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Zizek /lit/ AMA when?
Why does he ignore us, bros?

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He knows us redpillers would destroy his cucked ideology.

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I'm waiting for him and Land to clash

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Probably because /pol/ shitposters would derail any discussion

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I thought I was the only one waiting for this.

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They would probably speak past each other. Zizek can't even into Deleuze properly while Land is basically what happens when the Deleuze and Guattari prank goes too far.

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Land was taking potshots at him on his blog a few years ago.


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This is an obscure literature board dominated by braindead idiots on a website whose mainstream reputation revolves around fascism and woman hate. Take that into consideration, then wonder why someone of his academic stature wouldn't think about us.

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WTF Guys? First time he disappointed me

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>someone of his academic stature

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Fuck off, commie.

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Go back to /pol/

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>whines about Castro
>go back to /pol/

I'm on to you, comrade.

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Slow down there tiger, he hasn't even been on Infowars yet

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>ywn look like zizek
i hate everything

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All of those comments praising Castro as a hero are infuriating.

Apparently when someone criticizes the actions of a Cuban dictator, they're automatically celebrating every horrible interventionist thing America has ever done.
These people aren't using their fucking brains.
>b-but he increased healthcare and infrastructure
So did Hitler, so did Mao. Doesn't nullify their genocides
How dumb do you have to be to willingly excuse or deny what Castro did? Forcing gays into work camps, killing dissidents and slaughtering thousands of wealthy (and poor) including many who helped him rise to power, spreading out poverty among the remaining Cubans, giving aide to other violent communist factions. Even if you applaud his opposition to American imperialism and like his support of Mandela, or think of him as a "liberator", you must accept the fact that he did many horrible things.
Every global political power has blood on their hands, nobody is clean, nobody is a saint.
You can't just default on
>b-but America also did a bunch of messed up stuff so that makes Castro a hero!

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Did you write crap like this about Mandela and the ANC the other year bro? Or did you take exception to Castro?

I don't really care, the way Cuba was before the revolution was incredibly shit and it was pretty good. A lot of the people who got the heel were shits too. Mao is considered bad not because he killed the wealthy but because he thought it best to let the poor starve and see who happened to survive. Hitler because of expansionism and the attempt at genocide.

P much every single western war since the 90s has been with coutnries the US gave aid to, and often a lot of military equipment and training. I mean, ISIS m8. I don't really see the issue with the NAM.

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>and it was pretty good.

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To me it just seems hardly any different than die hard republicans praising Reagan.

You can't just cherry pick the things you like and ignore everything that was bad. Political leaders are not people to be glorified or praised, a positive action they take doesn't absolve them of criticism

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A lot of die-hard old-school Marxists are convinced that Zizek is actually a Reactionary/Fascist who hides behind Hegelian/Lacanian verbiage - particularly in light of that interview where he said he'd vote for Trump/etc.

In reality, he's one of the few Leftists/Marxists I can respect for his grasp of Realpolitik. 19th century Marxism will only get you so far in today's world. Rather than tailoring modernity to Marxism, as many people do, Zizek actually tailors Marxism to modernity - hence why people get mad at him for admitting that some sort of violent worker's revolution just isn't possible in today's world.

They also REALLY don't get his conception of 'violence' and accelerationism in general.

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Pic related is also good.

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Because introducing the concept of personal identity to 4chan would subvert the liberating alienation in which the prime attraction consists.

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>They also REALLY don't get his conception of 'violence' and accelerationism in general.
Old school will very likely get this, it's been a big question since the start of communist stuff whether certain socialist practices are preventing the revolution and so on.

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If they do get it, then they're choosing the wrong side.

A lot of them are Burkeans without even realizing it: reform > revolution, gradual change/revolution, etc.

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>capitalism with a human face

What's the problem? Sounds perfect desu.

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Have you seen the front page of 4chan? Turn off your ad-blocker and go there. One has to be thoroughly abnormal to frequent this place, let alone consider those who do as worth notice.

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My friend, he has responded to posts on /r/gamerghazi.
What genocides did Castro spearhead?

This Cuba thing is the perfect example of why "I (nowadays, "my parents") grew up under socialism I think I know better than you" is such a stupid argument. People point to Cubans in America saying how evil Castro is -- but they were the rich motherfuckers who decided to leave.

>violent communists
Oh no, not violence. This is a strange and unusual thing in world history.

You must accept that Mandela, and MLK and Gandhi, all did pretty horrible things. Mandela himself had ties to violent groups. His wife is famous for supporting vigilante lynching.

t. not a commie

>You can't just default on
Yes you can, because the default assumption of those who condemn Castro as a dictator is that their wonderfully liberal western nation is enlightened and far superior.

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>preading out poverty among the remaining Cubans
As opposed to the generally wealthy population if latin america? Agree with most of your points tho.

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He also made them wealthier, not poorer.

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>muh uncreative communists
>everything must move forward all the time

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Can't be bothered to find the video, but some autist off leftypol explained memes and imageboards to him

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I don't believe you. How many buckos came?

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>we're heading towards complete and irreversible ecological disaster
>let's accelerate!

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>implying Z doesn't use an adblocker

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Please find it

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>"Democracy is a lesser evil, but we cannot abide any evil at all!"
>"But of course we mustn't do anything too drastic. We must choose the lesser evil."

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>they were the rich motherfuckers who decided to leave
yes because Castro would have executed them

I think you're totally missing my point. You're basically saying what I already said. I'm not trying to suggest that either political faction is more "right" than the other, I'm specifically frustrated at people glorifying a dictator, or any political figure for that matter.
It's this idea of cherry picking the positives of whatever regime and ignoring all the naughty things pretending they didn't happen and your guy is a saint because he's on YOUR side. You can take sides and say that certain governments were more generally misguided than others, but you should absolutely criticize your own leaders, and not put them on a pedestal where they're absolved of any sins.

My anger definitely applies to these types of people too:
>wonderfully liberal western nation is enlightened and far superior.

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>let's pretend that climate change doesn't change anything, even though we're supposed to be materialist, let's just run everything into the ground

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>Mandela himself had ties to violent groups.
He had more than ties, Winnie also advocated necklacing (tire filled with petrol), but you have to see it in context. I'm not going to want to execute anyone if I'm going for tea with my local vicar or some shit and that polite society stuff is the bounds of my world, unless I am some kind of nutty edgemaster (on that note David Cameron wanted Mandela executed in the late 80s). But considering the levels of violence and oppression that were being committed in S Africa back then both inside and outside, that level of violence was appropriate. Another example, a lot of people criticize Guevara for executing people in the jungle and what have you, but what choice did he have as a guerrilla against a highly organized and violent aggressor? A lot of people don't look at the practicalities of these things and fail to realize these people are fighting not only for their own lives but something that goes far beyond that, and often they don't have the options we may have in polite society.

The guy doesn't like sports either, and they're legitimately amazing at a lot of that stuff. Best boxers in the world easily. I would imagine they're still innovating there in that area. Large large areas are also closed off from either Cubans or tourists so nobody really gets a full view.

It might be a bit disappointing since in Yugoslavia you had a lot of the same cultural innovation as elsewhere. So while in the USSR there was the whole getting a mixtape of American rock, there were home grown Yugoslav rock bands and such. If anything that got a lot worse after communism.

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They'd probably agree on everything. So long as they don't talk about race.

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>If they do get it, then they're choosing the wrong side.
I think it's a case of being impelled to respond to things that are at hand. Nobody wants to see or be responsible for human suffering.

Really as well Zizek is looking for a third way, that's what his dusty balls joke is all about.

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Sure, those people are idiots, but that applies to maybe a quarter of the people defending Castro. The majority are reacting against the faggots who automatically assume Communist = Third World Genocidal Shithole, in stark contrast to their nice, safe, comfortable wherever-they-live.

Most people are saying stuff like "I don't defend all of his actions [because they are liberal] BUT he was way better than the guy before him", and they're right.

Those people are also idiots, but for more tangential reasons. Mostly related by this anon: >>8782506. People have no idea what life is actually like. People -- liberals -- viciously fight against people protesting by inconveniencing them, because they have sanitised MLK and Gandhi to the point that they do not understand that peaceful protest was meant to be "militant" (MLK's own words). Imagine what they do to those who kill people. No mention of execution or detention in their own nation, because that sort of thing just doesn't happen around here.

Though obviously the whole process is still unvirtuous.
Anon, do you know what the purpose of accelerationism is? To change things.

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Enough regular people don't that it be inappropriate for Zizek to knowledge and respond to a website that hosts furry porn and the like for its ad base on the front page. He would be taken even less seriously, and he can scarcely afford being more of a clown than he is.

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>Enough regular people don't that it be inappropriate for Zizek to knowledge and respond to a website that hosts furry porn and the like for its ad base on the front page.
I pretty much just get targeted ads bro when my blocker's off. That's like lab equipment atm.

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Even if we sidestep the content of the ads, their presentation is itself enough. 4chan looks like some kind of spyware ridden child porn repository thanks to Hiroshima. Far more so than it ever did before. The association is sufficient to preclude mainstream appeal.

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Well climate change is change. So I guess it'd be successful.

>> No.8782572

That is the point, yes. The idea is you make things worse until people are unable to choose a lesser evil -- or rather, until the lesser evil is forming socialism.

>> No.8782583

>literally pro climate change
I wonder why not more people are into this.

>> No.8782585

The hell did Hiroshimoot change?

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Turn off your adblocker and look.

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Nothing changed.

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Turn off all your extensions nigger.

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Okay, there's not buzzfeed-tier "you might like"s at the bottom of the page, but that's about it.

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Zizek versus Jordan Peterson. Who else wants to see it?

>> No.8782701


most definitely i do, but i see no reason why it would be a versus thing. why wouldn't they just have a cool conversation about depth psychology and the futility of idpol? jp is a jungian and z is a lacanian, but compared to assbags who dismiss both of those guys outright because muh chomsky/muh STEM or w/evs these two could just get along like old homies

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Well it may turn into a vs. because Peterson has show disdain for Marxism

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Because the face has been ripped from its original owner and clumsily grafted on.

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>People point to Cubans in America saying how evil Castro is -- but they were the rich motherfuckers who decided to leave.

What, all 100k+ of them? Please, this is why you people don't get taken seriously.

>But considering the levels of violence and oppression that were being committed in S Africa back then both inside and outside, that level of violence was appropriate.

Debatable. There's a difference between resistance and flat-out torture, which is what necklacing/etc was. Same with Castro having the genitals of his enemies punctured.

>a lot of people criticize Guevara for executing people in the jungle and what have you, but what choice did he have as a guerrilla against a highly organized and violent aggressor?

There's a difference between this and Castro's show trials, where audiences would famously gorge themselves on fucking candy/peanuts/etc whilst watching someone inevitably be """"proven"""" guilty on some bullshit charges.

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>you people

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>necklacing is torture
Wanna know how I know you're a liberal? It's because you need to explain away any messy execution as torture.

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>actually, dictators are good
This is why the left is losing

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>Wanna know how I know you're a liberal? It's because you need to explain away any messy execution as torture.

Alright, I'll put it simply: Would you rather be shot in the head, or necklaced?

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no it's not and you know it

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yeah, i get that. but it's more cultural marxism/progressivism that P is taking issue with, and this is why i think he and Z would get along so well. Z doesn't go for idpol at all: for him it's always about capitalism and lacan. he thinks idpol is a smokescreen for globalization (which means progressivism, because capital is always going to be on the side of progress and wider market share).

if they disagreed, my guess is that it would be over jung vs freud, not the fruits of social justice or marxism. but i don't think they would, i think they would probably just talk about literature and stuff and have a good time. i'd love to see that.

just my hot take tho

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>Le devil's avocado

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>this commonly held belief is causing the left to lose because it is commonly held
That doesn't even make any sense.
I'll put it simpler: would you rather be shot in the head, or administered completely painless poisons in your sleep?

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>he thinks idpol is a smokescreen for globalization

It's not so much idpol per se, as the reaction to idpol - which is to give oppressive ideologies/institutions/etc a "human face."

It's not that he doesn't care about idpol, but that he realizes the only way you're going to solve idpol issues is to see the bigger issue - which is that Capitalism/Liberal Democracy needs replaced.

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>I'll put it simpler: would you rather be shot in the head, or administered completely painless poisons in your sleep?

The latter, but since a horde of gun-toting Africans are probably not going to have the poisons to hand that will ensure a painless death in my sleep, I'd rather they just shoot me in the head - particularly when they have other things to hand that might ensure a far more painful death, such as tyres/petrol.

>> No.8782851

>It's not so much idpol per se
This lol. A lot of lefypol people are literally too stupid to understand orthogonality.

>> No.8782852

>Here, let me just add a bunch of inane context to the question so I don't have to answer it honestly

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>Let me greentext despite the fact that he gave a crystal clear answer to the question in the first 2 words

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Who are the public intellectuals that /lit/ likes?

Zizzy, Peterson, ((Land)), Varoufakis, Mason?
Molenyeux is not an intellectual

>> No.8782861


In that case you accept that killing people by shooting in the head is torture, right?

>> No.8782866


yep. true. idpol produces counter-idpol. it might be too early to see if alt-right stuff just replicates all of the silliness of the left in a new color under a new brand. that's stuff that neither Z nor JP will talk about yet tho, and it's too early to call anyways. and maybe it belongs on /pol/ too

>the only way you're going to solve idpol issues is to see the bigger issue - which is that Capitalism/Liberal Democracy needs replaced

maybe. but it seems to me that Z knows that capital cannot really be replaced, but he also likes democracy, too, which is always put at cross-purposes by the global market. to me at least it seems he likes democracy when it is hard and difficult and challenging, not when it is easy and taken for granted as de facto the best political system (b/c globalization, progressivism, etc). so he says he is a communist, but i think really in his heart he wants a democracy that just doesn't constantly sell itself to global capitalism. this is a tough position to take but it's why we love the sniffler. he's a critic of what he secretly wants. at least i do, even when i'm skeptical about democracy itself and tbqh moldbuggian absolutism makes more sense to me. but i'm a weird dude like that

so yeah. capital isn't getting replaced, but liberal democracy might be...except by trumpian neopolitics or w/evs and not by communist stuff. it's an interesting world out there no doubt

watched this yesterday, pretty interesting

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I based my choice purely upon my preference for an open casket funeral.

They're both objectively good ways to die though, insofar as they're painless/not torture.

>> No.8782904


>watched this yesterday, pretty interesting

Are you also following that Zizek meme page on Facebook by any chance?

I saw it there yesterday.

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dictators are good though, right my fellow nu-male?

>> No.8782930


i do everything in my power to avoid going on facebook. to me facebook is death. after 4chan i cannot possibly imagine why anyone would want to talk politics while being overheard by family members and people you went to high school with. was just doing my usual morning regimen of googling trump, not going outside, thinking about drinking bleach, etc

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You're missing out on good Zizek memes desu.

>> No.8782963

yeah, could be. 4chan is plenty enough meme kungfu for me tho. i used to get triggered all the time by stuff on FB until i came here and now i've become an inestimably wiser and more ironic frog for it

FB is best reserved for cat selfies and clandestine faps to old high-school/uni crushes. i'm fine with this

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I don't think outside of a small group of very niche intellectuals that /lit/ likes anyone, although there is a level of enjoyment of some of those.

I think part of the problem is Zizek is now famous in a way he most certainly wasn't 5 years ago.

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/lit/ likes him too

>inb4 harrisfag
>tfw everyone is a ____fag
>i'm okay with this

>> No.8782991

>unironically liking someone who can't understand the fact/value distinction

>> No.8782999

I like Harris as well, despite his flaws. His "Waking Up" podcast/book is quite good.

>> No.8783003

>unironically assuming why anon likes anything
>tfw you actually spend your whole goddamn day reading b/c you have no job and can think of nothing else better to do except dwell on shit
>tfw dreamy utilitarian cyberbot sam harris looks into your eyes

share your thoughts on the fallacies of fact/value distinction anon, don't be shy. i am genuinely curious and not in the least triggered by this

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I think if he turned up dead the resulting sticky would be people dancing on his grave. There was more love for Chris Hitchens, and there was not a whole lot of love for him.

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Being shot in the head isn't painless, anon. You knew that, right?

Your dichotomy is false. Painful execution is still execution.

>> No.8783048

it's silly and depressing af to think about really, but that's just my opinion. i get that nu-atheism is obnoxious garbage but come the fuck on, harris is a smart guy and his waking up podcast is good

*WARNING* flaming faggotry incoming. abandon ship abandon ship abandon ---signal lost---

i couldn't think of a single thing in this that i disagreed with

here he is on ai

here he is with rogan vs burress in a super-uncomfortable conversation

here he is trying to get a single thought through this odious little shitstain's head

>> No.8783070

>Trump was only taken seriously at the 11th hour
Nope. Even before he won the republican nom, people were saying he should be taken seriously.

>> No.8783111

true, but how many people were confidently predicting in 2015/2016 that he would win? not many. some cool anon shared this with me not so long ago, reposting


i've been staring into the alt-right/NRx blogosphere like it was ultraviolence for a few years, but even tzeentch-chan nick land was saying trump had no shot in the summer. of course, everybody knew something big was cooking, and there were definitely some visionaries out there, but it was definitely a long-shot pick

if you were one of them, then good on you, anon. not even saying that unironically. i was following it pretty closely but even i was stunned. not like that means anything i'll grant you. i'm a recluse fuckface nobody. and to be honest i'm glad its over now

if you really want to go back in time, moldbug was laying all of this out on UR in 2007. i missed that train when it came through. MM does not equal trump, but w/evs. and whither now? who the fuck knows

>tfw given the sponge to wipe away the horizon

anyways sorry for shitting up this thread with text-walls anons, not my blog

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Violence in the service of the people (i.e., to overthrow the state that serves the capitalist and/or aristocratic class and establish a people's state) may be regrettable (in the sense that violence qua violence is "wrong", for lack of a better word) but it is always excusable. Milton got this right centuries ago, I don't understand why we're still talking about it, especially when everyone ITT is the citizen of a revolutionary state necessarily bathed in blood.

All that said Žižek's basic point is right and Castro himself would agree, the revolution has to move on from Castro and continue people's power. Yes, continue.
>b-b-but muh dictator
Literally no one cares about burgerlard opinions.

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>in service of the people
Cuba fucking sucks, you impotent nu-male.

source: I've been there

>> No.8783123

There's not much to explain, unless I'm misunderstanding his project, which I take to be that we can arrive at our ethical frameworks through science (especially neuroscience).
>The brain is x y z
>Therefore we ought to act in ways a b c
is just as fallacious as
>It is raining
>Therefore I ought to stay indoors today
Again, maybe I'm misunderstanding his project, but I've heard him make claims exactly like the one above (I think the one I heard in some lecture was that he could use research on how our brain feels pain to make claims about how we ought to treat each other). I'm much more inclined to agree with Nietzsche and his arguments about the ways in which values are created through history/social conditions.

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Just for you guys

>> No.8783138

>I'm much more inclined to agree with Nietzsche and his arguments about the ways in which values are created through history/social conditions

me too anon, me too 112%. but after a long long while i'm starting to take - for my own weird and tortuous reasons - a different perspective on things, because i think everything is connected to everything else and i think people should lay aside dionysus for the Greater Good. as crazy as that sounds, and i'll admit it's a basically indefensible Last Man goal. i still feel it tho

i like harris now because i liked nietzsche then. and heidegger, baudrillard, lacan, deleuze...all that stuff. i read it up and down and crossways. now i'm feeling the cyberbot. for what it's worth

>> No.8783149

but you can't *make* people think anything else, even if you want to. and of course you should never ever do this, b/c all that leads back into moralizing and i am strictly against that shit because reasons.

reason was never a thing i was known for so i listen to harris. but people change. i can't explain it

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Most of America fucking sucks to the same degree, in many cases worse, and for the same reason that Cuba fucking sucks. Source: I've been there. Hint: it has fuck all to do with Castro or communism.

>> No.8783163

>Ed Gein with a human face

What's the problem?

>> No.8783164

Well Nietzsche does have that stuff in Ecce Homo about how his real students will have to reject him, and that only after his work will it be possible to hope again. If you've actually read all of those thinkers you listed and you've come back to Harris...then jeez anon. I haven't gotten that far so I can't say much. But how do you read someone Heidegger and Deleuze and just go full Nick Land madman?

>> No.8783173

*how do you read Heidegger and Deleuze and not just go full Nick Land madman?

>> No.8783199


long post

i have read all those guys, i shit you not. this is my life, this is what i do. not in academia, not a scholar. just a fucking goofball who rigged his life to be able to think about this shit all day. i didn't plan things out to happen this way, i thought at some point i would find an answer. there are no answers

>how do you read someone Heidegger and Deleuze and just go full Nick Land madman?

b/c it's important to pay attention to contrarians. the neetch himself was slept on once too. now he's ground zero for everything and could very well have an aristotle-tier championship reign over the next thousand years. i see no reason why it should be otherwise. he is that interesting and there is no arguing with him. not within society as we presently understand it imho

remember also that nick land was not always so crazy. read the first essay out of FM. the rest is madness as you know but he starts from absolute clarity. and NRx/DE was watching all of this stuff steadily unfold long before last year:


philosophy is a heartbreaker. even nick land is still i think doing marxist thought but it's turned inside out. land is Evil Bizarro Deleuze - it's sympathy with the oppressor rather than the nomad in flight. all wrong but he can't help himself. and in the end who's to say who's right and wrong about these things?

so technology is what's up now, tech and capital. harris understands the dangers of this stuff i think. and he's fucking brave as hell to engage with people without blowing his stack and accusing them of not understanding him. he's a guy i admire for that, even though i don't buy his utilitarian arguments all the way

>> No.8783200

compared to what?

>> No.8783213

He sounds so much like he should.

Where it goes, what is the origin of the video, I'm writing up something around this sort of thing but I'd feel dirty about ending with identity.

>> No.8783223


>> No.8783224

>neocon antitheist positivist acid freak medidator utilitarian 'neuroscientist'

really makes you think

>> No.8783234

>there are no answers
Okay, you've definitely been reading these guys. Also thanks for the link. I haven't read any Land yet, but I've been reading a lot of Bataille these days so I might have to give it a go.

>> No.8783308
File: 89 KB, 433x720, nanahuatzin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

good luck then. a few weeks ago i tried to post the story of nanahuatzin and tecuciz-whatever on /lit/ and accidentally wound up posting it on /n/ instead. the response was pretty funny i have to admit. needless to say i was rather embarrassed

storytime with georges bataille. i'm sad that i fucked that up

>> No.8783319

>fascism: bad people who promised to do bad things and did bad things
>communism: a tragedy, things meant in a noble way that went wrong


>> No.8783337

>he's objectively right
>this rustles muh jimmajammalammas


>> No.8783347

>being this bluepilled

you still have a lot to learn kiddo

>> No.8783350

that was physically painful (the anon not Z)
thanks for sharing

>> No.8783458
File: 351 KB, 1200x900, Outward_hound.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So are we going to invite him to post here, or not? Have we done it before? What was his response?

>> No.8783462

Jebem ti.

>> No.8783507

>tfw no pupper

>> No.8783515

Naš prijatelj Žižek ne bil rekel to!

>> No.8783528

When he said "this is a very sad situation" I heard "this is a very sexy situation"

Why does this mean? A freudian slip of something I want to bury deep inside?

>> No.8783533

Yeah that's about as I'd expect.

>> No.8783537


That depends.

Has ever done one of those retarded Reddit AMA things?

The fact is that Zizek's life is probably pretty busy. This is a guy who actually asks his students not to submit assignments to him. I doubt he'd make time to answer sperglords online.

>> No.8783542

He reads reddit comments.

>> No.8783547


>not ray-dit

>> No.8783555
File: 33 KB, 625x414, tito1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Naš prijatelj
>ne drug
Now now.

>> No.8783566

>not rlhey-*sniff*-*tugs-shirt*-diht

>> No.8783588
File: 640 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20161109-221400.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mobile is absolute CANCER

Half of the time get automatically redirected to one of those sites that floods your back buffer and spams alerts about viruses destroying my phone

>> No.8783663

It means you want the Ž

>> No.8783675

I've already got a shed, don't need another.

>> No.8783679
File: 675 KB, 303x282, Oh you.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8783686


>> No.8783693



That's not how you spell Peterson

>> No.8783708

Did the sight of a female smile make you feel angry?
Do you want to talk about it?

>> No.8783715

even you're not this retarded

>> No.8783730

What did he mean by this?
Is he playing along or is he actually frustrated, which would mean he is playing along, yet only unironically?

>> No.8783746

English retard, do you speak it?

>> No.8783752


My god I'd love to see Zizek get anally annihilated, figuratively speaking, by Jordan Peterson

>> No.8783768

Use Clover you idiot.

>> No.8783784

My, my. That's a bit of a loaded question.
You sure got heated in just three posts, you must be one of them "hotheads" I've heard of. I'm just trying to have a comfortable conversation here :-)

>> No.8783792

Then maybe you should go back to the place your picture comes from.

>> No.8783810

Haven't you been reading? He speaks English retard very well.

>> No.8783813
File: 1.41 MB, 350x272, 1459928931693.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I would've never guessed that a single .gif -file could make someone this bitter.
Well, I guess we all have our triggers. For some it's happy people, for others it's women and for rather sad individuals it's both :)
And oh, I got the .gif from a rather comfy /lit/ thread, in which two anons were discussing their sexual inadequencies and someone posted the .gif to tease them.
It got a similarly entertaining and hostile reaction from the unloved posters, so I saved it for future use. So, where should I go? The thread was pruned or deleted, as it wasn't about literature, so I can't go there and I consider this the second best option.

So, how are you?

>> No.8783817

>So, where should I go?
I've already told you.

>> No.8783834

And here I am :-)

You use clear and short sentences, yet I don't find them to be honest.
It would seem to me that they hold back words that you would like to use - maybe even bad words, such as the "four-lettered words" - but you choose not to write them down. Maybe because you are feeling down?
Tell us what's the matter. Why use such blunt and stern language on your fellow man?

>> No.8783836

Two idiots insulting each other. And still its the best zizek thread on /lit/ right now.

>> No.8783838

>what is adblock


>> No.8783840

They are shimply dusting each others balls and so on.

>> No.8783842


this is a good one

>> No.8783854

>And here I am
I know. That's the problem.

>> No.8783855
File: 63 KB, 1837x189, Näyttökuva (82).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I complete forgot this was a Zizek thread while scrolling down


>> No.8783866


>> No.8783884

I followed your instruction word by word, what is the problem?
I hope it's nothing serious, even though your angry smile face would indicate that something is not right.
The eyebrows of your smiley almost give me the chills, I need to make it's negative energy null by making a super big smiley, like this :-D
And what's this "Barf"? It sounds almost like sound a golden retriever would make after a family would decide to adopt it, so nothing like the negative implications of the sound "CRASH!", after which such events rarely happen.

>> No.8783888
File: 212 KB, 1863x522, Näyttökuva (104).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8783894

You are not as funny as you think you are.

>> No.8783906

Only you know what it means to you (actually, not even that lol).

Psychoanalysis is not about another person invasively interpreting the signals that you pick up yourself. More than the confusion between the sounds of the word, what is noteworthy is that you paid attention to it enough to make a post about this confusion. Same in the clinic, it is not enough to mistake one thing for another, but to bring it up and to speak it makes it relevant. Why? This is a question that goes back at you. That is, you could ask yourself if you think there is something sexy about this situation, or if there is something sexy about being sad, perhaps you'll find why this connection was important to you.

Perhaps a more important question is why do you think you have something buried deep inside of you that could come forward with this slip. Is that what you think a freudian slip is about?

And even better, there is another slip that you made that perhaps you haven't noticed. You said "why does this mean?" This slip prepares us for the following question about the freudian slip. You don't ask us what does it mean, you ask why it means something. In other words, it definitely means something, why is that so? Why do things mean things? This is the real question you are asking. You are not that interested about that slip in particular, you want to know why it works.

(ps: did'nt read thread)

>> No.8783933

>[email protected]

Why don't you ask him to come?

>> No.8783942

But funny enough to have another response from the grumpy muncher himself, am I right? :-)
Here's some advice: Every person shares energy with others.
Positive energy catches on quickly,
but negative energy is especially contagious.
For this reason it is advisable to keep negative energy to the minimum.
And it is extremely important NOT to pass it on.

Now stop for a second, take a deep breath.
Do you feel yourself belonging to one or the other category.
Does it make you happier being in this one, or should you reconsider your values and lifestyle and make a transition, a "quantum leap" (haha :-D), which would emit the unneeded energy that was holding you back from the nucleum of your true self.
These are free advice, from me to you. :)

When you face a .gif that enrages you next time, try to remember that one film with the green grumpy character that hates everyone and everyone hates, yet in the end he loves people and people end up loving him once they know who he really deep down was.

Do you want to wake up in the morning saying hello to the sun, or have the first thought be: "I have one enemy left. Two if you counted God."
The choice is yours, my insecure friend :--)

>> No.8783957

Thanks, was a good post. I mainly tried to make a joke with the usual Zizek + filthy perversions recipe. What I didn't notice was the why/what mixup, where your analysis was new to me (I'm a pleb on all things psychoanalytic)

>> No.8783961

It is winter.

>> No.8783964

Holy shit

The beginning was okay but this is starting to border on screencap worthy shitposting

>> No.8783967


There are probably nice neighborhoods in Cuba where all the party bigwigs live, and there are slums even worse than what you would find in Detroit or Baltimore.

It seems as though the main problems with American ghettos are the cultural deficiencies among the black community. It's pretty hard to escape poverty when you have seven illegitimate kids and a felony conviction.

>> No.8783970

Holy... I want more...

>> No.8783983

Lucky it's not summer mate

>> No.8783990
File: 223 KB, 900x675, Deutsche.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This thread is either the worst kind of stupid or absolute gold

I think it's the latter

>> No.8783992

A great man once said "It's such a fine line between stupid and clever."

>> No.8783993

You don't understand Peterson. Youre probably alt right n shit.

>> No.8783996

>alt right n shit

>> No.8784007

Yes, the true slip is this one that happends when you try the usual recipe.

>> No.8784023

It's summer in Australia.

>> No.8784053

Is it the time when spiders fly from the sky or the time when the emus start their annual rebellion?

>> No.8784264


>> No.8784282


>"did a genocide" as a viable critique
>>human life as such has value


>> No.8784662

>bunch of 12 year old reposting frog pictures
>us redpillers
Haha, humor

>> No.8785476
File: 28 KB, 301x444, Literal midget.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>someone of his academic stature

>> No.8785553

you're probably gay.
and jordan peterson is definitely a closet homosexual.

>> No.8786023
File: 2.99 MB, 400x225, 1424142313024.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Nice projection

>> No.8786125

Holy lel it took me this pic to really realize what >>8782564 is saying

>> No.8786129

>projecting your gay feelings for peterson this hard
haha relax gayboy.

>> No.8786165


Nah you're just projecting your shadow projection onto my projection which was simply a projection from you onto a figurative statement I made. I've always hated Zizek and here comes along Jordan Peterson, the PERFECT guy to demolish him in a debate, sniffles and all.

>> No.8786184


I can't stand his accent. It's like his tongue is too big for his mouth.

>> No.8786217

>typing this much
save your gay energy for when you meet him fag.

>> No.8786402

yay, are we playing trotskyist or anarchist?

i'm going to go with trot

>> No.8786533

Are you dense? You die instantly as long as the shooters can aim right.

>> No.8786574

>You die instantly
I'm happy for you that you believe that Anon.

>> No.8786880


I'm waiting for (you) big boy

>> No.8787063

With what you fucking pseud

>> No.8787086
File: 31 KB, 640x360, KEZIZ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What would a bizzaro Zizek be like? A traditionalist theologian?

>> No.8787093

>implying Zizek isn't a traditionalist theologian
Interesting point tho: Bizarro Christopher Hitchens is Peter Hitchens.

>> No.8787095
File: 27 KB, 400x400, The-Grand-Inquisitor-dramatic-reading.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this comes to mind

>> No.8787113

>Bizarro Christopher Hitchens is Peter Hitchens.
Kekus maximus, never thought about it like that.

>> No.8787187


>> No.8787211

They would also be sort of bad looking but impeccably groomed and mannered

>> No.8787281

>Keeps hands still at all times and formulates himself in clear well thought out sentences

>> No.8787284


The horror!

>> No.8787298

Bizarro Zizek phrases:
...and so on = ...and that's it
my gott = your reasons (maybe leasons because Japan is bizarro Germany)
Pure ideology = Patchy ideas

Thailand/Taiwan seems like bizarro Slovenia/Slovakia.

>> No.8787709

He would one of those cheesy motivational speakers.

>> No.8787716

>though his ideas have merit and are clearly communicated, it sometimes remains a chore to listen to him

>> No.8787719
File: 254 KB, 1563x1459, ROBBINS-superJumbo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw you attend tony robbinsh Awaken the Ideology Within shpeaking sheminar
>simultaneously embrace capital and reject it
>so hyped right now i can't even
>head explodes, gore showers the audience
>everyone cheers
>thank you shan diego!!!!!!11

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