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Even if it didn't happen, if he's just talking about it on 4chan then by definition it isn't LARP

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>being this autistic

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Isn't that where all mental illness starts?

Natural water birth.

>My women are the judgement of my silence I cast over all men that are not Brother Solivagus/Zilly, and those women are the gift I allow myself to receive as they punish those so uncaring to even pick up litter once a month.

Judgement is cast. Farewell, Father's and Mother's of insufficiency and indifference.

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problem is, heterogenity in thermal profile, convection currents and issues with thermal conductivity mean you can only make relatively thin rods, ribbons or tubes
if you tried going thicker than about a millimeter, the inside would be liquid while the outside solidified, which would crack as it cools down
but on top of that, there are more irregularities in crystal lattice using methods like these, rather than good'ol czochralski
it has it's uses though, for example, monocrystaline capillary from pure synthetic sapphire is pretty much the hardest, chemically and thermally resistant tubing you can have
and also this
anon, I think you are confusing waffles with wafers

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don't you just love those pure math undergrads that be like "wtf is a group lmao did you mean category with a single object" and then they get their asses completely ravaged by a surface integral

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Journalists are brainlets especially about science. "x times normal" isn't bad though, news rarely has useful quantification at all.
What's annoying is "enough radiation to fill 5 football stadiums" bc journalists should at least know the plural is stadia.

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Can potentially cause a cross-reactive immune response which results in the development of an autoimmune disease.

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It's actually very controversial.

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gps uses trig to find you location based on the orbit of 4 satellites (usually) 3 for an x-y coordinate, and the 4th for depth (fourth is not required but is used for better results). GPS would be easier to use given it was on a flat plane.

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You never heard true silence unless you were in space. Even then it still doesn't work because of your body.

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you're not this kind of person /sci/, are you


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the virus is called HIV, not AIDS

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Maria's Pizza sells one 14-inch pizza or two 9-inch pizzas for $9.99. Determine which size gives more pizza.

I chose the 9-inch pizzas and it said I was wrong! >:(

what the fuck!?? in what world does this make sense?

i know i'm a brainlet but this is bullshit. Obviously 18 inches of pizza is more than 14 unless you're pulling some 'WELL TECHNICALLLYYYYYYYYY' shit. Fucking bullshit trick question. 2x9 is not less than 14.

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*S = U/T +klogZ

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actually in the second case the average wealth would be 0.9999$

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>The real difficulty from C comes from the fact that you are writing code that can deal with out-of-memory conditions in a non-catastrophic way. If you are writing C without that constraint, you can make everything a shitload easier (you can just have a `string` typedef, and functions like `string string_concat(string a, string b)` that behave pretty close to what you do in other languages). And conversely, most higher level languages, even C++, come crashing down as soon as out-of-memory is something you need to be able to cope with.

this falls squarely under "lack of features" and "manual allocation and freeing of memory".

handling runtime errors gracefully is a challenge in any language, but especially c.

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> any number


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What's a good programming project? I'm completely out of ideas. I was about to write an app where you could ping your location and it would blip on a map but I got tired of the entire thing.

What's to be coded that Google hasn't already perfected?

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>20 nozzles actually
20 of the larger, fixed nozzles, and 12 smaller, pivoting nozzles.

>it's actually 5 engines
It's 32 combustion chambers and nozzles. Counting nozzles or pumps as engines is arbitrary, and since I said "nozzles" you're not correcting anything, just being a dick with your "actually".

Feeding multiple nozzles from a single pump introduces its own complications and per-nozzle failure modes.

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You'd have 1 kg of light. Dark isn't negative, it's zero; meanwhile light is a positive value. So if light is one, and dark is zero, one plus zero is one.
Now my question is why are you measuring light in kg?

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