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What do you think is the likelihood of a technological singularity happening in the next three years?

I'm sure it sounds crazy but Vernor Vinge (professor of mathematics and computer science at the University of California, San Diego) claimed just that in his 1993 essay The Coming Technological Singularity:


The more I think of it, the more it seems like a possible scenario. It's obvious that technological progress is an exponential process and history shows that humans are incapable of comprehending exponential growth. Ask most people if they would prefer a million dollars right now or a penny doubled every day for a month and most people would choose the former. The initially exponential logistic curve of COVID-19 cases took many countries and governments by surprise. And even as recently in 2015, most people were saying that computers wouldn't defeat human experts at Go for at least another decade because of the historically slow rate of progress in this field. Now new versions of AlphaGo are beating the original AlphaGo 100 games to 0.

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So there are some ideas going around how to make testing for Corona more efficient, given resource and time limits on testing. One idea is to bulk test groups of people by simply mixing their bio samples, and quarantine everyone in case the test turns up positive. That way you'll be able to contain the virus with relatively few tests.

But this idea can be pushed further: what if we combine samples of lets say 100 people, and in case of positive, divide the group in two groups of 50, and re-test both groups, etc. Of course keep in mind that in this example, if a bulk test gives a positive, there can be more than one person who is positive.

So this can be solved analytically, but I suck at math: How do you find every infected person in a population of N people, while minimizing the number of tests? A safe assumption here is that if N is the total population of a country, there will be at least one person who's infected.

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not quite the response I was expecting but thanks for the bump anyway

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This is the whole point of EXPONENTIAL growth. There is no REAL way to combat it because it takes any and all available resource paths. Some basic math as to why we always want to avoid any vectors that led to exponential cases of ANY KIND is because by definition the exponential boundaries are not sortable or orderable.

At some point it is simply:
1. Take care
2. Hope for the best
3. Things will be different for both myself and everyone else because of this event no matter what
4. Know that everyone will be trying their best to heal and return to all the conversations and activities they can when the worst is over
5. Don't try to push anyone overboard or away because of all this
6. People pushed to the brink will try more new things than before, either to cope or survive
7. Enjoy the rollercoaster!

Best of luck to you 4chan.


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i'll teach your grandmother to suck eggs

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3 times now.

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See you next month for SN4

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How effective are these half-masks?

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Good against bad smells, irrelevant against virus since eyes are unprotected.

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Are there any /sci/ approved methods for making masks at home that offer reasonable protection from coronavirus?

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No because they don't offer protection from viruses, retard.

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These mask protect others from your germs. That's what they are made for. You need the rarer and more expensive FFP2 / FFP3 which has filters. You will also waste them if you don't have training.

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Surgical mask were made so that doctors don't spread their germs to patients, not the other way around. For true protection, you need respirators with filters.

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Can someone explain to me why every source since the beginning of the outbreak has used (deaths/cases) to calculate the death rate and not (deaths/closed cases)? What am I missing here?

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healing takes longer than dying

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deaths/closedcases is an awful statistic because it's easier to say a person is dead than keep track of who has and doesn't have coronavirus

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>What am I missing here?
A brain. Now go back to /pol/.

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Mochizuki won, White pig lose.
The Japanese are the strongest desusi osusi~.

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Mathematical proof that rocked number theory to be published.

Scholze and Stix「ummmmm」

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based smug mathman

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Based smug anime girl.

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What colour is the inside of an iceberg?

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>no one has figured out the pic is fake
I guess 4chan really is full of retards

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>pic fake
who cares, op has an opinion nevertheless
that opinion is what the replies are reacting to

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If I am obese, breathing on a person doesn't make them obese. That shit isn't even comparable. Feeling smart from some presentation like that is emabarrassing

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Why do pretentious cunts keep making comics?

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I think the fallacy is false equivalence.
In the cases of smoking, drinking, and over-eating, the actor is the victim.
In the case of being irresponsible and infecting someone else, the victim is different from the actor.
In general, our society is fine with people exposing themselves to risk.
It is not fine with people exposing others to risk.

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I found a wiki listing every drugs, nootropics and mind trip possible, a better erowid if you want.

it was called ___tronaut but i cant find it

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psychonaut nvm

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Is this the millennial equivalent of boomer humor?

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I'm Gen X and I saw that comic way back in my college days. It's from the 80s or earlier

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Yeah, that's from 1977 dude
>The S. Harris "then a miracle occurs" cartoon appeared in the November-December 1977 issue of American Scientist

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What is the psychological explanation for this?

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also wants a magic pill to make homework go away

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same situation desu. I'm gonna finish a 3 year CS degree in 6 years.

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4real senpai

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What is a good YouTube channel to learn about quantum physics?

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This is true and has been scientifically proven. Brainlets gonna brainlet though...

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>has been scientifically proven.
post proof

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>what is +10sek

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what is +10sek

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Gonna actually learn through textbooks, just want something to watch while I'm comfy in bed and too tired to focus on actually studying

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A happy place to talk about Electrical Engineering, and any Electrical Engineering related topics

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what is the best subspeciality?

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yeah where the jobs at

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depends on where you live, but things like communications, DSP and power systems are pretty versatile

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How does one come up with the injective function
[math]f:\mathbb{N} \rightarrow \mathbb{N}\cross\mathbb{N}[\math] shown in the picture?

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[math]f:\mathbb{N} \rightarrow \mathbb{N}\cross\mathbb{N}[/math]

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Just draw the symbol you are looking for into the square area above and look what happens

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Well you have an infinite square and you want to list them all one by one, without repeating anything and in such a way that every element of the square is listed somewhere. How do you do it in a systematic way? In my opinion, listing them in a diagonal fashion as in your pic related is the most natural way to listen them.
It's just one of the tricks in mathematics that you once learn about and never forget.

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The nth triangular number is n(n+1)/2
Find the largest triangular number, t, that is less than or equal to x-1.
Find the n corresponding to t.
Let r = x-t.
Map x to (n+2-r,r)
You can find n by solving y(y+1)/2 = x-1 then letting n = floor(y)
Use that n to get t.

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I just got tested positive for COVID-19. AMA.

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sounds like you got sick of BASEDNESS

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There are patients reporting coughing blood

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Okay, seriously bullshit.

You wouldn't have the symptoms for 3-5 days after encountering an infected individual: its the entire REASON this virus is so infectious, because people don't get symptoms to warn them to stay at home until they've been out spreading it for a couple days.

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How does it feel to have something that doesn't exist

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WHO takes these guys seriously anyways? They're obviously just ripping off a band from the 60's.


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