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I'm looking to make billions of dollars. But i need knowledge. What's a good degree for this path? I'm not too sure what to study but I'm looking at computer science. And I know a degree doesn't guarantee anything but I need knowledge.

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I took calc ab to have an easy year, its so fucking easy its not even funny, wtf. We JUST got to integrals and niggas are struggling. Fuck that lets get back on the subject. One year before graduation my question is should i take linear algebra? My gpa is ass its like 2.4 WEIGHED up from 2.1. Im a beaner so and poor af so idk if im going to college. Here are my ap scores, biology 4 world history 3, compsci p 4. Sorry for blogging, really need advice tho.

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With the unique fast rate of growth that bamboo has, why haven't any scientist used crispr or some shit to make a genetically modified, calorically dense superfood? You would get numerous harvests per year, which could provide food security for lots of people.

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>unique fast rate of growth that bamboo has
it's not unique
go look up tonnes of DM/Ha

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Could any economic know-hows provide insight on what the consequences of a hard cap on individual wealth would be? That is, all money earned beyond X dollars by a single person goes to the government. My retard "friend" genuinely believes in doing this for billionaires. Some of my points are:
>More incentive to evade taxes and offshore shit
>Discourages rich individuals from continuing their efforts beyond the threshold
>Gives government more control and we all know how stupid the common voice can be
>Is just a retarded idea in general, have you heard of raising taxes instead of an arbitrary limit
And he wants to give spend it all on welfare since "Jeff Bezos dick rockets are a waste of money when people are starving". Billionaires bad because they are billionaires. I'm not going to even get into that, but what argument can I make that is so fundamentally strong that not even a low IQ communist can deny it?

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>Economics and the impact of policy decisions aren't a science

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I'm not saying it isn't retard, but OP would probably get a better response on /biz/.

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/biz/ is just cryto and stock autism, and none of them have brains either. So no.

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>none of them have brains either
I bet you think bitcoin is a ponzi scheme.

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A professor used $185K in research grants on strip clubs, iTunes and more, officials say
>Chikaodinaka D. Nwankpa
A former Drexel University professor allegedly spent research money on adult entertainment venues instead of approved studies, according to the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office.
Chikaodinaka D. Nwankpa, 57, was arrested Monday and charged with theft by unlawful taking and theft by deception for stealing $185,000 in research grants, according to state prosecutors. It was unclear which subjects the grants were supposed to cover.
The former chair of the Drexel University Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering spent more than $96,000 on area strip clubs and sports bars, in addition to $89,000 on food and iTunes purchases, the district attorney’s office said in a statement.
A university audit showed the longtime professor, who spent nearly three decades at the school, made numerous, unapproved purchases between 2010 and 2017 that he tried to be reimbursed for through research grants, according to state prosecutors.
Nwankpa did not respond to requests for comment.
The professor tried to hide his midnight and early-morning strip club visits as catering and food expenses, according to the district attorney’s office. The numbers showed that nearly 50 percent of his 114 separate transactions were made on weekends, and 63 percent of those charges were processed between midnight and 2 a.m., state prosecutors said.
Larry Krasner, the city’s district attorney, said Nwankpa betrayed the university and its students.
“After a comprehensive investigation by our office’s Economic Crimes Unit, Mr. Nwankpa will have his day in court and will have to answer for his crimes,” Krasner said in a statement Tuesday.

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His preliminary hearing is scheduled for Jan. 29.
If convicted on both charges, Nwankpa could face up to 14 years in prison and pay up to $30,000 in fines.

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I'm an ECE student at Drexel. Never met the guy but it seemed weird when they announced a new department head in the middle of a term

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How can one man be so based?

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How many blowjobs from hookers for the guy in OP pic do you think you inadvertently paid for?

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>financial fraud
nothing surprising here

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Time stamp digital files and gain the ability to verify proof of existence and ownership at a later date

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Hello /sci/
I've been working on creating a new metaphysical numeral system.
I call them "Reactive Element Neo-Numerals",
or "REN-Numerals" for short.
They do not have set values in the way that Hindu-Arabic numerals do. Rather, they aim to highlight states, phases and relationships.

There are a few related concepts I've been working on (mostly alternative base numerals). This is the hypothetical "tip of the iceberg".

If you find any errors, please let me know. I'll try my best to correct them, and answer questions. I may pop in and out of the discussion sporadically though. I work on these when I have the time, but it is certainly not my job.
My background is in the arts rather than STEM, and this project "stemmed" from my attempt to change that. I can show you the concepts, but writing out equations in base-10 isn't my thing.
If anyone else wants to play around and contribute equations, feel free. I hope these will eventually be developed collaboratively.
Also, if there are any pre-existing related theories you think I should study more, I'm always looking for new material to read.
I hope to help unify mathematics with a more metaphysical system.
Languages change how we perceive the world, and numbers work in a similar way. They've "upgraded" my perception in a very tangible way, which is what has pushed me to share them.

Most of this has been done on paper so I will be making graphics to share information as it is requested, or becomes more relevant.

Thank you
K@ - 1/4

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K@ - 2/4

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K@ - 3/4

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K@ - 4/4

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Not to mention the thousands of ramanujan posters and cope posters.
Is there some genetic component to their inferiority complex?

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That guy is a Muslim. So he's probably Pakistani

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>pajeets and chinks need years to study for and ace boring-ass tests as proof of how intelligent they are
>get outdone by white dudes in garages building the future on pure creativity and innate advanced reasoning abilities

I worked with an Indian dude with a master's degree in CS who apparently graduated from one of the top universities in India on a company project and no shit, he was one of the dumbest motherfuckers I've ever had the misfortune to meet. Even our Turkish diversity hire with a basic bitch bachelor's degree in IT was able to grasp advanced concepts and get up to date with our software in a matter of a week.

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Indian American average IQ is 115 and Indians are the highest earning ethnic group in both Singapore and america

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Meh. He's kind of like Erdos. Good collaborator, broad expertise, prolific output, all amounting to a series of footnotes in the history of mathematics.

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ok pajeet

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>men killed other men just to have sex

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there is no ultimate purpose of the human species

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Prove it, bitch.
>no u!

We don't know at our scale. The best we could do is deploy a massive sensor network, collate, and correlate all the data with an AI. Nonetheless you likely couldn't tell if there was a reason for our nature and all we do over a single human lifespan.

But let's be real, you haven't thought that far or to any real depth on "purpose" and what purpose even is. You're just another traumatized reactionary groupie who is pissed off about some nebulous concept of "God", probably based around Bliblical omni x4 guy and that's it. Yep, good going kiddo, you cracked it. Checkmate, religion, my religion of Atheism just btfo'd you 0wn3d.

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>But let's be real, you haven't thought that far or to any real depth on "purpose" and what purpose even is.

A purpose is a function, behavior, or role intended for something by its creator or operator. Humans have no purpose, because we evolved. A doorknob has a purpose. Grow up.

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>because we evolved.
Why. Take that assumption, and based on this assertion, ask yourself, why.

Every answer you come up with, ask why again. And again. And again. Until you reach something irreducible, or circular.

Look at your own body. Does the mesenchymal cell, in embryonic development, "choose", does it have a random fate? No. It is created, among other thing,s to be trafficked to the skeletal matrix and incorporated therein. It can think and see whatever it wants along the way, so long as it exists within the broader system of the body, this is its purpose from its birth.
And so too it is for man, and complex systems at every level of organization.
Purpose is unavoidable.

You are a religious zealot and a fool. Stated bluntly for your benefit.

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Because of the selection pressures that a lineage of apes were exposed to.

> Every answer you come up with, ask why again. And again. And again. Until you reach something irreducible, or circular.

Doesn’t get us to a “purpose”.

> Does the mesenchymal cell, in embryonic development, "choose", does it have a random fate? No. It is created, among other thing,s to be trafficked to the skeletal matrix and incorporated therein. It can think and see whatever it wants along the way, so long as it exists within the broader system of the body, this is its purpose from its birth.

Wrong. There is no teleology in biology. Something doing something does not mean that’s it’s purpose.

> Purpose is unavoidable.

Purpose is nonexistent except for things created with a specific behavior, role, or function intended for them by their creator. Evolution has no intent, so no cell, anatomical feature, behavior, gene, or organism has a purpose. Simple as that.

You are a religious zealot and a fool. Stated bluntly for your benefit.


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>predicts antimatter before could be proven

Does their exist a flowchart of science discoveries, one scientist building on another through time? That would be pretty cool.

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So this one guy I help out is a computer science guy with 20 years building web apps.

I try my best to listen to him on certain subjects to maybe gain some knowledge, but I feel some of what he believes is distorted due to his ego.

A few of his claims:

1)AI is a myth. (I feel he means AGI, but he keeps calling it AI)

2)Services don't scale

3)Capitalism is good, but transactional trade is bad.

Am I nuts for helping him out for no pay? I mean, he said he'd teach me 'his' language for web apps. But, I feel like it would be difficult as I'd need his support when I run into any issues as he wrote no documentation on it.

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why most animal species the male is the colored one while the female is rather brown and shit while in humans we tend to prefer colored (hair, eyes) females while such traits look like shit on males?

Compare most anime girls which are colored as fuck vs most anime males which are most of the time black, brown, white or yellow hair, which are more realistic than blue, green, pink, hair if female characters.

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maximum IQ of people who use a system that includes the axiom of choice?

i estimate it at 105. maybe 110.

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>muh axioms are the best
>all other axioms are not as good
>because MUH choice of arbitrary stuff is superior to other arbitrary choices that also yield all the important results

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Redpill me on transhumanism

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she peaked when she was just a trumblr tranny

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why does she always wear the same fucking wig? Why not a different wig?

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just like real women

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It will be worse than these utopian visions of Perfect technological society.

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Thomas Szasz was a Hungarian-American psychiatrist, who wrote a famous book, "The Myth of Mental Illness".

He thought mental illnesses are not really illnesses - instead they are simply "problems in living", i.e. emotional problems, caused by the emotional stresses of modern society, with all its complexity and competition. In his words, there are "neither biological or chemical tests nor biopsy or necropsy findings for verifying DSM diagnoses" (the DSM is the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders, which is the de facto standard for mental illness definitions used by American psychiatrists).

He didn't think psychiatry was useless though - he was a psychiatrist himself, and he strongly believed in psychotherapy between a consenting patient and doctor. But he strongly criticised involuntarily and coercive psychiatry, believing that it violated the rights of patients.

I agree with him a lot. The only condition I'm familiar with where I think you could say it might be a genuine illness is schizophrenia, because your risk of schizophrenia is thought to be 80% genetic, implying that physical genes are somehow causing the condition. The mechanism is of course not yet understood. As for something like depression, that's thought to only be 40% genetic, implying that 60% of your risk is outside your genetics - things like upbringing, and your life conditions. So in that case it definitely seems to me that depression is just a "problem in living". Some genes just probably make your life shitter, e.g. make you uglier or something, which in turn makes you depressed.

What do you think, /sci/?


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adoptive twins? how do genetically identical twins compare to non identical (or whatever the exact name for that is)

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Lurkerpsych here. Why do you speak about what you ignore?

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> Hungarian-American
Szasz was born to Jewish parents Gyula and Lily Szász on April 15, 1920

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>As for "retardation", that's not a thing

have you looked in the mirror lately

j/k i agree psychiatry is a joke, good for keeping low functioning people from destabilizing the system tho. they are an extension of state authority

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the guy you replied to here. i don’t think i ignored anything. i just tried to distinguish some meme stuff from real stuff. what do you feel i ignored?

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Dear C/C++ Chads,

I need your help with a little problem I'm having in my research project because I'm retarded and know little about how to talk to computers.

Hey guys, I'm making a temperature-regulated water tank. There's a heater and a temperature probe, and long story short, the code is written so that if the temperature gets over 37 degrees, the heater turns off, but remains on otherwise to regulate it.

Here's my problem:

The temperature probe will sometimes report a temperature of -127 C. I'm not sure what error this stands for but we believe it's linked to power fluctuations or just errors made in communication along the way. We do not want to display this error at all.

My idea is to code the Arduino to go as follows:

>Request temperature
>If temperature = -127, Request temperature again.
>If temperature > 37, turn heater off
>Else, turn heater on

Running the code like this, it still displayed the occasional error. I'm wanting to communicate that if the temperature is -127, it does NOT report that and does not continue until it gets a non-"-127" temperature. Do not pass GO sort of deal.

What could I implement in the code to bar the code from proceeding until it gets an appropriate temperature?

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Brilliant help. I'll be sure to do that, too. Thank you, King

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Assuming its an 8 bit signal, -127 means all 8 of the measurement bits are 1. If he went unsigned he'd just get +255 degrees.

OP you could take a running average on the past N-second window and not count the erroneous readings towards the result.

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> The character "{" appears 32 times
> The character "}" appears 28 times

That's what you get for using tarduino.

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I think that's what I get for being a retard. This is embarrassing.

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not gonna lie, code's pretty gross but if it works it works, i've submitted half baked piles of garbage before and I've gotten A's

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ITT pick your /sci/ father

i'll start. i claim Witten, he's mine, no sharing

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yeah he seems legit at math. i like John Nash even though he was a total schizo. i also like Chick Corea's piano playing even though he is a big scientologist. some people's faults just need to be ignored when their contributions are good, so sure.

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Interestingly, he is not the only one who claims that there is something wrong with our calendar:

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>inb4 Velikovsky

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First to claim Feynman.

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Does anyone here know how good the Electrical Engineering program is at Uconn?

>> No.11309740

good enough to put you tens/hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt and suck you dry of any passion you thought you might have for the field

>> No.11309757

It's actually a university that's well know for giving you a good education and connections while being cheap. I have high scores but most private universities are extremely expensive, and while I have a chance at getting into the Ivy's (thank god most Ivy's grant really generous financial aid) I want to be careful and have a back up plan.

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The "prestige" of a university doesn't really matter for STEM in my opinion.

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What did he mean by this? Was it nofap or simply abstaining from women?

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Everyone dies alone, simpleton.
And I can get pussy anytime I want, but I don't because I'm busy playing APEX Legends.
>Uncle sam needs those bodies to stop bullets!
get pozzed fed

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>Everyone dies alone, simpleton.

No, they don’t. Lots of people die with friends and family. You’re coping with your inevitable death alone with no descendants.

> And I can get pussy anytime I want, but I don't because I'm busy playing APEX Legends.

You’re making me wonder if the /pol/ basedboy memes have some basis in reality.

“I may be a pitiful depressed genetic dead end weeb that plays video games all day but haha i can totes have sex if I wanted”

>> No.11310068

So because he doesn't want to waste his time on women, who will inevitably either become pathetic nagging wives or divorce him, and spend 20 years of his life raising ungrateful kids (or making alimony payments), means he's an incel.
Nope. Here's your reminder, women are a fucking waste of time. So is cooming, sitting on 4chan, or wasting time socializing with humans. Newton was the peak of humanity and did none of those things.

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>Newton was the peak of humanity

I couldn't have said it better myself.

>> No.11310086

The truth is simple. Any chimp can have sex and make offspring and everyone is burdened with these base, instinctual desires. It takes a higher form of raw, human, intellectual power to abstain from sex or its pursuit. This was seen as admirable during Newton's time, now, it's all about muh dick

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Im back, here is a nice lil riddle

2, ?
4, 4, 1
?, 12, ?, ?
?, ?, ?, ?, 1


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You can also solve
?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?

?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?
And so on if you want to

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2, 2
4, 4, 1
8, 12, 4, 1
20, 48, 2, 2, 1

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