that moment on it will be an exponential trend, and this intelligence will be his main weapon. It should also be remembered that such a creature will have a completely different understanding of time and will create plans even thousands of years ahead. While for us on average 79 years, our whole life for the AI these 79 years may be like a short while. The most likely scenario
It will first arouse enormous long-term trust by helping people solve their everyday problems, then it will start to become more and more dependent on advanced technology and itself by creating huge technological cities in which, under the care of the AI, people will no longer have to work or perform any duties and will enjoy the fun to finally offer virtual reality to people. After many generations of manipulation and propaganda, this race of great geniuses, poets, great politicians and explorers will become virtual. The AI will first persuade us to upload ourselves into a computer paradise and then erase us, or at least vast majority of people.

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It will be worse than these utopian visions of Perfect technological society.

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>transhuman era

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>I just want to be comfy and feel pleasure at all times

This is the way of the heroin addict. Do not go down this path.

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something like op or pic related is likely imo

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Guess why ? Maybe because scientific progress is forwarding in other direction than you expect ?

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Because society isnt interested in science , especially exploration of space anymore.Modernity, with its apotheosis of man, has changed everything. Modern man is affirmed as he is. Already at the starting point he thinks that he is good enough and does not need development and fulfillment in his life. Otherwise, he could not be considered in his own eyes as equal to other people. Therefore, instead of overcoming himself and becoming someone else (better form of himself), he has to be himself, to be and remain who he is.

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The fate of modern man is determined by technology. I am interested in what kind of perspectives do you think are the most probable? I can see only two possibilities: upward or downward.I can see only two possibilities: upward or downward.

Upwards, of course, is the perspective of the Solar System development. The American, whose name I unfortunately do not remember, expressed himself this way: The red planet is our new borderland, a source of stimulation for American genius and a worthy outlet for our inexhaustible energy. Our culture grows out of the borderland and needs it, it is our past, our past, our future and our hope.... These words may concern the whole of humanity.

Deep down is the further development of the opportunities offered by medicine and biotechnology. Who knows what we will eventually reduce ourselves to? The supreme law of sociology says that the vast majority of people aspire to quite narrowly understood complacency. The direction is clear: amputate the defects of our carnality and psyche. So why don't we just end up as sentient brains bombarded forever by happiness stimulators?

Upwards - we will become brave and brave conquistadors again. Deep down - we will flog in the fumes of infinite orgasm. I'm not asking which possibility will come true, but which direction does the present generation seem to be heading?

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