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>sit down to study
>have to go to the bathroom
>feel hungry make food
>mom calls me talk to her for 30 minutes
>go back to desk to study
>have to go the bathroom again
>finally I can study
>caffeine pills wore off
>have to take them again
>takes about 60 - 90 minutes to kick in
>it's 6PM so I don't want to be up all night
>don't take the pills and don't study

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Just study even when it's not optimal anon. I know you want to be efficient, but it's just not always gonna work out so well.

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Have you tried taking the caffeine pills through the other end?

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My eye keeps twitching. I am well rested, well hydrated, my diet is probably a 6/10 and I should eat more fruits and veggies but my eye has been twitching for years. It's very annoying and I think people notice my eyelid moving idk if it's that noticeable but it feels like it would be

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Stress, mine does it when I'm stressed.

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do you drink coffee?

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stop binge drinking

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Could also be a little magnesium deficiency. As said above, get more sleep and try to reduce your stress levels. All of this is linked anyway

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Try an inversion board. I feel like eye twitches are a symptom of cutting off microcirculation to the face muscles from prolonged sitting.

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No, the universe only hooks up with chads.

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wouldn't homo-geny be less entropic?

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>There can be local decrease though

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But he is correct. See >>11077781

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But he is correct. See >>11077760

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Scientifically speaking, why is it so beneficial to leave the shithole that is 4chan behind?

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I don't know about that. Ultimately it was 4chan that gave me that final push I needed to choose pure math as my major. And subsequently, it was 4chan that scared me shitless about my financial prospects and made me hedge against my esoteric degree hard.

This gay website is the reason I have a good job nowadays, it's so bizarre.

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Scientifically speaking, you are here forever

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What are the definitive differences between CBD and THC?

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THC gets you fucked up, lowers your iq and gives you schizophrenia/anxiety disorders. CBD has a calming effect that increases concentration and lowers anxiety.

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i can't function without one, the other just gets me high.

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CBD is an acronym for the cannabinoids derived from the plant matter itself. THC is an acronym for the psychedelic found inside the trichomes/pollen.

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lowers your iq for just the moment or in the long term?

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/sci/ how do we explain skulls like this which are both genetically different to humans in the way they're formed and they have volumes which are simply impossible to have been formed through cranial deformation?

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Here. A detailed anatomy of the human skull. No DNA sequencing required.

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Are you attempting to argue that these large conehead skulls are the result of craniopagus?

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My point is that some people may have similar DNA to most humans, and have abnormal features, like an elongated cranium, because of that DNA.

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>A straw man is a form of argument and an informal fallacy based on giving the impression of refuting an opponent's argument, while actually refuting an argument that was not presented by that opponent. One who engages in this fallacy is said to be "attacking a straw man".

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>The next evolution in artificial intelligence may be a matter of dispensing with all the probabilistic tricks of deep learning, mastering instead a manifold of shifting energy values, according to deep learning's pied piper, Yann LeCun

Is the AI community going full retard?

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attach gun to drone
have it shoot at air if it can't get out

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If this is about using energy as the objective function instead of quadratic loss, I've spoken to CERN researchers who tested both and came to the conclusion that using energy is inferior in many ways.

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In what sense is it inferior? Don't really know anything about EBMs, but their concept seems cool.

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Worse prediction quality and lesser generalization capability. They said they reached higher scores with the standard approach, although apparently it wasn't extremely much.

I also guess implementation is a bitch since you have to derive with respect to your inputs.

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Now that I've read part of the OpenAI paper it seems they still aren't as powerful as GANs for image processing, but it seems like they're almost getting there. Well, we'll see, who knows.

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CS and math major, am I brainlet?

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yes you are you filthy fucking weeb

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how many years total will your degree be

mine was 5 years, but i was part time working 2 years of it

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I started at 24. Econ & Math. I guess it's alright since if I went at 18 I would have studied like English or Philosophy or some bullshit

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I started at 19 and been working on it for 4 years because I took a year off to work as a web dev.

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She is lying , right ? You don't just go to college without a plan , start taking hard math and physics classes and end up enjoying them , right ?

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She just takes stuff because it sounds cool , you don't go from sucking in highschool math to jumping head first into linear and abstract algebra, and this is at Cambridge nonetheless shouldn't the tests be superhard and unforgiving ?

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You literally do though, pre-college nothing really matters if you aren't a brainlet

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I smoked pot and had sex in high school. I took business math in community college, thought getting a 100 in a math class was weird, so I took precalc and then from there decided to major in math alongside ecology.

Definitely not a genius

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Best physics Youtube channel imho. Although in many cases she doesn't go in too deep, you can be certain her reasoning is correct.

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how many cocks you think she took in undergrad

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The internal combustion engine is the greatest invention ever made.

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But who would want to live in a world without Japanese animation?

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>greatest invention
>not the internet
are you all retarded???

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think again kiddo

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>The internal combustion engine is the greatest invention ever made.

The ability to create and control fire is the number one intellectual achievement of mankind.

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Nah, cooking meat.

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Is all math just algebra?

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based and truthpilled

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All of math is just more and more complicated arrangements the four basic arithmetic operations and the Boolean operations.

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two basic arithmetic operations*

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proving inequalities of uncountable sets with exotoic topologies isn't very nicely captured algebraically.

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According to the laws of gravity, moving towards the earth is actually not moving? So, according to gravity, since space is warped to point towards earth, "neutral" for example "not moving" is actually set to towards the earth direction? The default direction is set towards the earth, so if I have no direction, by default I am moving towards Earth? Why? How? Huh?

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>i spoke 7
what happened?

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>not moving
Nah, you are moving relative to something. You mean "free falling". Free meaning free of force. And in that case yes, that's correct. You only feel gravity acting on you because the ground keeps you from falling further, as others pointed out.

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Well, what is motion? What is location? According to Einstein that's relative. And the ether is already disproven.

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>dios mios

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Yeah I've heard that theory before. But assuming the earth and other masses are expanding. Does that even make sense mathematically or physically?

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Guys is this true?

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yes cumbrians are backwards hicks of england

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as far as I know, yes.-that image is probably an exaggeration but I know porn definitely does hijack your dopamine

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Yes, dont be a pathetic coomer
If you have massive urges than at least try to score a Girl IRL

Only pathetic incels keep constantly fapping to porn

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The image attached is of my psychological "specs." I struggle with doing basic shit like schoolwork (which typically is quite easy to finish once I get started; starting the assignment is the hard part) or maintaining normal levels of hygiene (unless I'm on a sizable dose of Adderall, prescribed to me even though testing has confirmed that I don't have ADHD). My motivation is severely impacted by my frequent depressive and suicidal episodes stemming from people treating me like an idiot and prominently laughing in groups when I talk, implying that they think I'm too stupid to tell I'm being laughed at (this has been happening since I was 11 years old). Family members, psychiatrists, and psychologists insist that there's nothing wrong with the way I talk, and I don't know who to turn to if I'm not going to be believed by the main groups of people who are supposed to support me.

So I've been wanting to know what the cause of my lack of success in life is--the autism itself or the depression stemming from it? My psychological report also said that my level of depression was 3.2 standard deviations above the average, so only about 1 in 700 people is at least as depressed as I am. Whether my troubles are caused by autism or by depression is very important to me because depression usually has a much higher level of treatability than autism, and I wanna know whether my future is hopeless or not. This isn't a comprehensive summary of my life, so feel free to ask me additional questions.

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>High IQ doesn't make you omniscient. It's hard to live independently when you don't know anything and nobody talks with you. When you are autistic, people just outright refuse to interact with you in any meaningful way or share any important information with you. I'd bet that every autistic person has innately highly superior intelligence, but they score low (or even have they scores "corrected" down, to reflect their low functioning) becasue they don't know their own culture, and grow up delayed for the same reason feral children do. It's all because of the isolation, not because of any inherent flaw.

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High IQ doesn't make you omniscient. It's hard to live independently when you don't know anything and nobody talks with you. When you are autistic, people just outright refuse to interact with you in any meaningful way or share any important information with you. I'd bet that every autistic person has innately highly superior intelligence, but they score low (or even have they scores "corrected" down, to reflect their low functioning) becasue they don't know their own culture, and grow up delayed for the same reason feral children do. It's all because of the isolation, not because of any inherent flaw.

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please KYS

>> No.11077461

I have definitely tried these sorts of strict regimens and they've invariably lasted like 0-2 days before I got depressed. Hopefully this "complex yet simple" routine of yours will be the first one to succeed.

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I have a weird neurological disease that is presenting with POTS I cannot leave the house for the majority of the year because any temperature above 74 degrees will make me horribly sick, confused, dumb, and weak.

I cannot work, drive and I am almost dropping out of college because i am progressively losing my academic abilities and I am developing amnesia.

It also causes horrible depression from the brain damage, antidepressants don't work bupropion didn't work.

I tried amphetamines and it helped but it makes my breathing difficult so its not an option, my last drug to try is dopamine agonists like levodopa and pramipexole(Mirapex)

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So I just visited my grandfather today. Ya'know, the kind that now sells oil at home, trusts in commercial vitamins & herbs, hoardes expired rations, and believes the earth is 6000 years old. Oh boy.

But what intrigued me was 'Colloidal Silver', a alternative medicine that sounds like bullshit. So is this stuff a miracle? Merely another bit of false science meant to die in the past? I want the facts.

Newfag here btw, sorry if this is dumb.

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If he's dead set on silver specifically show him data and/or explain how heavy metals aren't really processed well by living organisms and that's why it's anti-microbial. If he's open to alternative medicine shit generally, garlic does the same shit and doesn't turn you blue, and if he just wants to ingest dissolved jewelry amber won't build up in the body.

>> No.11077460

it has antibacterial properties, so yeah it can help with some certain conditions. not all problems are caused by bacteria, you could just fix everything with antibiotics if that was the case, lol. also antibiotics are more effective than silver when used internally

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Why don't newfags know how to reply to people?

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It takes a 10 second search to figure this shit out you fucking retard.

>> No.11077722

So I looked into this a while ago. It will kill microbes and all that but it will also permanently tattoo you blue. So there’s that. Some dude on dr oz is fully blue because he has been drinking this for years.

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do the red blood cells in a blood clot still have metabolic activity, homeostasis, the ability to cellularly divide or any of the other essential characteristics of life?
Or are they dead cells?

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thrombocytes aren't really "cells" as much as they're cytoplasm sacs with no nucleus, they're fragments of a multicellular megakaryocyte found in the bone marrow

>> No.11077532

there are sheets of platelets and RBCs. why don't you Bing it and post back

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if iq is essentially your ability to acquire and process new information then why don't people just push themselves intellectually to find their own potential instead of creating their own self fulfilling prophecy?
is worrying about your own iq an inherently low iq strat or am i missing something?
surely testing your learning capacity by actually learning is the most accurate way to determine your own intelligence

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This. People who are already intelligent are also more likely seek out more stimulating environments that then further increase their IQ and avoid shit that can reduce their IQ, creating a feedback cycle and an upward spiral and fully exploiting that extra 20%-40% that people get from the environment.
It's the reverse for people who are already dumb however.

>> No.11077286

>stimulating environments
Like what

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The tests to find your IQ usually measure mathematical abilities, language skills, memory, reasoning skills, and not just information-processing speed.

It does not measure your personality, if you don't want to put effort into your test you will get a lower score than you probably really have.

Despite all this, no one can really push themselves intellectually if they don't realize they have to yet. Someone high IQ can be in a chaotic environment and be complacent, not pushing themselves that much because they're agreeable and don't really want to have as much conflict as is needed to rise up and stay in the simplicity of their life. Meanwhile someone of lower IQ will be more disagreeable and succeed in life and be more intellectually stimulated by the challenges the acquire.

Essentially, all three of your questions can be answered with one word: personality.

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>another IQ thread

>> No.11077900

Check out Gottfredson's course
"Intelligence in Everyday Life"
especially this section

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But why are high-IQ whites not breeding if they are genetically superior?

>> No.11077126

r versus k species
quality over quantity

>> No.11077136

its just that point in time, where the toxic ideas catch up and the society starts to fall. Every great civilization rises and falls thats just the nature of things. Read decline of the west. You are using circular logic by asking if something is superior, why is it not invincible? Evolution or social conditioning dosent make organisms invincible.

>> No.11077141

I'm not asking why it's not invincible, I'm asking why is it in decline against a supposedly weaker specimen

>> No.11077147

What? It has to die eventually. Do you seriously think humanity is just going to get better and better into eternity?

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Alright is it even worth it to become a physicist anymore? I want to make a difference bring new ideas and a greater understanding of the universe to the people, but do people even care? Is this just a stupid dream I should give up on?

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i guess but why would i care

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If you do it, there's a slight chance you'll become useful to humanity
If you don't you won't ever have a chance to matter

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your kidding right?

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6th year Physics PhD student here. Physics does just kinda suck now. The pay is bad and the hours are long. Plus, most physicists are assholes. Hardly anyone stays in academia after the PhD. I'm not entirely sure I would even recommend going to grad school at all, but I do like all the non-physics skills I've learned, and that I have helped build a major experiment.

Don't stop doing physics if it interests you, but think of ways to do it on the side or something, so that you can have a career that doesn't suck and just enjoy physics while doing something else.

>> No.11077896

Sounds like you care more about being a physicist than actually doing physics. If that really is the case, you should give up. If you really do like physics, no one will change your mind

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Can you help me identify whatever this is???

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