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Everything you just posted would seem like completely arbitrary rules if you didn't understand the fundamentals described by this anon >>12801066.
These rules came about to describe the apparent patterns and tendencies of magnets as they were being observed (before the fundamental physical principles which brought these patterns and observations about were really understood.)
This means they provide a rough description of the way in which this phenomena works but not HOW it works like >>12801014 says.
As >>12801030 >>12801037 and >>12801066 have already pointed out >>12801014 would only understand HOW magnets work if he understood physics on a deep level.
Feynman explains the problem in communicating such information to a layman in this >>12800993 video perfectly. Unfortunately it's lost on guys like >>12801044 and the faggots in the YouTube comments.

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Not a single good answer in this thread. First off, all human males are attracted to breasts unless they are homos, it is not cultural. Second, large breasts do not produce more milk, and so the "better for feeding young" argument doesnt work. Our attraction to boobs is strange when you consider almost all mammals are turned off by breasts because they are a sign that the woman is pregnant or nursing, as most mammals develop breasts only once impregnated. Normally they would be a sign that the woman is used up, and that you dont need to give a shit about them. Women developed permanent breasts so they can deceive men and get orbiters even when nursing/pregnant(not fertile). Being able to effectively lie and generate betabucks is an evolutionary advantage

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but later if i dont understand you have to explain

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>redhed souless
>tomboy short hair
Into le trash

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>mom not now i'm trying to impress my good friends on 4chan.
>yeah take that anon! you faggot joo!

dumbass they turn off the atoms so nothing bad happens

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If anybody is still here,

>calculate the mass of oxygen atom in 5 grams of Na2SO4


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