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mathlet here, there's a matter I'm curious about. consider the interval [0, 1]. there are infinite fractional numbers within this interval. does that mean there's one fractional number in it for every number within the [-∞, +∞] interval? in other words, can one infinity "beat" another infinity?

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For sleep of course, but this stuff makes me feel like I have been lifted up into Heaven thinking life is amazing.

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Are you talking about 5HTP that has become a meme on 4chan for the past few months? Then you're placeboing yourself because 5HTP doesn't have that effect

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I didn't know serotonin supplements go pass the BBB or could even be supplemented - the body is the sole source.

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I feel as if I'm not eating enough. What effect does it have on the brain?

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Probably dizziness, fatigue, unable to concentrate, unhappiness.

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Any idea why were seeing >2mSv/h in the middle of nowhere in australia right now? Thats definitely above the usual background...

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CIA agents getting run over by Terry Davis

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/pol/ is already celebrating like its the end but what are some actual explanations besides ayys and north koreans with very small nukes?

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Wait I always thought glowniggers were just phosphorescent not radioactive... Did king terry lie and its not the cia thats glowing but merely the air around them?

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Hypothetical situation for you /sci/

You can increase your intelligence by altering your brains structure. Lets call it eva.

You can achieve an increased level of eva by attacking and killing people for their resources but doing so carries high risk of dying. Just to emphasize this the risk is high of dying in conflict.

Alternatively you can cooperate together with people and accept a similar level of eva to everyone else and it has no risk.

What would you do?

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>You can achieve an increased level of eva by attacking and killing people for their resources

The amount of bulli I would inflict on Cirno would cause the polar ice-caps to melt.

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If attacking people carries risk I would definitely avoid it and go for the cooperative situation.

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It's possible to substitute the abstract nature of a society of thinkers with the concrete nature of a society of actual agents. This would require an interpretive philosophy, not an ideology. The concrete content of an ideology is found in the eyes of its enemies, or, according to a different reading, in its distorted reproduction of reality. A logical universe of such a society of thinkers would, in contrast to the real world of particulars, be really of no interest. The "real" character of an ideology is therefore only apparent, and it is possible to reduce it to a rational science by substituting an abstract and vaguer subject, the thinker, with the objective social social actors. In the end this philosophical difference between the "real" and the "imaginary" is nothing but the difference between a master-signifier and a slave-signifier. If the master-signifier, "the real," is, for me, the list of the objects of my thinking, then the slave-signifier, "the imaginary," is nothing but the subject whose manifestations are understood by the master-signifier. In the mean time the mass are divided in opinions, of which opinion alone can make the general idea. The ideas of philosophers being, in respect to the sentiments of the multitude, the same all over the world, it follows that in every country the masses are always enslaved by philosophy.

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When we say that the real is not (or is not real in the same sense) but actually (a term which the context implies we are using of the term real) some of the difference lies in the fact that "potential" becomes "actual" only when it is actualized; that is, once the moving object touches something (a potential content, a series of potential variables) the "potential" must now be actualized (which is then transformed by the "moving object"), i.e., it is "actualized." But in so doing the "moving object" transforms itself into an abstract object; not an object as such, but an abstract object (a monad) which is the content of "ideal" relations. The examples are frequently instructive. But the situation of the present times is such that they are hourly about to change. The conjuncture is favourable to the education of the popular mind. The number of its members grows daily; and in proportion as it increases, the voice which is really their own is united in stronger opposition to that of the philosophers; until, at length, they even unite in pronouncing their vigorous denunciation of philosophy. This is the period, which, if I am not mistaken, is to intervene between the constitution of a hereditary aristocracy, and the rise of an aristocracy with limited privileges, and at the same time confined to a very limited and special sphere of action. A new power has arrived at the door of the world, and, in consequence, will soon leave it. We are talking about what is, after all, only potential in the sense that it has the sense of existing only in a general way, and that, to form any definite idea, it must be brought within our present knowledge, in so far as it concerns conditions no longer existing.

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Why would we saturate ourselves with this much semantic? Either they submit to the language and silent intent presented by the moment or they are objects/subjects that are safe to exclude.

>I seek the true 12 divine female aspects of the daughters of time.

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Is it possible that the wave function in quantum mechanics, does not describe probability, but rather its positions of the past and future? That could explain collapse as well.

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There isn't a reason to interpret it as positions of the past and future, and interpreting as the probability does work.

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bish it aint work worth shit

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Are quantum physics really random? Or we just don’t have enough information and knowledge about that field?
I always thought everything is logical and science basically proved determinism.

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Really random, see the Bell experiment. It is perfectly deterministic up to the point when you want to measure something.

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The math is there and checks out, it's just hard to prove with emprical evidence because of >>11165594 but we can argue in favor of quantum mechanics by reasoning/math

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We don't know. Using statistical models is the best we got.

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Premature ejaculation possible cures, trainings.
Are there any way to last longer? For last two years I can cum in 10 seconds of jerking fully erect dick.

Now I am in no nut november, 22th day of no cumming, I feel that I am not as horny as I was before. Could nonut cause any effect on lowering testoterone or another hormones? Is no nut safe for health? I have heard about prostate cancer risk

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I did nofap february, my junk got more swollen and manly feeling for about a week and then that started going away, and by the end of the second week it felt withered and forgotten so I rubbed one out and went back on fapping like normal. I just did some test kegels and my prostate feels robust and healthy.

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Try a chastity cage

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tell your doctor you want to kill yourself and then they will give you zoloft and it will do its thing

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Have you considered taking estrogen.
You might be a girl

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Dont feminise yourself anon, these fags here are trying to get femboy pics. Instead consider going to a doctor and seeing what they have to offer. At your current state you are a bit fucked but it may not be permanant

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Is there a scientific reason why goats are the GOAT animal? Can we scientifically study language to determine why goats are called "goats"?

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What are some good books on cosmology?
Is "just six numbers" good?

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A couple of Wikipedia articles will be enough.

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I thought /sci/ read books

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Help an anon

1. Catherine is jumping along a row of tiles. Starting from the first, with jumps of 3 tiles at a time (ie, jump on the 4th, 7th, 10th, and so on), it arrives on the last one; turns back and, with jumps of 4 tiles at a time, returns to the first; turn again and, with jumps of 5 tiles, get back to the last tile; he turns back and, with 6 tile jumps back to the first one again. Which of the following could be the number of tiles in the row? (A) 391 (B) 271 (C) 301 (D) 270 (E) 360

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newfags can't [math] \mathrm{ \LaTeX } [/math]

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\boxed{ ~\\\ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\mathbb{WARNING} \\\ ~ \\\ ~~~~~~~\mathfrak{This \ \ \ meme \ \ \ contains \ \ \ content \\\ ~~~~~~~~~~that \ \ \ may \ \ \ trigger \ \ \ autists. \\\ ~ \\\ } ~~~~\mathcal{MATURE \ \ AUDIENCES \ \ ONLY ~~~~~ \\\ } }[/math]

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yes we can $$\LaTeX$$

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imagine this being you
my condolences dude

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eurotrash doxxed

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Imagine listening to an EE that earned his masters in Iran and doesn't understand how tesla coils work, trying to convince you Kirchhoff loop always holds when an MIT professor in physics gives a demonstration that path of measurement matters.
Iranian douchebag misquotes Feynman to justify his insanity.

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Imagine creating fake drama like the autistic pig you are.

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Does /sci/ think literature is bad or all literature is bad? Or most?

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what kind of question is this? oh wait i know...

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I don't have a strong opinion on literature because, as a /sci/ poster, I am borderline illiterate

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>not being a proper renaissance man and indulging in both the sciences and the arts
Anon, I...

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What the fuck kind of a thread is this? Are you just trying to get a token anonymous autist to say "yes" so that you can say to your friends "yeah, fuck those science elitists, I know for a fact they hate culture and the humanities because "this one? guy" told me..."?
Go fuck yourself and fuck this retarded thread.

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What chemicals make you a better conversationalist?

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>hey babe wanna talk about nuclear energy and how renewables are a scam

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>another underage thot post

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Unironically cocaine.

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>This study was funded by the Indonesian Ministry of Women's Empowerment and Child Protection (government-sponsored).


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What can I do with my ethics degree? I didn't specialize in BioMed ethics bc it was too hard. So I just have a based ethics/philosophy degree

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get a job as a resident homeless pedophile

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>my ethics degree
ur wat

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Does anyone listen to you actively or do you always have to convince them of the value of ethics?

Are you just an ethics salesman?

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found out I can be the spear head of a PA approval board for insurance companies basing it off of ethics and logic.

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So you get to be a punishable advisory cog in a corporate decision chain?

>How ethical

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What does /sci/ think of Gottlob Frege and analytical philosophers

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Carl Jung is the only one that matters

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Sounds gay.

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neither scientists nor mathematicians

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So who's the best scientist or mathematician that tackles philosophy without hinging on it.

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He expanded Aristotle's logic, good guy.

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Has anyone else started jerking off as a dopamine reward for studying?

I've been doing it this semester and have started getting random hard-ons in the middle of problem sets and exams, but I find that my motivation to study and work on assignments is a lot higher.

Everyone on 4chan tells me this will just make you "coombrained" but I'm a 3rd year math undergrad and my grades have quite literally never been better.

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I have a problem where my left testicle shrinks back into my body sometimes - I think it's called "testicular atrophy". I have suspicions for why this might be the case, but please weigh in on what I should do.

Here are my theories:
low test - I have had bloods tested before and I have very low testosterone - 254 ng/dL. This was just barely in the normal range, and an endocrinologist basically told me to fuck off because I am only 24 and he only gives test to people 50+.
high estrogen - I have had oestrogen tested before, and I am not high, I am clinically low (below the normal range). I do however have a lot of composite teeth fillings - these contain BPA, and I've heard before that BPA can act on the same receptors estrogen acts on. Maybe this is the equivalent of being "high estrogen"?

Tell me if I'm worrying about nothing, maybe this is all normal.

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It happens OP. Your balls just aren't as dangly as others.
Eventually you'll be old with grandpa balls that hangs to your knees and you have to make sure you don't sit on.

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I had that too for a while, but lefty came back out instantly after cumming. Went like that for a month or so and then never came back.
Did you shave your balls? Sometimes when there's stubble they are really sensitive.

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You bet take HRT.
Having a lack of test or est will break your bones

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>what I should do.
grow a mustache, put on some shiny boots and start goosestepping in the streets

>> No.11165434

bust a nut. My balls always sag after busting a fat one.
I prefer wearing a mask and cumming on people on the bus. I have been practicing my speed to do it on the beach.

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