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So based on public info steps are as follows.

1: climb a high mountain and get some clay from a creek

2: mix the clay with grecian oil and heat it hotter then the "seventh circle of hell".

3: use the concoction to create a dye for the carpet.

Sooo we can infer that rare earth clay high in the mountains being diamagnetic is mixed with olive oil then heated until it creates a even more diamagnetic material with the carbonized contents of the olive oil. The mixture is then probably processed in some manner to separate the highly diamagnetic materials before infusing it with the carpet using a dye.

And ya in before go back to /X/, we should be well aware by now in the elite circles that vimanas were real and the ancients had nukes based on past archeology. I think we can safely chalk the downfall of diamagnetic infused flying carpet to "big stallion" and "big camel" plus Islam bigots who think man was not ment to fly taking over.

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>1: climb a high mountain and get some clay from a creek
Materials literally "from the sky," i.e. not of this world.
>2: mix the clay with grecian oil and heat it hotter then the "seventh circle of hell".
A process involving "gray goo" (nanomachines) and either in itself exothermic, or endothermic requiring an energy source such as lasers
>3: use the concoction to create a dye for the carpet.
Might literally be a nanogenic material that can cause antigravity or "sail-like" effects when spread on a cloth, but more likely this "carpet" was already a flying machine, and the concoction was merely fuel.

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slight kek

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holy based

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They cannot interpret equations involving Y.

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Women have simpler minds, so it's easier for them to realize how pointless things like math really are. Sometimes, as males, our higher intelligence causes us to hyperfocus upon meaningless things that don't really matter.

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For the same reason they fail at morality. Morality and logic are deeply intertwined and understanding them is not possible for a shallow psychopath.

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What would happen if Ceres collided with our moon?

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it would be very painful

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you're a big planet

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It would shatter the crust of the moon and the heat would melt the lithosphere and flood the moon with lava. Earth may get with with large chunks of rocks from the shattered dwarf planet and debris blasted off from the moon. If Ceres hits the side of the moon facing the earth then the flash of light could incinerate everything it hits and cause a mass extinction.

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Why is it that, when I sit on my bed while a hand (palm) is in front of my face and eyes, while being able to close one eye,
seeing the hand one way, with the other one (eye) being open, ditto, for a different direction with the opposite eye [referring to the hand's location from both angles],
but, as I stare at an object strapped on the ceiling I.E. a clock (with both eyes open might I add, for this 'experiment'), I not only see ‘two’ hands; one that’s solid and one
that’s transparent - overlapping, but, slowly, as I turn my ‘attention’ or focus towards the ‘object’ on the ceiling,
‘both hands’ [so, both angles - or the illusion of there being two hands] begin overlapping one another, becoming one, while also doing two things; those being, either I see a
single transparent hand and the clock through it, or my hand only, overlapping the clock [being ''solid'']?
Why does any of this happen?

The picture related isn’t the exact placement, but an ‘interpretation’, as, in reality, the finger tip/ ‘s would actually lay beneath the clock.

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Also, which location/ placement is the true location/ placement of the hand?
Which angle is the true angle?
Why do they exist at the same time in so many locations from my point of view?

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Is my hand 'Schrödinger's cat' or, 'Schrödinger's hand'?

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Is getting a physics degree a bad idea?

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physics is really safe in that regard.

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I hope so, because a lot of people poke fun of math/physics majors working something completely unrelated to their degree.

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It depends how tightly you define related to your degree. You could argue that any programming job is related because you learned math and analytical techniques and also probably python as a physics/math major.

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better go electrical engineering and computer science to be safe

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It's probably a bad idea if you write your masters on theoretical particle physics or something equally esoteric given that the chances of landing a landing a job in research is really small.
If you're not retarded and make sure to pick up a handful of programming languages, (((ML))) and get into some useful condensed matter field then it's a pretty good idea.

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I have this problem, my head is in the clouds, I don't concentrate in the present moment. I don't remember things that I thought or that I did.

I tried meditation, but I can't be constant, so it's useless.

I have no problems getting good grades at University, but this problem remains.

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What's your sleep like?
What's your diet like?
What's your physical activity like?
What medications/drugs have you taken in the past?

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I already do good sleep though.
Yeah, I should reduce the time in front of a fucking screen. What you mean for exercise?

It's not ADHD, as I wrote, I don't have any problem getting good grades at University.

My sleep is good.
My diet should be normal, sometimes I eat junk food but not so often.
My physical activity is null. But I'm not fat.
I haven't taken any particulary drugs/medications in past.

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Mild aerobic exercise is good for your brain. Even walking continuously for 30 minutes to an hour a few times a week can make a difference in how you feel.

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I don't know if this is relevant, but I walk quiet often when I'm at home, I walk around the house randomly, I think it's something that happens in automatic to alleviate stress.
Does it help?

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I know exactly what you mean. But the real benefit comes from uninterrupted walking for at least 30 minutes. Being outside is a plus.

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It is sad most parents ignore the fact schools are factories designed to produce brainwashed slaves who serve the government. Let's petition to stop this. Better do it now than never.

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Liberal brainwashing is not the only type of brainwashing.

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Luckily I don't listen to my brainlet physics teacher so I'm still passionate about math & science.

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Most importantly steer clear from intersectionality and social constructivism.

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So...I just ignore my brainlet professors?

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And your brainlet peers. The intersectional students assert the intersectional teachers authority and vice versa.

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Is this what scientists are spending our hard earned tax money on?

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How does/sci/ feel about the way math is taught in public school?

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Math teachers are garbage, almost to a man.
I was in the bottom math class and the teacher would just assign exercises, not check if we were able to do any of them, we'd whisper to each other while he worked on something that interested him, and then we'd all leave.
This was my experience with essentially every high school math teacher. No one made any effort to understand what we were interested in or motivated by and then connect what we were learning to that.
I then later found out how good and important math is, learned it myself, and went back to university after my first degree (a humanities degree) to do a second degree with a math major.
Fuck jannies, and fuck teachers.
t. Person doing a math/education dual degree.
Fucking disgraceful and they all deserve to be in prison.

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There's literally no reason to teach it beyond a middle school level.

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You mean fat and devoid of muscles

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good luck anon
you planning to teach then? what are you gonna do when you get smacked with a standardized curriculum?

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It's not the teachers' fault. Students simply don't care, and it's quite naive to expect them to care.

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Why aren't more people researching ways to better store and utilize solar energy so that it could potentially be a viable alternative to currently existing power sources? The fact that there's an infinite amount of light across the universe would seemingly make it an incredibly promising power source (especially in fields such as space travel) right? Are we actively trying to find more effective ways of storing and utilizing it or have we hit some kind of limit in terms of progress we can make with the technology we have available at the moment?

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lmao just make better batteries amma rite? It’s that easy.

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many companies are actually researching batteries; so actually it gets attention it deserves

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Bio student here
Read a lot about biologists not finding jobs and working in unrelated fields
Went into Molecular Biology/BioChem/BioIT studies just to ensure getting big bucks
Emailed profs, they ensured me its gonna be fine
Theres acutal webpages here (germany) dedicated to warning students not to study bio bcs medfags and pharmabois will always be preferred for jobs (who tf lets a medfag in a lab anyway)
you cant watch a video about biology studies without the comment sections being full of bitter people telling u not to study bio

are they all just unreasonably bitter and angry over not finding a 100k/y job with a bachelors or have fucked up in some other way?

im freaking out /sci/ pls comfort

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>are they all just unreasonably bitter and angry over not finding a 100k/y job with a bachelors or have fucked up in some other way?
If you are intelligent, then you can get a good job with a bachelors in women's studies. It doesn't matter.

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Pure biofags have no skills, it's simple as that and medfags who want to do research do your biology degree as a side-lunch.
Unless you're a peak autist obsessed with beetles or yeasts since age 6 you're better off going to med school, especially if you want to do any field related to the human body.
If you do biochem you will probably get jobs in the industry but it will be harder to enter the medical world.

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Good luck Hans.
I'm aiming for the biochem path as well here in the states.

I think we'll be ok, honestly. Just depends on where you live, and if there are startups or a tech industry in general.

Really though, you should be studying what interests you, not what you think will make you richest. I'd rather be a chemist than a real estate agent any day.

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long time stemfag here.
bio is weird. in computer sci, or even engineering, you can learn new skills on your own, as much as you want. in those fields you have some degree over the direction of your career.

in bio, you go in with the academia skillset, but a company or organization will have you do very specific things. you def won't use lots of what you learned, whether it's western blot, hplc, gc/ms, pcr, biolistic pellet gene insertion, page gels, dna synth, peptide synth, beta harvesting, gamma or beta assays, radio-immune assays (ria), chemical extractions, ligand affinity testing with 96-well matrices, etc.
no, you'll use like maybe two or three skills, and then all the basic buffer formulations, pH testing stuff.

so what happens is: the longer you stay at a company, the more you learn their system, and lose the big foundation you graduated with. so, you kinda become 'middle management material'. not good when a research grant runs out, or a company shifts direction or ownership.

i became very comfy, but very out of touch with the newer skills. i learned the hard way; keep all of your skills current and fresh. but see, for bio, that means taking extended studies at a 4-year, because your company just isn't going to pay for you to take a refresher in GC/MS, ..and what about hands on use?

..i learned to love the comp sci field. i can pick up or d/l an eBook, load up some software, and learn all the new stuff i want. never could do that in bio.

remember, you can really be fascinated by astronomy, but it makes a terrible living.
remember, there are a shitload of people (PhD/businessmen) that know labrats come a dime a dozen to staff their benches. labrats are generally young, don't owe mortgages, don't have children, aren't wage savvy, and can be hired and pink-slipped all day long. i have been in companies and have seen entire research arms get laid-off.

advice in bio that is so true: go into manufacturing, qa/qc second. not research & dev.

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Two people can enter the machine and switch their consciousness. Whenever two people switch their consciousness, the light bulb switches (on->off and off->on). You have access to as many people as you want. The light bulb starts off being off. Is it possible to using the machine in such a way that in the end, everyone's consciouness is back to where it started but the light bulb is on. If yes, give a method how to do it, and if not, explain why.

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I think that the answer is no. Let's assume that there are only 2 people - person A with A's consciousness, an person B with B's consciousness. They trade their consciousness. Now we have person A with B's consciousness and persin B with A's consciousness. That's one switch made. The light bulb is on. Now, they trade again. That is another switch, 2 in total. But the light bulb is off again. Now imagine 3 people - A, B and C with their own consciousness. A and B trade, that's one switch. A and C trade, these are 2 swtiches. A and C trade again, 3 switches. A and B trade again, 4 switches. Everybody has their own consciousness back, but still an even number of switches, so the light bulb is still off. And so on. In order for 2 people to trade their own consciousness and then get it back, 2 switches are needed between two same people. The machine allows only 2 people at the time. So for 2 people, it's 2 switches, 3 people 4 switches, 4 people 6 switces and so on. For 1 more person 2 more switches are needed. So the number of switches always stay the same - even. And since an odd number of switches are needed for light to stay on, it always stays off.

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My math was wrong but the answer is still yes.

>Two people can enter the machine

No where does it say two people MUST enter the machine, nor does it restrict the use of 1 person just flipping the switch. The machine never specified that it wouldnt activate or the light wouldn't turn on just by flipping the switch. Theoretically, you could just have one person flip the switch a couple times and retain his consciousness.

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I tried it with 7 people in 22 steps, and failed, but I had misconstrued the question again. For me, each body had a light, so 7 lights switching on and off. I could get the people back in their bodies, but the final light had to stay off. Since I had 22 steps, if there was one single light keeping track of every shift, due to the even number that would also be off. For n=2,3,4,5,7 it's a failure but I don't know how I'd generalize that

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Sign of identity permutation is 1. Sign of an odd number of transpositions is -1. Contradiction.

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x x

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What happens after death?

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You never die.

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we don't like the answer

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You stop living.

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If you believe on the Lord Jesus Christ you will be saved.

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So, what does everything in potential existence want to be taught this time?

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Yes, that is my office. Are you asking for directions and instructions on how to translate office hours and availability to you?

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How to kill time?

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Any desire or intent directed towards the self (or q-bit) to prevent waveform instantiation results in a half-spin redirect.

>tries to stab self with knife
>knife rotates 90° prior to stab and maintains tajectory


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ULA motorized infantry platoon edition

old >>11865734

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>commieblock stairwell color cables

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>fooking luv spheres dont ya comrade

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>russian troll in the comments saying SpaceX is using Russian engines

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he's right you know

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Beauty is not a problem for the wealthy as they can change their physical appearance whenever they want in order to achieve permanent youth and magnificence.

Plastic and Body Fat reduction (liposuction) surgery exists and immortality is currently being researched.







>> No.11869521

>immortality is currently being researched.
They will only get fooled by fraudsters and shun away those who could give it to them. They will cry once they learn and offer all their wealth to no avail.

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"Now what, monks, is the allure of sensuality? These five strings of sensuality. Which five? Forms cognizable via the eye — agreeable, pleasing, charming, endearing, fostering desire, enticing. Sounds cognizable via the ear... Aromas cognizable via the nose... Flavors cognizable via the tongue... Tactile sensations cognizable via the body — agreeable, pleasing, charming, endearing, fostering desire, enticing. Now whatever pleasure or joy arises in dependence on these five strands of sensuality, that is the allure of sensuality.

"And what is the drawback of sensuality? There is the case where, on account of the occupation by which a clansman makes a living — whether checking or accounting or calculating or plowing or trading or cattle-tending or archery or as a king's man, or whatever the occupation may be — he faces cold, he faces heat, being harassed by mosquitoes & flies, wind & sun & creeping things, dying from hunger & thirst.

"Now this drawback in the case of sensuality, this mass of stress visible here & now, has sensuality for its reason, sensuality for its source, sensuality for its cause, the reason being simply sensuality.

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i will never trust these Korean surgeons & shit like who making more money ? dietician or liposurgeon ? and who is really helping people ? offcourse bitches just wanna look good and pay mad $$$ for surgery and nothing will ever change because doctors are making fat stacks for nothing

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You should be able to solve this /sci/

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0, if he has infinite chocolates there is no way to tell how many he actually has, so he would eat 0

>> No.11869695

Explain this dumb nigger reasoning, if there is an infinite supply, how does this prevent me from counting the amount he stuffs in his face?

You are repeating dumb nigger reasoning a dumb nigger has installed in your brain.

>> No.11869698

That's plain retarded

>> No.11869702

To solve this you need to know his choclate eating speed (for example 18choc/min)

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What would happen1?!? iff..... we detonated all the nukes in the world currently???!! :DDD I think we should try it!!!!

>> No.11869369

It's worth a try. However, would our timelines alter, or would we be consumed by the same energy?

>> No.11869380

I think we would find out half of them don't work after 50+ years of storage

>> No.11869387

There would still be enough carnage.

>> No.11869398

Not really, I would like to see the earth nuked till there is nothing left.

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I'm looking ofor any info and data on how to make home emp devices

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>> No.11869385

Damn yall excessive. I just need a set on a tower at one house down and any possible surrounding cams.

>> No.11869395

But if it's fun I do need a hobby. I melt Ali and copper for fun atm and I'm lost on entertainment atm. Can offer nudes for info and materals/equipment

>> No.11869405

1: why the fuck do you want to to know how to make a home EMP device
2: you need huge amounts of energy to cause any considerable damage with an EMP so dont even try faggot

>> No.11869415

nobody wants to see your gnarled lumpy dongle peeping out of its rat nest

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/gsg/ Grad School General

Are ya hanging in there?
Currently waiting for reviewer comments and wondering if my labmates are going to be chuds by the next time I see them.

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