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Any good book to re-learn math/physics from highschool onwards? my goal is to get to the level of a college graduated on math or something but i need to start from basics

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You’re not going to come even close to accomplishing that.

Check the wiki.

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most likely, but i still want to try

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Will there be a technological singularity in our lifetime, /sci/?

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There will be a catastrophic economic slowdown in our lifetimes due to tech stock speculation.

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What do you mean lifetime? Are you accounting for the life-extension revolution anon?

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So I'm still deciding whether to study medicine or, what I'm more inclined towards, CS. Why do people trash it? In my country it's free (taxes pay for our public education) and seems to be quite robust for not having a huge educational industry backing it like in the US,.

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>engineer in software
Ah... guess what, compared curriculums and it's software engineer, don't know how I didn't think of that before.

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That’s what most CStards are going to do, its just called software engineering, they’re even dumber than CSniggers and often only spend two years at university.

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Ah, here software engineering is 5 years and makes emphasis on math.

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But what should I pursue if I wanna grasp something deeper than CS or american software engineering related to software development?

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computer engineering and then do low level embedded stuff

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university is so boring

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Why are niggers so retarded?

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no admixture from other hominids

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>This window will close in 3 seconds...

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>>This window will close in 3 seconds...

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>announcing a report or sage

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I'm very curious about this, so hear me out. A new species pack for Stellaris gives access to "lithoids", which appear to be rock aliens. I was wondering how plausible this is. I know that some have proposed that silicon-based lifeforms are plausible but would they really look like rocks? What kind of lifeforms could be based on silicon instead of carbon?

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>apply to data science job
>they send a programming challenge
>then do a phone interview
>then they send a dataset challenge
>then a technical interview
>HR/cultural fit interview

Might as well just wait tables, I'd get paid more per hour.

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>want one of the best modern jobs in the best modern economy in the most prosperous time in human history
>bitch about a company trying to vet you properly


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>get interview for a data science role
>show up an hour and a half late
>they ask me some softball questions about what I like to work on in my spare time
>get the job
>hold a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering

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All of the math and cs stuff I have learned was through youtube videos, reading the book and stack overflow. All my professors either get pissed at me for asking them questions during office hours or just flat out suck at explaining and even sometimes understanding the concepts they are hired to teach. Is this normal for booger education?

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Do you unironically actually have good professors or something cuz I could only count on one hand how many professors I had that were actually decent in teaching the material

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Yeah, i learn stuff all the time, even from the ones that can barely speak English. I even go to a state school lmao

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You’re paying to be disrespected by an enormous powerful institution enabled by both the state and legions of upper middle class striver morons.

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The trick is to ask questions. People learn differently. Some learn by being explained what to do others learn by being explained what not to do. With room for error ofcourse. Most people learn by excitatory reflexes as you get older they get more attuned or tuned out.

One of my professors whom quit his career to teach always said he had a very smart friend whom went crazy from knowing too much. Ultimately you must create vacant spot for learning. Or else you’ll see yourself playing with acetylcholinase in forcing your brain cells. We first learn through vibration, sound, visual. Then we are told where to put these little symbols and maneuver an idea around. However when we go into a tabula rasa state (all you have learned via memory or repitition is forgotten) we realize we are indulging in our egos. There is nothing there but a ball of mass vibrating sensations. Working upto a headache.

The idea is there are no dumb questions. We can all learn from what not to do as most questions usually involve application. It’s presumptuous for a professor to get mad because they wouldn’t be applying the basic fundamentals of learning. Some people need sensationalization its serves its purpose in better memory preservation. But some are just numb from the repetitive cycles unless they keep their life in margin with new discoveries (incl history) applications and even applicative formats (styles). Means they are dedicated to what they do inside and outside the classroom. What I realize looking at Asian math that they don’t treat their numbers as definite but indefinite. Perhaps there is a psychology behind it.

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It Latin America they teach numbers with Roman numeral applications. Another theory. They don’t really teach fundamentals in US education or theory. Just application for work. And lots of neglected presumptions. I guess it’s all introduction. You won’t need to apply it fully until your job entitles it. However then you realize you are familiar with some of the stuff. And good to know you at least know the basics. You won’t remember four full years of school completely. It’s not expected.

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2 is 3 times the value of three.

if you had twice the amount of money in the bank right now, you would have well over three times the amount of fortune.

you would have all your bills payed, with pocket money left over, and likely 10 times the amount of money in your account.

so in this case

1 x 2 = 55

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another bump for science and percieved observed values

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This is a slow board, you don't have to bump it every minutes, everyone will be able to see your shipost don't worry

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Email sent to test riders is the picture.

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ayylon on suiwatch

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Everything depends on scale. Artificial meat vs plant-based meat is a good example. Doesn't matter if your SV startup can make some lab meat when the competition is pumping their product through every fast food joint in the world.

Waymo is slow to scale.

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How do I catch up quickly if I fell behind?

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thank you

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You don't

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I think you could get better answers if you specify where did you fell behind and which level do you want to catch up to.

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sabotage everyone else

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>not deriving everything from first principles during the test

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What are the future implications of this?

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It's funny, the forehead is literally the home of the prefrontal cortex (the third eye), and exactly where one would put an enhancement chip if one had the capacity to.

Oh the irony. However, there are other alternatives, like putting one in the spinal cortex like in that series altered carbon. Then what? No more prophecy.

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You can't steal it from a distance if it uses public key crypto to prevent replay attacks
> implying it will
Who am I kidding..?

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>t. doesnt know the first thing about cryptography

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It is the same shit as cards which security lasted like 3 months before being released.

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How do these crazy infections happen where people have to have their limbs amputated ?

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Multiresistant bacterial strains, impaired immune systems, mentally ill people and drug addicts that do not seek help until it's too late.

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What SAT score do I need to know if I'm smart enough to go into stem?

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If you got into your school's minimum grade for STEM you'll be fine
If you want to be smart in STEM subjects in general you're no fucking good until you finish a STEM course and contribute anything meaningful to Science for future (You)s to ask the same fucking question in an Anonymous Mongolian basketweaving forum

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>worst sat score was in stem
>go into stem field anyway
>will have degree by next spring

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Scientists believe we are living in a simulation.
David Icke knew this long before they did

Now the proof? I believe it was already discovered years ago. Around 1676, Danish astronomer Ole Roemer became the first person to prove that light travels at a finite speed. Its exact value is 299792458 metres per second. I say that this limitation is the proof of a simulations maximum FPS.

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>david icke
Nice try reptillian

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>Scientists believe we are living in a simulation.
no, most scientists don’t
>David Icke
stopped reading there. >>>/x/

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Anon. If you only knew.

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Whats the BEST way to git gud at math?

was a neet but now enrolled at Uni because it barely costs anything in my based yuro country and I dont wanna get BTFOd in math

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>3 hours go by
>still stuck on question 1
Make sure you have solutions. The only way to get better is to memorize them. Even if you solve a problem yourself, your method will be clumsy as fuck and it is good to have solutions

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What kind of problems are you trying to solve?

>> No.11078069

Thx, how Long would a mathlet need to finish the first two ones?

Also is there a meme Graph with German books?
Oh and are there any good online courses/YouTube playlists/udemy courses (besides Khan Academy)?

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Look for whatever you can get over at your university's library and pick what you understand the best.
If you've not touched any Math problems in years, you might want to go hard on studying middle school/high school-level Algebra and Geometry before touching any Calculus books.

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>a mathlet
The average mathlet?
>the first two
High School and Freshman?

Around four years, since that's most of the material in your average maths bachelors.

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Anime edition.

Previously on /sfg/:

Useful links:

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>If you take the government cuckpill, you die waiting for NASA to even build a single ship, let alone a fleet of them*
Fixed that for you.

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What do you guys think of this?

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Ah interesting, so the ablative layer is what actually forms your combustion chamber and de-laval nozzle? It should work assuming you can quite accurately predict ablation and lay down your ablative walls accordingly, if any ablation is uneven the burning propellant will presumably exacerbate uneven burning creating unequal flow over it's surface as the shape of chamber, throat and bell become distorted.

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>Ah interesting, so the ablative layer is what actually forms your combustion chamber and de-laval nozzle?
Thank you, and yes. The idea being that the ablator can be easily made on a lathe and easily integrated into the rest of the engine. Whereas the more typical design for an ablatively cooled engine would have made the ablator from a composite wrap around a mandrel which is then integrated (or even just wrapped on the engine itself) and all of the headaches from having to attach composites to metal.

>It should work assuming you can quite accurately predict ablation and lay down your ablative walls accordingly, if any ablation is uneven the burning propellant will presumably exacerbate uneven burning creating unequal flow over it's surface as the shape of chamber, throat and bell become distorted.
That is an issue, but I believe that this design can be made robust enough. Also, most of the understanding on how ablators behave require extensive testing which this design is suited for with how easy it is to replace the ablator. The design probably isn't really suited for a rocket, but could work as a test stand article to train on and study liquid propellant engines.

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Taking 2-FMA and want to mitigate the neurotoxic effect of the inevitable fluoride breakdown.

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lemme git gud

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Don't you just pee it out without it breaking down ?

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privately i am completely economically liberal and socially libertarian (e.g. free college and healthcare would be good if we could siphon the money off from the .01% and if you want to have sex with whoever, go ahead, that's your business) but as a science person i tend to keep my political opinions to myself in public contexts, like my online presence and public presentations (and even one-on-one i tend to try and feel out the other person before revealing my political leanings).

however, some scientists just go all-out with political statements. i find that inappropriate for the basic reason that if you want to be trusted scientifically, you shouldn't push opinions. of a scientist does that, people whose opinions disagree with that scientist will tend to think the scientist is untrustworthy in general and might distrust even their legitimate scientific results. in other words you dilute the power of your stances on factual science by mixing what you stand for with political opinions.

shit like pic related is just not good for science, as far as i can tell. people like that should just stfu and go back to the lab and do real work instead of meaningless crap like posing for lame political photo ops

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>search it
>only reference is another /sci/ thread
Wot m8, is this a new schizo meme I dont know about?

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that can’t be blue board safe, delet before ban

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It should be context dependent. Scientists have to present a position on issues of health, climate change etc, that requires expert opinion. Even based in fact, they need to present opinion
In the more causal, it's fine to slip a joke in about congress or the token celeb face for either party during a talk or whatever, so long as it's not detracting from the science they are they to convey. The detraction I assign to the presenter, most people aren't going to fixate on one joke about their topic of triggering, and those that do are ignoring the science, so the presenter has to present appropriately.
OP pic is fine, because there is no good scientific justification for patriarchal societies. It's fine then for the scientists to commune it is not a scientifically defensible thing. People that reject the science because it hurts their feelings

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Science in a free economy is already hierarchical when grounded by a high ceiling of mathematical encryption. It already has its own system.

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No. Science itself is apolitical. People can do whatever they want in free time.

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What happens after a human receives a lobotomy?

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Anon, I...

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I can't agree with this. I would unironically rather be on the street than not have my fucking mind.

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The same thing that happens after every injury. It desperately tries to recover.

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Psychiatrist gets paid

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