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>if and only if

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> such that

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I'd swear in his TED talk he said he was Ukrainian, but perhaps I am misremembering.
He sounded like a pretty cool guy either way

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>the proof is left as an exercise for the reader

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No thanks, I'll just take whatever you said as truth

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Why do biologists define life by its actions (eat, reproduce, relation) and not by what it is?

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Nigga, have you ever even looked up the definition of life favored by biologists?

Literally number 1) Composed of cells

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function takes precedence over form when dealing with living systems, this is very hard for people who are not well versed in biology to understand. from this misunderstanding one gets machinic interpretations of biological structures where it is entirely inappropriate.

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Easiest to detect and determine

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Well I consider viruses life.

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chords represent complex waveforms that don't normally happen in nature without coincident non-harmonic combination of frequencies. in other words, chords are a very human creation. their fourier transforms break down as a sum of nearby fundamentals and overtone frequencies that most natural processes do not exhibit

ITT /sci/bros post their preferred muzaks

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this is the most listenable music in the world right now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DyDfgMOUjCI

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And also fuck you

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well no, and if so then the current world sucks balls


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no, fuck you

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>all this granpa rock and classical music
get with the times

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How fucked are my vocal folds?

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dat pussy

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What fish did you catch?

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I thought this was sci not b faggots

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When you're at rest you're moving through time at the speed of light.

If you're moving at the speed of light you're at rest in time.

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*takes another bong rip*
>continues incorrectly quoting things he heard in popsci videos

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how would you write this in latex

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>What is dimensional analysis????
The thread.

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>moving through time at the speed of light.

Expand on what you mean by the speed of light in time.

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I know you'll be here reading this.

Answer this question honestly:

If someone took away all the parts of you that are not associated with
>a kind of media I like
>someone elses opinion
>everything about me that feels contrived
>wishing I was better / more successful like other people

would there be enough things left to recognize you?
How short is the list of other people who recognize you?
Does it scare you that you know how short that list is?

You're smart enough to know you're pathetic and that's why it's so bad.
>if that's true then why doesn't that make it better

Because that's only the first wall. You might've toyed with the idea that you're pathetic but you've never been able to pin down quite why. Maybe it's because you're not. OR maybe it's because you're so fucking afraid to admit that - to yourself of all people - that you're more willing to wallow in mediocrity then actually attempt to pursue something and overcome your problems.

ADMIT that you'd rather look like someone who is good at math and physics than BE someone who is ACTUALLY GOOD at math an physics. It's just TOO FUCKING EASY to half understand something and then shove all the buzzwords into a couple sentences and tell undergrads to get fucked than it is to fucking DO YOUR WORK because you're afraid of trying too hard and still not getting what you want.

Last wall: If you can't decide to learn anything because you LIKE to and not just because you
>really want to be a guy who knows things
>a real smart guy
>who never actually had my IQ tested and is never going to bother because of the possibility that the results may be devastating

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>You know what I mean

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I may be a loser, but I am not an insecure loser like you. Stop projecting your mental illness onto others.

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I'm disengaging from this discussion

I sincerely and unironically encourage you to seek professional help.

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The jokes on you, I am the professional help.

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Thanks for some good ideas in the noggin before sleepy time

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Female scientists known for accomplishing something other than just being a woman.

1) Marie Curie

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well you're obviously experiencing female-female competition with your post. was just curious where you as a female fit onto your list of other females

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there are no girls on the internet, even in 2019

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2) Jocelyn Bell Burnell

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i agree with this post
anon is the third person on this list

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january 2020

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This is a science and math board.
Unless you are going to turn this into a biology thread >>>/v/.

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I've got something going on.
My little brother is in middle school. He's got advanced science and he needs to do a project for the school. He wants to use one of my giant rabbits as part of the project and i told him that i didn't care but he needed to take care of it while he was doing the project.

He keeps trying to ask me for ideas for a good project because i was always the favorite of my parents who used to put me up at every opportunity they got. They would praise me and my good grades every day at dinner and it always left him feeling sad.

I don't want to let him down. I want to be a good brother to him. I need a good project idea that utilizes giant rabbits so he can feel good about stuff he does for once.

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science in shambles

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Nah. CO2 was abundant AF back then. Now, I do wonder how did mammalian cells evolve from plants...or was there an original Eukaryota that split.

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you can post from your wifi, then from your cell signal and get different IPs

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Is it possible to call out anyone's stupidity at quota?

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The plants that require pollination evolved quite recently. Also there are very few plants that necessarily require pollination (for example, mankind would be just fine without pollinators, we just might have expensive melons and kiwifruit afterwards though).

Animals did not produce the CO2 that's in the atmosphere. Animals don't produce it at all in fact. They get their carbon from the plants that they eat that eventually get the carbon from the atmosphere (google photosynthesis and carbon cycle). The atmosphere was full of CO2 when the Earth was young.

Plants are not the only thing that animals eat. They can eat fungus and bacteria too (depends on the animal of course). Plants did however evolve before animals did so no problem here either.

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they will just ban you on both and rangeban your area.

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How are men and women unequal, scientifically speaking?

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That 2nd video has to be fake (unless the guy specifically trained for arm wrestling power), as far as I know the world's strongest woman can bench press more than 270kg (~600 lbs). While bench press isn't arm wrestling, it should be a close-enough approximation of general strength. A man whose bench press is above 270kg is certainly not average.
This is depressing, as somebody who can't build muscle

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It won't matter when human gene editing arrives

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He said sexually, not sexuality. Perhaps touching up on your reading comprehension may be in order.

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- chromosomes
- genes

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>intelligent life sets me up with a waifu to mate with and study my behavior habits
What are you waiting for aliens ooga booga me man me play video games real good hungry hungry want burger please

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if an alien did this, it would be a juvenile aliem just fuckign around with the organic life on nearby star systems, which they travel to in the light speed spacecraft they build out of boredom.
just like when we catch bugs in jars
fucking smug ass ayyleems

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Does anyone else tend to subconsciously pick up the mannerisms or personality traits of fictional characters that you like in media that you've consumed? Was is the psychology behind this?

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havent you tried doing it to see what it might be like?

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No. You sound like those people who pretend they have to start talking in a foreign accent when they're around someone else doing it.

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>stories can't affect your personality or make you reevaluate your thinking on certain subjects
You have autism and may possibly be a sociopath

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Its normal human behavior. Its our ability to emulate/empathize/learn from others.

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I tend to subconsciously want to be strong and muscular even though i can't grow any. It's suffering.

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they even got away with it through surrogacy many times.
live single and free.

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Smart people are so future time preferenced they act like robots to normal people. You are just a incel

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not /sci/

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>tell a natural fact
>the first thing that comes to his mind is shaming
please don't project your insecurities on me.

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>You are just a incel

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a new study suggests that pregnant mothers ingestion of fluoride lowers the IQ of their babies

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Yes I read the article, no you're not doing me a favor
There is also the keyword "most", and my keyword "could"

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>Brush teeth everyday with 1-2% flouride formula
>It's the water!!

A. Jones level drivel.

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The study could be flawed because of all the semen in the water supply.

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You could be flawed because of all the semen in your arse

>> No.10904678

>study doesn't control for obvious confusion factors
>seems to use the alpha = 5% meme
>only 2 points of difference
>only in boys
>"My excuse for being a failure as a white male"

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There's this notion today that the ungodly amount of radiation were exposed to today is "harmless"

When having to go trough stuff like airport scanner they say thing like "it's less than an x-ray".

but pregnant women can't have x-rays so it has SOME effects.

1)Doesnt the fact that its forbidden for pregnant mean that all radiation sources in the world should be forbidden. Even if the risk increase is 0.00000000000001%, why would i support it for something that doesnt benefit me. In the case of an x-ray a doctor can determine if its worth it and you can decide, but if you live near a power plant you get the rads like it or not. How is this fair?

2)Wouldn't it make sense to have pregnant women locked away in basements in faraday cages in the middel of the country so that rad exposure to their sensible babies is minimal?

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The solution is to grow babies in vats of baby juice in a lab somewhere instead of the hacky inefficient solution of growing them inside the body of another human whose health habits are probably not the greatest and who will probably be working at a job for most of the pregnancy due to the push for women in the workplace

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She's absolutely glowing

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despite quantum mechanics isn't the universe still deterministic?

If you have two universes with the same initial conditions the two universe will evolve in exactly the same way with the exact same quantum events that are supposedly random.

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Congratulations anon, you are beginning to understand that QM is a completely deterministic model, just with a different ontology than classical mechanics.

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Last night I dreamed that particles are just a Gaussian distribution of charge formed by the mediation of pressure between neighboring cells of charge. Each charge corresponded to a motion of the extracellular matrix of superfluid around each cell.

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And what happens when one observes the universe?

>> No.10905141

Huh? Pilot wave has collapse, and is nondeterministic. Collapse can't be deterministic?

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QM and QFT is in some sense even more deterministic than classical mechanics. One of the assumptions in QM/QFT is the existence of the propergator/time evolution operator that ensures that any wave function will evolve uniquely. This is not the case with classical mechanics, see for instance Norton's dome (a system of classical mechanics with an infinite amount of solutions).

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Can somebody help me with this riddle? Being stuck with this one for a couple of weeks now...

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hey man, dont beat yourelf up if you didnt get it by yourself! its just some shit ass binary puzzle.

So each half circle should represent a power of two. Writing all four number in left in their binary representation ( as sum of different powers of two) should help you find out what each half circle means.

The two equations on the right are actually obsolete as you dont need them to solve the problem.

The only values you cant find are 8 and 2, but you dont need them separately and you know how they look summed up because of 14.

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jesus christ dude, it only took me like a minute, it's just binary

it's B

>> No.10904350

oh I see someone already answered before me while I was making the picture

>> No.10904359

not everyone works with binary though and just guessing it without experience is unrealistic. it is just a really bad puzzle that doesnt bring anything even remotely novel

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This is a bad puzzle, because the solution does not make full use of the evidence.
It looks as if any ring has three states: Top, bottom, and full.
Naturally, someone would try to create a complex system from these three-state rings that generates the numbers shown.
However, the puzzle tricks the player by having the "three state rings" actually be a pair of two-state semicircles.

This kind of trick is just bad puzzlemaking because it means the actual solution is much more simple than the apparent solution, but the only people who will figure out the actual solution are those who make an unreasonable (yet correct) assumption about the nature of the puzzle.

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What do you all think about modafinil and do you used yourself ?

>> No.10904216

better for you than amphetamines
you probably shouldn't use it for more than a couple months at a time thou

>> No.10904348

>>10904216 *not more than one day in a row.
Are you using these daily for a whole month?!

>> No.10904385

People use ADHD medications (amphetamines) daily for YEARS and only become mildly retarded.

>> No.10904438

>>10904385 Amphetamines are worse and getting mildly retarded is very problematic. One reason for why you shouldn't use it daily is because it'll move your circadian rhythm every time. (They could actually manufacture a version that doesn't do that because it doesn't last as long but for reasons I don't understand they don't. Somebody please explain why.)

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