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Why do humans have biggest penis among any other high primates?

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the same way male peacock looks gay

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Cause v big pp

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Womens to blame?

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Because its an arms race
>babies need bigger heads, get bigger heads
>women need bigger vaginas, get bigger vaginas
>men need bigger penises, get bigger penises

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So when the Johnson and Johnson vaccine comes out- Which the USA has supposedly bought a hundred million doses of- doesn't that effectively mean the pandemic would be over within a few weeks?
It's a one dose vaccine. If we gave it to everyone over 65 (54,000,000 people) hospitalizations and deaths would drop by about 80,000,000 and we'd still have millions and millions of doses left for people that want them. That's ignoring the millions of people that have already gotten the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines.

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>Preparing for test since 1 week.
>Test tomorrow.
>Left with 3 PDF's each having 250 pages.

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Scientifically speaking, why wouldn't it work?

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it does

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Great! Energy crisis solved

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It does, but you go backwards not forwards

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Then just turn the other way
There, you're moving where you'd like to

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Top 10 programming languages according to /sci/
1) Python
2) Matlab
3) julia
4) rust
5) javascript
6) ruby
7) sql
8) c#
9) c++
10) r

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1: c--

It's the less powerful, less efficient, more syntactically confusing obscure little brother of c

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Does anyone here teach STEM subjects? What's it like?

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not exactly teach, but tutor. You begin to appreciate midwit students, because you don't have to go into real life analogy garbage to explain a concept, a bit of geometric intuition suffices usually.

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Not currently. I used to teach sophomore organic chemistry labs, and had to grade exams/homework/quizes and hold office hours for the accompanying lecture courses.
It wasn't great.
Students fall into 3 groups:
1) smart/motivated, they will do well no matter what (5-15% of students)
2) the vast middle (up to 80% of students) - people who will get B/C grades and don't realize they could get A/B grades if they applied themselves, came to office hours, worked more exercises from the text.
3) real dumbasses, crazy, fully disengaged - they fail the course (5%).
Grading lab notebook pages, lab reports and exams is awful tedious work.
Using Gradescope for exams is better than doing it by hand. With Gradescope the students see the rubric, the need to write individualized comments is dramatically reduced, and the software does the arithmetic (no checking and double checking scores by page and total by exam packet with a calculator). It also removes the hollow threat about scanning and regrades (all packets are scanned, students no longer get the exam packet back with an opportunity to alter it and submit for a regrade).
there's a lot more that could be said, but being a TA sucks.

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Have we been doing maths wrong this whole time?

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No, just you

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They're having a sale rn, 75% off. Some good /sci/ books on there for those interested.

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Here's what I ordered. Wondering if anyone has experience with these.
My orders:
>Aristotle's Ethics
>Aristotle's Politics
>Logic: The Laws of Truth
>Elements of Mathematics
>Scalar, Vector, and Matrix Mathematics

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>US and Canada only

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Why are so many women becoming lesbians and asexual? Is there something in our food that's doing this?

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They're not. They're just not interested in you.

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They're ugly and have nothing to offer other than sex.


>A hope chest, also called dowry chest, cedar chest, trousseau chest or glory box is a piece of furniture traditionally used to collect items such as clothing and household linen, by unmarried young women in anticipation of married life.

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I'm observing this from the sidelines. I see girls at my school come out as lesbian more frequently and many others uninterested in any relationships. Fuck off basedfag.

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>Is there something in our food that's doing this?
artificial estrogen mimicking chemicals
some bind stronger, some bind weaker
some are fast acting, some stay in body long time


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Yes. Plastic, pesticides and other industrial chemicals. Otherwise it may just be trendy to come out as """bisexual""" for women, as it immediately gives them some woke-points. Furthermore, it could be an instinctual response to overpopulation, changes in human societal structure or a million other things.

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Was this the smartest conference ever held?

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The Fuhrer on the left

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What do they do there? Just hang out and talk about shit while smoking cigars and sipping bourbon?

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try to crack quantum theory, they didn't but it's still never been understood better than at that conference.

Bernie probably holds they key for it all though, but he's masked up and not talking.

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probably not, if you mean the average participant

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I'm currently learning about composition, and a lot of this stuff seems pseudoscientific. Is there any proof that the golden ratio being present somewhere in a picture actually has a psychological effect?

There are some old pieces of art that were made long before a lot of these new concepts in composition arose, and it seems like everybody is able to find these newly "discovered" patters in old masterpieces.

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Well, humans tend to make/see a pattern in
something no matter what. From a aesthetic
standpoint, golden rectangles seem like the
"right" rectangles in terms of proportion and area. And one can reasonably build or draw
with it so that it looks good even if they didn't
know about the exact proportions.

And if one carries on seeing more instances of
this "right" figure, it then becomes a thing to
spam with in all sorts of art, even retroactively,
in order to justify that it is a "divine" figure to use.

From a mathematical standpoint, what I'm most
familiar with, it's just a fucking rectangle. And
moreover, the self similar property doesn't have
to use the golden ratio. See the British A-series
paper sizes to see that in action.

In short, the golden ratio may have neat
properties and pleases the eye in a way but any
use of it beyond math and art is practically bunk
and psychologically overblown.

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>See the British A-series
paper sizes to see that in action.
Akchuuaaally the A series utilize the golden ratio

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A4 size ratio: 3 to 2, 4 to 3, 1.618 to 1

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Human minds tend to find patterns and rules where there are none. Patterns and rules are abstractions, and there will always be an infinite set of abstract elements mapped to each and every finite set of non-abstract elements.

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>Patterns and rules are abstractions, and there will always be an infinite set of abstract elements mapped to each and every finite set of non-abstract elements.

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Scientifically speaking are bottoms (gay males who prefer to be penetrated) women?

>not science
Thats why I said scientifically speaking

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No, "women" refers to the female human, and female refers to the sex that produces egg cell gametes.

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Yes bottom poster, bottoms are women. Only men can determine that though.

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bottoms are he/him women
Think of them like trannies but lucky for them no gender dysphoria manifested

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Shut the fuck up faggot I am more of a man than you
I may take cocks up my ass because it feels good but I am not a foid

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no you are not a foid
you are a male woman
and thats a good thing

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>thesis due for committee review submission in a week
>haven't even started

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get cracking
you can get a lot done in a week

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No problem, you got this
Just get a proper routine and it will be a breeze

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How close are we to mpreg becoming reality? And at that point, what argument will there be against gay marriage other than ew it’s icky?

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Why does this site contain garbage posts like this under the 'science & math'? Does this post fall under the category 'This post is very low-quality'?

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It’s a science question, not sure how much math is involved

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why tf would you want that? test tube babies are the future, nobody wants to get fkn pregnant

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Do your best /sci/

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>The sign is a subtle joke

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How did I fuck your mum? I subtracted her pants. Divided her legs. Added ma dick and gave her a square root.

Lame I know

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>"week 2: lecture 6"

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just don't get eaten by a bear
and avoid river parasites

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Don't worry, I'll be shooting any bears or cougars that move into my territory.

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>week 1, discussion board and syllabus assignment due full week after start of classes
>week 2, 3 assignments, a test, lab study, discussion assignment all due at end of week
>continues like this in a 16 week course

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Kinda sick

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>Found textbook in library
>Other classmates knew it was there too but only one copy
>Couldn't check out
>Hid the book in the art history section
>Classmates panicked
>School ended up ordering three more copies but those didn't arrive till the end of the quarter

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Full deets https://www.sciencealert.com/scientists-have-described-a-dinosaur-s-butthole-in-exquisite-detail/amp

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At least they don't have feathers.

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That was their first mistake

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Hilbert was just a math genius

Weyl was a philosophical and math genius

why did the latter waste time with an inferior mind?

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> Philosophy
You mean why did Hilbert waste his time.

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what kind of plastic is this thing made of? if its good for shock absorbance then It might have uses outside glass protection

I've been looking around and it looks like most protectors are made of TPE, is this one different or is it just clever marketing?

link related


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you can buy cheap ones for 1-2 dollars that will do the job , they are plastic/glass combos that are under tension, so when you drop your phone they will crack instead of the screen
you can try it out and drop one of them , they are quite cheap to produce

dont buy an expensive one

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Doing my Master's thesis on crystal growth. Anyone know of any good prof's I can poke the brain of for some insight.

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What kind of crystals?

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what literature are you reading? I'm studying this subject too

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