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>mfw I simulate my labs using solidworks, ansys, and the autodesk package to milk my profs for higher grades

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>muh lockdown works, trust me

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In order to be a patent attorney you need a degree in STEM.
But do you get to do lawyer things like go to court and question witnesses?
Do you get to tell paralegals to go through files?
Do you get to make a lot of money?

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Are there any advantages of being bilingual beside being able to communicate with more people? Most anglo-countries are monolingual, and they are doing quite well.

People from Switzerland and Luxembourg are usally trilingual, and they have the highest HDI in the world. However, you can probably find many examples that prove the exact opposite also. People in India usually speak many language, but it doesn't seem to be of any advantages to them. The examples I gave are extremely binary, and there are other variables to take into account of course.

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>I honestly think being trilingual from an early age raised my IQ and that is the main reason why I am much smarter than my parents.
Which languages do you speak? Did your parents have access to the same education as you?

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>Which languages do you speak?
Three European languages, one of which is English. Obviously.
>Did your parents have access to the same education as you?
I think that is debateable and difficult to ascertain. You could argue that the education back then was probably more rigorous, but they didn't really have the life circumstances to shine. My dad was pretty smart, but he went into the military rather than into further education and eventually got commissioned as an officer, but he left and was basically a criminal until his death (selling illegal things). I reckon he probably killed a few people as well.

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>I think that is debateable and difficult to ascertain. You could argue that the education back then was probably more rigorous
Same thing for my case. My father is monolingual, but he took an university education. The education was much more strict and rigorous back in the days, and it was mostly focused on being "difficult". Not difficult in the positive way, but they needed to memorize a lot, and you were not able to use aids or sheets during exam. People mostly memorized stuff instead of actually focusing on understanding and implementation.

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>Understanding how different languages with different rules work should open you up to thinking in ways that a monolingual can't really understand, and it should also make later language acquisition easier.
I entirely agree with this. I believe that I have a completely different view of the English than an Anglo monolingual speaker. The con is that I sometimes struggle to find the right words in my native language.

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Do you think in 20 years science will have advanced enough that we are able to smoke cigarettes without getting health complications, that these smoking related illnesses will be curable?

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no. Cancer won't be cured in twenty years, especially not lung cancer. I similarly don't see any feasible solution coming for COPD.

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what is the best way to learn about these topics online to help join the cause for trying to find a cure? I only have high school biology but I'm very interested in science

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Well, either we prevent the negative effects of smoking in the first place by basically turning it into pure nicotine (the problems usually come from the tar in the cigarette and the carbon monoxide from it not being burned completely) but nicotine itself has negative effects like addiction and heart problems, and removing everything else would basically change the 'taste' of the cigarette. Or, you could prevent the effects by some sort of lung enhancement which prevents the chemicals from the smoke from accumulating in the alveoli, perhaps a filter of some sort, but that wouldn't help with the carbon monoxide and nicotine issue,

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You're not going to directly help develop a cure for cancer without a degree. The best you can hope for with a high school diploma is to become a janitor at a research facility and make the researchers very satisfied with how clean the floors are.

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what would a pure nicotine cigarette contain? seems like it would be a good trade off even with the addiction. im not so sure what the heart problems of pure nicotine would be?
also is there a way to fortify those herbal substitute cigarettes with nicotine? seems like that would be a good idea

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Look, it has the same polyphenols as carrots. Everyone praises how Carrots are superfoods, but coffee literally has all the things carrots have.
Yet, people put carrots over coffee for health


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Coffee makes me go to the toilet all the time. It makes me shit so much that I can't even take a dick up the ass as it would get too dirty.

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How do I measure the capacitance of a capacitor without using a multimeter?
I have a differential voltage meter, a voltage source and logging shit on the computer.

The joke is that I used to know how to do this. I have some old pics on my computer about how I did it, but my notes are so messy I can't even read them.
This photo has something to do with it. For some reason I've plotted potential vs time and fit a line somewhere.

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RC time constant. Square wave -> LPF -> oscope. Measure the time taken to reach 2/3rds the square's height

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What differentiates clinical ADHD from laziness?

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decreased brain volume


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I'm not lazy, I'd just rather be doing everything but the thing I'm supposed to be doing.

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>clinical ADHD
when 8-year-old children are too energetic to sit in a chair and be fed useless trivia for 6 hours every day.
the very unexpected result of drugging kids for showing any amount of energy and instead encouraging them to be as timid as possible and to lack any form of personal initiative.

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>ADHD is made up
Ah, yes. The whole "my ignorance makes me more knowledgible than scientists" outlook

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>the practice or principle of giving a group priority over each individual in it.
scientifically speaking, what leads people to develop this mental illness?

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look up distributism+its economic theory

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sounds like you need a free helicopter ride.


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>discussing economics in any way that doesn't present "fallacies"
The economic system we employ can be looked at as an antidote to the glaring problems that have arisen from the past model.
Any economic you employ will inevitably have problems because humans want paradoxical things as whole, and because humans change/evolve, whatever you want to call it.

It's more like what do we need to put on the stage now for the sake of generative movement and development
In culture right now, we're going a bit more bottom up than top down. This will likely continue for some time, I'm just presenting an economic system that works in accordance.

No model is without flaws because it's a distribution of human energy and finite resources, and economic structures are put in place around the values of the people, which always change.

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>free state paid helicopter ride to kill one person for the benefit of the collective to own the commies

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>implying killing off those who would yoke free thinking individuals to some collective subjective greater good dogsled isn't in the self-interest of every single one of those aforementioned free thinking individuals

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I was redirected from /g/ because I'm a newfag;

If one burns ethanol in an indoor fireplace, how much oxygen does get used, or even better; how much volume of air is depleted (at like 24°C) oxygen-wise per litre (or 100ml) of burned ethanol?

My guess would be to take the reaction formula, take the number of molecules per volume and calculate from that, but I'm not only a tard in chemistry, but am unable to find the numbers I'd need. Maybe someone here can answer.

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My question was answered, so no longer relevant

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Brainlet here, why cant we use Quantum entanglement for FTL communication? If electron on earth has up spin and his entangled pair on Europa has down spin, why cant you just change its spin and use that to send morse code message instantaneously across solar system?

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Damn I really butchered that last sentence, sorry

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You would break entanglement by doing that.

Two photons with opposite spins are created like in my post. They are entangled so if you know the spin of one you can deduce the other. If you take one photon and run it through a polarized filter, it is no longer entangled with the other photon. It is now entangled with the filter, and you can deduce it's spin based on the properties of the filter. You can no longer say the spin of the other photon is the opposite of the polarized filter photon.

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>create system of entangled photons
>have your buddy measure his one light year away from you, thus collapsing the photon at your location
>measure your photon in its collapsed state
FTL communication? not quite. when you measure your photon, you have no idea whether it has already collapsed or whether you were the one who caused it to collapse. there's no non-destructive way to observe whether or not an entangled particle has been observed already. that's the reason that information can't be conveyed this way.

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Meant to quote this post

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Ignore these posts trying to sound smart. Just realise that if you can send information faster-than-light then you can send it back in time. It violates casualty. You could tell yourself next weeks lottery numbers.

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What factors affect the prognosis of schizophrenia?

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0.999999999999... = 1

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How do you calculate the work done by an ideal gas when pressure is dependent on both the volume and temperature of the gas? I've looked through Wikipedia and Fundamentals of Physics, but both of them gave formulas for work when at least one of the variables in pV = nRT was constant.

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you don't need to do that. just sub in:>>12272488

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There are a variety of relationships between volume and pressure for a given total work done depending on the application.

In practice, to find the relationship between pressure and volume at each temp is no more or less experimentally difficult than just measuring the work done directly. So given that you want the total work done, just measure it.
If it is for a project that is too huge to do experimentally, your best bet is >>12272114 for the closest configuration.

Nothing in the real world is adiabatic or polytropic and both still require you to know n.

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Based mechanical engineer Chads.

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>mech eng
very cringe

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Who are you? Nobody has ever heard of you!

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>Start my day by looking at my phone and the internet
>Get nothing done

>Start my day by not looking at my phone
>Be super productive

What's wrong with me?

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sounds like you've got it figured out
Take the flip-pill

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Yes but why does this happen?

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In my case it's my laptop. I know once I get on it I'll waste a shitload of time. I usually end up on it anyway.

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the use of flouride on your teeth thickens your enamel layer, making your teeth very slightly larger

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>the use of flouride on your teeth thickens your enamel layer, making your teeth very slightly larger
Scientifically speaking, can I make my teeth bigger without clamping?

FR though if I am eating calcium, have high oil intake for my enamel (seriously, oil>flouride for enamel, try it), I eat a lot of dark greens, I eat foods that require my teeth to put in chomp power, then...?

Also, when I run, I notice my enamel is better afterward. I wonder if there's correlation to aerobics and oral bone development.

Anyway theres got to be some other shit like some kinda stem cells kinda weird shit or something

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what are the chances that we will get a new ice age in the next years? it sounds really comfy and according to the graphs we are due for a new one, global warming sounds really lame in comparison

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>i'm asking about what scientists say
watch it then, retard

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it's some newspaper pop science garbage nobody cares about, like quantum physics and fake stuff like that

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can we just delete this board already? This level of wilful ignorance and utter stupidity. Shouldn't be allowed to exist

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If you're dumb enough to make this thread pop sci is considerably too advanced for you. ElementarySchoolSci is where you need to be.

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just explain if ice age will happen or not, don't try to sell me garbage pop science newspapers, and retarded youtube videos about how pop science is fake

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is there anything akin to politics or arguments in science? not the well known ones like economics or global warming, i mean disagreeing on the laws of the universe. anything like that around?

i have no science related pictures

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Anything trying to be a grand unified theory gets politcal pretty fast as none can be tested with current tech.

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There's plenty.
Einstein wouldn't accept the results of what is now known as quantum entanglement, saying somethingalong the lines of "are we to expect t o particles can have a 'spooky action at a distance'?" (The term, which was originally dismissive, is now how popsci documentaries call the phenomenon).
There are other ideas which are quite debatable about our interpretation of some results. The idea that the universe is expanding, or that there ought to be some 'dark matter' causing our calculations to differ from observed data are a couple questionable ideas in current physics.
T. I have no idea what I'm talking about.

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Publishing in the prestigious journals is impossible without political connections and when prizes are awarded for work that was done by many people, the one who gets the money is usually chosen politically. Usually even getting into a position where you might generate a result deserving of being in a great journal means you already made those political connections. However, it's just the same political bullshit about who gets post docs and professorships.

When I was doing my PhD at Georgia Tech, in my first year the faculty was about 100% white men. There was a Brazilian and a couple of Chinese, one of which was a woman. The faulty that got hired during my four years there were two women, a Thai, two latins, and one white man. I don't think the statistics that had led to the ~100% white man faculty suddenly changed so that 2008-2011 all the best qualified applicants had superficial appearance statistics which suddenly diverged from the previous trend. The same thing that got those women hired is what controls who gets to publish in the great journals and who gets the good post docs.

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What would happen if you put a portal at the bottom of the ocean, and the other on the moon?

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Interesting, but what of the water in space?

If it were on the Moon I figure it might stick to it (escape velocity isn't nearly high enough to send it to space)

Eventually the Moon would turn into a second planet and be covered entirely with ice.

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>Eventually the Moon would turn into a second planet and be covered entirely with ice.
And then it would be too heavy and fall from the sky and kill us all.

>> No.12272059

The moon is denser than the water so it would sink into the ocean

>> No.12272061

It would definitely fuck up the orbit of both bodies so much that no life could survive.

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Scientifically speaking, do birth rates decline as cultures become more advanced?

Pic related claims this without any evidence


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no, this is a misunderstanding of what is actually going on. yes it correlates but it isn't the causation. the real causation is population density. which is also correlated with advancement.

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>argument from authority
I dont understand why brainlets complain about this, should we listen to arguments of dumbest uneducated retard instead or what?

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Imagine hating people just purely out of the reason to hate them.
I know his who shit was shady. But i see nothing wrong with this interpretation of this graph.
If you are scared about you people going extinct fuck more.

>> No.12272549

Israel has a birth rate of 3.1, the highest in the developed world
Hungary succeeded increasing its birth rate, and Poland is increasing slowly as well

>> No.12272620

The point is that the argument should be evaluated on the basis of its own logic rather than the person who proposes it.

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How can I increase my IQ? Up to what age is this still possible?

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Use a skull vacuum pump. It will make your brain bigger.

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IQ tests like any other tests can be studied for and practiced, if all you want is a high score read and practise the kind of questions on the tests.
If you can't get ~130 doing this you must have been sub 100 before you started.

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stir fry books with a few leaflets and eat em

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I'm not sorry that you are retarded and you should stay that way

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No, and No.

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