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Why don’t we just shoot our trash into the sun?

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How shave my balls?

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Racism is basically inductive reasoning on a massive, societal scale. Sure inductive reasoning can be falsifiable, but if cultural inductive reasoning like racism perpetuates for hundreds of years, there must be relation to truth for it to keep existing. For instance the reason people don't trust black people is because of niggers. There is like 15% chance when you run into a black person they'll be a nigger. They'll have an attitude problem, they'll be quick to violence, you can't trust them for shit. Is the other races natural inclination to not trust black people, in general, therefore justified? Once you gather more information, you should adjust of any individually different, naturally. But as a starting place, isn't it rational to treat races differently based on stereotypes?

I mean, there is a reason, there are no "niggers" of other races. Whites don't have a massive fear toward asians or indians. We create other stereotypes for them, and those stereotypes persist because they reflect reality.

I know I should have posted this during non-eurocuck hours because they have never lived in a society where literal niggers are everywhere for hundreds of years, so maybe they have not created this stereotype in their culture.

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Irrational numbers don't exist. They describe relations between definitions rather than describe relations between values.

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>classification problem
>multiclass or multilabel
>want to run a bunch of k fold cross validations
How do I know which metric to use and pick right model?

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Now think about all those global warming models...

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I just solved the Riemann hypothesis.

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>we can regrow teeth but we still can't regrow hair

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>look at Japanes twitter
>everyone talking about how Mochizuki is right and Japanese are best and white piggu tried to hold Japanese down

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>news and know-it-alls online all keep saying how masks aren't very good or basically useless for average person and you shouldn't bother buying or using them
>meanwhile there's evidence of their efficacy in wuhan and they want them for medical practitioners
I don't get it, is it just basic disinfo to stop people from panic buying or something?

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In a few hours we will be entering the 22nd century

What has science accomplished since ?

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>Be me
>Always have an easy time in high school
>Near perfect grades
>Enter med school whilst lacking proper study discipline
>Get anally raped by what's required of you in uni
>Fail first semester
Anyone wanna share their study technique(s)? I feel like a complete retard cause I never learned it properly.

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>I hate this guy so much
Hatred is the source of evil and you should be ashamed of yourself ahmed,
There it is.

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I am 28 and I still look 22
For reasons it is in my interests to preserve this.
How do? Discord trannies are telling me to go on hrt

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>quadratic equation

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Why is it that with an IQ of 135 I constantly do bad in school (b average). When I was younger I was getting A's without trying but now everything is difficult and I have no idea how to study propely.

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I'm positive she is real. But I don't know what to do with this knowledge in terms of telling other people. Lol.

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This website/world is filled with idiots.

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If only more people followed my celestial religion then they wouldn't be so violent and hateful and maybe they would be more peaceful and accepting.

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my rage can not simply disappear when my body ceases to function.
it must persist, at least until the heat death of the universe.

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wtf does pH stand for

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So I have a friend who so happen to be addicted to 4chan. he drop out of thermo and failed his solid work midterm exam . he must get a near perfect 100 to pass how can i scientifically help him. he will greatly appreciate it .

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Do you think psychology and nutrition "science" will graduate to real sciences in our lifetime? What will it take?

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do you drink alcohol?

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