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>Zizek looks like that
>he still manages to fuck hot models all day long

He gamed the system.

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The power of jorts.

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Nice CWC cosplay!

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look at the hams nigga that guy clearly hits the gym 4xweek

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No surprise, men peak later than women, provided they continue developing themselves in some way (physique, career, fame, etc).

If you're not 30 yet and still single, congrats, you got a glorious 10 years ahead of you.

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What a majestic creature

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A thread died for this

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Real men wear short-shorts

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The power of ideology

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>12 more years of this hell to go

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This his calf m8.

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>Zizek will be 70 soon

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I know this place...I've been to a couple food festivals at this market in downtown Ljubljana. That white building in back is filled with food shops, bars...I've been drunk as shit there.

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leathery looking shoes with what looks to be barefoot??? what is the meaning of this ideology? Is capitalism to blame? Or is this some self flagellation in the name of

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He lives in Serbia. The people there are so poor that any bit of income would win you countless attractive mates.

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He does not live in Serbia.

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>Implying this manosphere wishful-thinking drivel isn't disproved by the fact that such a large amount of men in their mid-thirties are balding, fat, stuck in middle-management dead-end jobs, with no spark of divinity or youthful hunger left to drive them towards anything, filling their pitiful existence with internet pornography, reddit and "craft" beer

Guess which demographic visits redpill blogs.

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lmao, owned!

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Damn, Slavok Zizek looks like that!?

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quite dank

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The biggest issue with this notion is that its extrapolating from previous generations where the dating dynamics were radically different.
Whereas we're more likely to be heading the way of the Japanese where our isolation continues its already record numbers well into our mature years

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>start watching Zizek videos on YouTube

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>youtube is youtube

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go nice with his collection of cleavage showing shirts

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Saved and filed for later ideological shitposting use.

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Thats just an average shirt for men in Europe

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No it isn't.

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What if all those kinds of ads actually tell the truth and we're all just missing out due to being conditioned by the neoliberal materialist doctrine to be cynical and non-curious consumers?

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It is if you're alpha

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They're old hags, so who cares.

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Or retired and past the point of giving a fuck.

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This chart is wrong, women are gross past 16 and peak at 14.

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I don't know, my dude, if that's the case, why are all the ads about money, sex and good looks?

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But why continue to make them if nobody clicks them?

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Have you ever clicked one? Trust me, you're not missing anything.

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They don't cost a lot and if you catch one retard, you've got your return. It's like the 419 scam spam.

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>tfw zizek will never post here

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look at those sculpted ass calves tho

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Yeah but those same guys in their 20s are probably poorer, about just as ugly, and less competent at any skills related to attracting women (charisma, sexual performance, etc.)

The men you describe are just the shitty ones. The guys that were hot in their 20s get hotter in their early 30s as they become more rich, powerful, experienced and worldly.

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How do you think he decides on what to wear? What ideological, psychoanalytic gestures do you think he tries to make with his clothes?

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Žyž is getting fit??

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that's his wife right? she's cute but her hair looks shitty. maybe she's a stressed out fuck like him, how romantic

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I liked his second wife better.

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damn Chris got (((woke))) in his old age

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Seriously though what the fuck does this man even say? It's like his speeches are incoherent ramblings that only come together when you're listening to what he's not saying

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> a large amount of men in their mid-thirties are balding, fat, stuck in middle-management dead-end jobs, with no spark of divinity or youthful hunger left to drive them towards anything, filling their pitiful existence with internet pornography, reddit and "craft" beer

They're called married men

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I dunno, living with my best friend all the time sounds pretty rad

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Git gud kid

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not an argument

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>entry level memes

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a) he's married, b) considering he's a decrepit old man with no sexual energy left, I'm pretty sure his younger wife has extra-marital affairs while he's lecturing college kids about Hegel.

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>I'm a cuck so everyone else must be

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Beyond that, of course, there's the not-unrealistic possibility that she genuinely finds his philosophical musings sexy. Some women are attracted to powerful intellects; this is often because those intellects tend to come with a certain force of personality.

Not to mention Zizek does have a kind of rugged manliness to him.

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still not an argument

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You have a lot to learn.

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in order to parody academic prose, you have to be good at writing it first. this is juvenile.

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This guy can't even go out for his weekly shopping without you guys taking a picture and fainting to it and commenting on it.

Leave the poor guy alone.

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aww, he lost his sonichu pendant

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He lives in Slovenia, Ljubljana. idiot. And people in Serbia aren't really poor either.

>> No.9201050

Have you been to Metelkova street? That place is really nice.

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You just know he drives a 2017 volkswagen golf GTI.

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You his neighbour?

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Come on, next time he has a lecture, someone has to ask him if he frequents 4chan.

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That looks intellectual.

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It's his mating pad.

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glad I'm not the only one who thought this, jesus fuck man please stop shopping at the slovenian equivalent of goodwill.

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uh, more like his blanket fort

>you will never go into slavoj zizek's blanket fort and read hegel with him by flashlight

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is this guy a charlatan or just a complete scatterbrain?

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Hey, I just made Žižek in a game Fallout: New Vegas, he changes the Caesar character. Does he look anything like Žižek, what should I change?

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>Žižek reports several episodes in which his lack of politically correct boundaries has served him well, from dealing with the ethnic tensions in former Yugoslavia to becoming friendly with two black Americans after jokingly making a racist remark: “You blacks, like the yellow guys, you all look the same” he reports saying to them, adding, “they embraced me and they told me, you can call me nigga.”)

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what texture pack? (new vegas is literature)

>> No.9201531

he's a self admitted bullshitter

>> No.9201532

NMC + Poco Bueno + Ojo Bueno.

>> No.9201538

Goodwill is perfect for him though, he can avoid capitalist corporations while supporting a charity that looks after the lower classes. Sexy tennis shoes are just a bonus.

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>avoid capitalist corporations while supporting a charity that looks after the lower classes

oh man...

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I've been all over the downtown....which side of the river is it on? Ljubljana really is a great small city. Bled is pretty sweet too...

>> No.9201606

North, it's just five minutes from the train station.

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>not liking milfs

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He's one cold motherfucker.

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>he changes the Caesar character.
that's some nazbol agenda right there

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Zizek is the necessary evil. He's bridging all that 20 century nonsense towards the inevitable reconciliation with Hegel.

>> No.9202269

Most of them don't look like that.

>> No.9202279

He looks a bit too cross eyed to me

>> No.9202285

Still one of the most beautiful men in Eastern Europe.

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Whatever you say, champ.

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What does that reconciliation look like? Another set of Old Hegelians that claim that the world is essentially perfect?

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Yeah, I can't change that without parting his eyes.

>> No.9202311

Hey, I just want listen to Žižek talk about Hegel even when I'm playing video games, that takes dedication.

>> No.9202316

I even put sniffling animations in his conversations so it's really immersive.

>> No.9202319

That's what makes them special

Besides most people are ugly in general

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>not listening to zizek while working on scientific research

>> No.9202576

Would you vote for Zizek?


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hey thats pretty good

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zizek makes my day

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so much joy in this picture

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