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IQ can only be slightly influenced by environment, last I'd heard it could be raised maybe 5-10 points max through a combination of good parenting and lifelong good education (note, education worldwide is shit, it does very little to enhance the mind and mostly exists to indoctrinate the young into the apparatus of their nation). On the genetic end is where the most influence can be exerted, if all of the genetic factors that make up IQ can be identified they can at least hypothetically be induced through gene engineering to be expressed a lot more than normal. There are risks obviously, gene editing methods are not yet accurate enough to guarantee what most medical practitioners and ethicists would consider acceptably low risk, if you gene-mod 100 people you might end up with a few horrifically aberrant individuals who's lives are destroyed by an attempt to edit their genes. It's safe IMO though to assume that gene editing will continue to improve until mistakes can either be rectified or avoided to the point where health hazards are not the primary issue. The next issue is whether or not genetic gigachads can integrate with the rest of society, their introduction to a world of vanilla humans might have catastrophic social results. They may create an enormous resource disparity that causes social upheaval, who knows, people have a hard enough time getting along with each-other for relatively small differences, how will they treat (or be treated by) an artificial new race of humans with substantial genetic advantages?

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