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If you're here, you've probably been here long enough to know a thing or two about 4chan culture.
There are differences between boards, but if you had to write a thesis analyzing the culture of 4chan.org as a whole, what would would be your introductory paragraph?

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Not doing your homework for you faggot. Do your own job.
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In the beginning there was the Internet, then there was anime, the anime fags needed somewhere to congregate, thus moot made the 4chan.
Now 4chan was desolate and waste, and moots spirit was moving to and fro trying to appease weaboos.

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4chan's evergrowing popularity has left it a shell of its previous self.

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I wish I could write about 4chan for school, I'm just genuinely curious about the non-troll ideas the people who populate this site actually have about it. So far, no luck.

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I found that if a 'subculture' grows big enough that the influx of new people will become the main body of the subculture and in doing so change what that subculture originally stood for. The original 'meaning' or 'identity' gets diluted and changed by the large group of new people with different conceptions of what the subculture is or should be.

This happened with things like /b/ but you can also see it on reddit with small subreddits that get dragged into the mainstream and with music genres that went from niche to mainstream.

Just thinking aloud here

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Been here since 2006. The more time passes the more alienated I feel from this place. Some of the changes weren't necessarily bad; I enjoyed the >implying, etc. phase for some reason. But that's ended too and in its place you have some depressing post-ironic normalfag mess that just isn't fun anymore.

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4chan.net™ - where ostracized manchildren go to blow off some steam

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>analyzing the culture of 4chan.org
There is no culture, it's just being edgy in the virtual world.

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>Chan culture’s shitposting and crapflooding shares more with the Paris ’68 slogan “It is forbidden to forbid!” than it does with Phyllis Schlafly or William F. Buckley. Its dark obsessions with cruelty, rape, humiliation, suicide, murder, race, and genocide taboos have led chan culture to an avant-garde antimoral sensibility not unlike French dramatist Antonin Artaud’s theater of cruelty: “There can be no spectacle without an element of cruelty as the basis of every show.”
>The alt-right [4chan] mourns European culture’s decline but has itself created the most degraded and degenerate forms of culture the West has ever seen in its own fetid forums. It romanticizes the West but hates its Christian “slave morality” and the best of its intellectual traditions. The alt-right [4chan] uses the now completely bankrupt language of counterculture and transgression when they talk about being “the new punk,” which should serve as a reminder of how empty those ideas have now become.

More needs to be said about the vocal leftist minority who's all encompassing apologetics ignores circumstances both history and present

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>Keeping your piss jug next to your computer monitor

For shame.

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A few weeks ago, there was a guy who said he wrote a comprehensive history of 4chan.
Did he post it ?

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I value /fit/, /lit/, /an/ far over the more raucous boards, and the cultures are growing pretty far apart. You cant compare boards like /a/ and /lit/. Even comparing /mu/, /tv/ and /lit/ fails dramatically, and they are the most similar. And /soc/ is a whole nother animal that needs be shot.

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Once upon a time some Jewish cuck named Poole got laughed at on Something Awful for posting anime. One use of his mom's credit card later 4chan was born.

I sometimes wonder if he'd still have do it if I could go back in time and tell him what he'd be unleashing.

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That feel when i have been on chans for almost 11 years now.
Where can i get a job as meme expert?

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I love spamming anime girls in spee just to piss people off desu senpai

It is remarkable how mad they can get about posting anime on an anime image board

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