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thoughts on zizek?

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"there are two sins, paedophillia, and smoking - I don't smoke"

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smart, but kind of dumb

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really catchy for philosophy undergrads

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Nice numbers.

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a bit memey desu

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I voted for Trump because of him, not even kidding.

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name a better contemporary philosopher.

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hating on trump is just a meme, relax.

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>Brainwashed into thinking queer theory is good.

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Beyond being a good meme, he's unironically one of the better philosophers we have now. Rare enough to find a philosopher of any type who engages with modern culture rather than retreat into ivory-tower obscurantism, rarer still to find a Leftist with a sense of humour.

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>Rare enough to find a philosopher of any type who engages with modern culture rather than retreat into ivory-tower obscurantism
Hardly. There are a lot of those who engage with the contemporary problems.

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Sure, but they do it using dense specialist language and piling on references to previous philosophers, so they're almost unintelligible to the layman. Zizek uses simple illustrations like the trash can or They Live, giving a popular appeal most lack - there's a reason he caught on here rather than Badieau or Blackburn or someone.

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He's a gommunist.

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>so they're almost unintelligible to the layman
As far as A-T philosophy goes, once you have a basic understanding of terminology, which is not very hard to learn, following most things becomes easy.

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Yet, I cannot take serious a man that uses psychoanalysis as a base for his philosophy.
Zizek is funny and entertaining, and has some good ideas, but is still a pseudointellectual at heart. I like him nonetheless, but can't listen to him without being extremely skeptical.

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Every fucking time.

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Analytic philosophy doesn't engage with contemporary cultural problems, unless you count zombies and sci-fi as contemporary cultural problems. Like you could make this argument when we in Star Trek.

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>Analytic philosophy
I didn't say analytic philosophym even if A-T is often using analytic methods.

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Feser log off already

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>I didn't say that but I did mean that
Uh huh.

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He voted for Trump. Anyone here knows why?

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He can't vote in the US election, but think about what country the first lady is from.

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You don't know what A-T philosophy is, right?

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Basically he doesn't necessarily like Trump, but thinks he represents a possiblity of radical change where Clinton stood for entrenched power of capitalism, neoliberalism, and so on.


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trump supporter and traitor to progress

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I literally just went through most of Feser's work over the past month.

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And you think that's not accesible to the layman, even if he wrote most of it for them?
MacIntyre even opens his books with "contemporary philosophy is garbage, I will make this readable for people who can use it, like lawyers and politicians".

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Slovenian world domination when?

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I think there are two main points against this: most of what he writes about may make certain interpretations/aspects more accessible to the """layman""", but what he's writing about is often very dense and is hard even for philosophers, or has a plurality of interpretations. Not all of what he writes in that sense is even straightforward.

It isn't culturally relevant: it's mostly normative (maybe that's what's confusing you?). In an odd way Zizek mostly performs a kind of positive analysis on what is, whereas Feser and the thinkers he's writing from are very much about hypotheticals and normative shit. Where they both kind of meet is in Nagel tho, I've noted that there's at least superficially some relatedness between Zizek and Nagel but I've not had so much of a chance to explore it.

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Yes ofcourse we all know *sniff sniff* that *sniff* a true communism, this dream that came and went *shirt pull* as sort of this Stalinist big Other watching *sniff* is really at the heart of Christianity which demands a kind of sacrifice *sniff sniff* the same way as any good Stalinist means when he say “the door to the left is the door to Kolyma” you know this joke yes.

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>implying it isn't already here

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Alisdair McAlister

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Alasdair MacIntyre

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I really, really like these digits.

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Does anyone have the video where he talks about how modern couples should just have sex with a dildo and plastic pussy and just talk.

I can't find it and am getting tired of hearing him tell the same stories over and over.

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typed 'zizek sex' into google

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I guess beggars can't be choosers, but I could of sworn there was one where he said more of less the same thing with a women on a panel or asking him questions where he was more graphic.

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alain de botton

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And now you have made the obscene tribute to the superego, what would you really say?

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>y-you too

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fuck off and go back to tumblr

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>every binary is invalid except for the ones by which i identify myself

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>moar than two genders "break the binary" meme
Examine the entire fucking human population and I dare you to find anything besides penises and vaginas attaxhed to people's crotches. Intersex people exist, but are exceedingly rare and exist due to congenital abnormalties. Get fucked you SJW swine. (that is unless you're baiting:^)

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more like bottom

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>you will never be one of zizeks friends.
>you will never just meet up in a group. to have fun.

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What's wrong with Zizek? Why does he keep sniffing?

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deviated septum from years of railing /stim/s

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He says he's never done drugs.

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But what about feminine penises?

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The court jester of Hegel.

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one of my professors studied under him and meets him for lunch when he is local.

hes going to be at my university next year that same professor told me

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There's a sizeable population of little girls that turn into men at puberty in Costa Rice, and that's due to their genetics friend ;)

I mean you say congenital like it's a point, it's a tautology in how you're trying to use it.

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Manuel DeLanda

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He's an example of why the Right Hegelians should have won.

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>the Right Hegelians
Moar liek the wrong Hegelians

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Shoshaeti, soshal shekkular laif naider kurrupted armi injastrial komplex, nor maslim bartherhud... awakned
*touches nose, swifts hand over his eyebrows*

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Butler is awesome.

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>le spook man xD

why are leftist memes so boring?

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The Right Hegelians are the reason we even have most of Hegels works in readable form.

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Memes are a spook

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she's smart but her theory is garbage, sheila jeffreys is def better

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that's real spooky, friend

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its Žižek retards

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And the reason any of us are talking about a """Western Philosophy""" is thanks to Islam. Therefore become a muslim if you haven't already.

What you've said is actually a load of bollocks btw, it's like saying we wouldn't know about Adam Smith if not for the Manchester School. Except wronger. So not valid, nor sound.

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He's an obsessional neurotic. He said it in one of his lectures and citied it for all of his ticks.

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5 minutes in MS paint

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And here's my very shitty template.

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>le cucks xD

Why are right wing memes so boring

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Oh god are those ones boring.

I think the most interesting thing about those memes is the tendency of the memers to use sock puppets and so pretend like they've got some dank memeage going on.

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Mark Hamill really let himself go.

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Thats Dan Harmon

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Let's just say that a lot of people look like a fucked up Mark Hamill.

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I wonder where the toilet is
Dancing, drinking, having fun, this is ideology at its purest
I wish I was home watching Ducksoup
Muh gawd that man is smoking a cigarette indoors.This is an obscenity.

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>Muh gawd
*my gott

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He only seeks that which goes comfortably with his preconceived conclusions. Like most sophists, he is unwilling to be shaken and therefore unwilling to learn or humble himself. Humility is the greatest attribute in those who seriously seek knowledge and wisdom.

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gb2childhood godcuck

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He's a good voice in the mainstream, although repetitive. Breaks the echo chamber of the mainstream left which is pretty insufferable.

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Pretty much this
Personally, he broke me out of my own little alt-right meme bubble

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Zizek is good for that. He's a little like a philosophical shotgun: read him as an amateur and you'll pick up enough interesting ideas to start thinking for yourself.

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this insufferable cunt will be the first to hang on the day of the rope

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Lacan used psychoanalysis as his base because thats what there was to learn in pyschology at the time. Freud said a lot of cooky shit but you have to know his terminology and understand his philosophical principles to grasp decent psychoanalytical philosophy.

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he's right though.
we're headed towards a libertarian society and anyone who isn't filthy rich or licking up the cumstains of the filthy rich thinking it's going to be good for them is a fucking moron.

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fat babbling idiot with severe speach impediment

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What is wrong with alt-right?

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Lin Manuel Miranda.

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Can someone explain exactly what he means by his ideology metaphor? I understand what he means with ideology as a pair of glasses that distorts everything you see, but how does the trashcan come into this? Is ideology both the glasses and the trash you are eating because you don't see it as such?

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someone pls answer

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No she isn't. There is no practical difference between a "subject position" and essentialism.

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You're fucking retarded

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i wouldn't call him smart either but
>calling people who ask questions on the internet retarded

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name one (1) better memeologist than zizek

pro tip: you can't

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He made me think about things I never even considered before.For that,I love him.Plus ,his sense of humour is fucking amazing .

It's mostly Americans ,and people who think analytical philosophy is the shit who always dismiss him.

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Zizek BTFO


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chomsky is a fraud

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more like slavfuck zikGAY lol

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Here's one:

The subject is not a single entity but fundamentally divided
There, done. Your move Chomsky

>> No.8723535

Chomsky is as big a meme as Zizek tho. Genuinely believes in an autistic conspiracy theory which posits there is no democrat or republican party, only the "Business Party".

>> No.8723549

>"uhh he is not interesting to me"
>"I don't see any reason to have conversation with him because he is not interesting"
Seems like someone is intimidated as fuck

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Very insightful, thanks.

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Anyone have that video of Zizek showing his house but edited? He opens a cupboard in his kitchen and there's dildos and noam chomsky's face.

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His rare instances of coherence are plagiarism.

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>Noam Chomsky makes his post 9 minutes ago
>the comments are from 11 minutes ago
really makes me think

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I thought the all the "My God, and so on" stuff was just pure memery. Does he talk like this all the time?

>> No.8723687

Off to bed you little scamp

>> No.8723857

He says 'my gott' and 'and so on' a lot. Go listen to some of his stuff on youtube.

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Wow, both of these ideological deviants whose ideas would, if anybody could be tricked into implementing them, cause a great deal of unnecessary suffering, are really petty and dumb.

>> No.8723961

Its symbolic for how ahead of the argument Zizek is

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what's the best way to into zizek? random youtube videos?

>> No.8724312

Read Hegel.

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On so many levels I would that it were.

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w2sw nick land?

>> No.8724772

I have no idea what you mean.

>> No.8724780

where to start with

>> No.8724789

Probably Fanged Noumena. There should be a pdf floating around somewhere.

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>against ideology
>is leftist

>> No.8725923

>machines do all the work so you don't have to fear about your performance
So basicly he's saying give in to your fear of failure. Don't try to overcome your weaknesses. Don't try to ascend. Be weak. Be mediocre. Don't try to make an effort. Don't try to fulfill your dreams. Don't try to realize the possibilities in you. Don't try to be the best version of yourself.
I'm truly disgusted by defeatist attitudes like this.

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Hoh boy, this is the spookiest post I seen all day
Hold still this will only hurt a lot

>> No.8726096

Sometimes smart, sometimes pants-on-head retarded, sometimes an incoherent mess, most of the time annoying to listen to due to his weird mannerisms and lisp

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The fact that you are asking this is already a part of what is wrong with it

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>fucking some slut is 'trying to ascend'

calm down bro

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In fact, thinking you can be free of ideology, or that your world-view is the only non-ideological one, is itself the most powerful ideology.

>> No.8726250

>against ideology
He is not, ideology is not something you can be 'against' it, it's impossible to get rid of it.

>> No.8726421

psychoanalysis gets shat on way too much for what it is, especially when looked at from a philosophical perspective rather than a simply analytic perspective.

i'm actually in a course right now called Psychoanalysis and Politics, and it starts with Freud, moves through Lacan, Marcuse, Abraham and Torok, to Zizek, who we are reading for Wednesday. So I can't say much about Zizek as of yet, but I do know that psychoanalysis can be applied to a whole range of political and philosophical topics, and truly can be a good foundation for a philosophical discourse, as long as it is engaged with intellectually, rather than simply with an analytic bent.

Freud himself delves into politics by the end of his career, with Civilization and its Discontents, wherein he essentially psychoanalyzes modern civilization, using his methods from the individual level, and discusses how civilization could get to the point it has gotten to (published in 1930 originally, right before Hitler, but anti-Semitic sentiment + xenophobia were rampant in Germany/Austria at the time) through the various pathologies etc. that man has grown into.

He also has a book called Group Psychology which analyzes the makeup of a group, talks about the psychology of cults, religion, and the military, and how followers differ from leaders in those groups. A very poignant political text.

Also, Freud's theories of trauma proposed in Beyond the Pleasure Principle are still relevant today, and are the touchstone for any modern theory of trauma in the "serious" discipline of psychology.

Basically, to dismiss someone because he "uses psychoanalysis as a base for his philosophy" is ignorant and dismissive, and frankly reductive to the popular, vulgar understanding of Freud as some nutjob cokehead who didn't know what he was doing.

>> No.8726437

Slavoj "Death penalty for rapists" Zizek
Sometimes he just goes full retard, and he's an actual cultural marxist
Searching for good ideas in his work is like searching for gold in a garbage bin

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A meme man of objectively less intellectual credibility than pic related.

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Whats wrong with cocaine use?

>> No.8726457

Whats wrong with killing rapists? Worst case scenario is we wrongly convict someone, but that really isn't a huge net loss for humanity.

>> No.8726461

Holy shit my dude I strongly suggest you look for a doctor, you seem to be failing from a serious case of protestant ethics.

Full automatization of work is precisely what will let you look for your true potential. What do you think is better: Staying home and reading whatever it is that you want to and doing routines aimed at maximizing development of every set of muscles or toiling away in menial tasks, reading complete noise information all along and / or doing repetitive tasks all along?

Work destroys the soul of man, to the point we're left with a population of retarded Sysyphus like you

>> No.8726463

Yeah! Just look at Star Trek:TNG

>> No.8726465

Spot on. I grew up around farmers who took so much pride in having absolutely no time to develop interests or passions outside of kicking shit.

>> No.8726468

It's almost as if this is the point he's been making since he begun his career, and his work is precisely trying to identify the mechanisms of ideology??????

Maybe if you read a fucking book instead of spouting memes you'd know this, but asking for people on /lit/ to read is too much these days

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who would win in an intellectual debate between alex jones and zizek? bear in mind that zizek has been drinking fluoridated water his entire life

>> No.8726477

Alex can definitely bench more. Both would be kinda fun to hang out with.

>> No.8726479

this picture is real btw


scroll down

>> No.8726480

Neither would win but I'd watch 10 hours of it.

>> No.8726484

I think the whole world knows this, no one takes Freud 100% seriously but everyone also knows that a lot of his work is pretty much on point, and also extremely important in modern humanities as a whole.

Then, there are the retarded americans, who think that filling kids up with prescription drugs once they hit 8 so no one has to recognize the inner workings of their subconscious and face some trauma in their lifes.

US Capitalism is disgusting. And yes, "Safe spaces" and SJWs are a direct result of america's obsession of "Feeling good".

>> No.8726489

what the fuck is he trying to say?

>> No.8726493

Lizard people control literally everything

>> No.8726497

Work is a disease, there's no dignity in busting your ass so you can make a living.

Also, sorry for that awkward wording on the last post but I just woke up and I can't think straight when I'm phoneposting

>> No.8726499

>Out of a population of about three-quarters of a billion, under 14 million people (approximately a mere 2%) in Europe receive artificially-fluoridated water. Those people are in the UK (5,797,000), Republic of Ireland (3,250,000), Spain (4,250,000), and Serbia (300,000).[6]

Europe has mostly redpilled water.

>> No.8726501

I forget who wrote it, but I read a really cool piece about how the ancient greeks had slaves because they truly detested work. I don't really blame them.

>> No.8726508


>> No.8726509

The problem is not busting your ass per se, the issue is that nowadays you're doing sorely to make money to some baby boomer magnate.

>> No.8726510

It's really not that hard to comprehend, are you mentally retarded?

>> No.8726513

>ooh it's a nightmare and so on

zizekism still make me kek desu

>> No.8726519

Can someone explain the "globalism is capitalism" meme?

>> No.8726520

Yeah. I'd never blame someone for working hard on improving their golf game, writing a novel, etc.. But it's silly to do so for a person with little interest in you finding some meaning in life.

>> No.8726526

Globalized markets (and it's political cousins) are the natural conclusion to expanding as a successful capitalist entity. I'm sure someone could explain it better than me.

>> No.8726529

You mean international trading?

>> No.8726534
File: 274 KB, 328x439, Hadvar.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

To the block, /pol/, nice and easy.

>> No.8726539
File: 160 KB, 608x347, town rapist.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8726545

It never stops at trading though. Think of how businesses and your own government interact. Now imagine that also happening on a global scale. Huge companies don't just influence national policy, they are eventually "forced" to influence global policy leading to global homogeneity on an economic level which in theory would come to influence foreign cultures and politics. Capitalist entities will always drive for more profit and efficiency. This eventually grows to a global scale. Capitalism that doesn't lead to globalization means capitalism that isn't doing what it's meant to do.

>> No.8726556
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>> No.8726560

How would socialism or communism prevent this?

>> No.8726563

What do you mean by "globalism"? The alt-right meme or "globalization"? People are really deep down all degenerates and the more economic prosperity you have the more liberal of a culture will develop e.g. 80s conservative economic liberalism lead to a culture of vulgar cultural liberalism developing. Capitalism must eliminate the nation state in the end because it gets in the way of unrestricted free economic activity and movement of economic factors preventing any global equilibrium from emerging.

>> No.8726569

What about national socialism?

>> No.8726573

By stabilizing local communities with their local production needs being organized by the locals themselves, while preventing megacorporations that transcend natural to exist by seizing the means of production for the workers, which in turn would make said production become localized and self-managed as well.

>> No.8726595

Yeah, I'm not talking about effort when I mean work, I'm talking about labour, sorry, we kinda use the same word in my language most of the time.

>> No.8726600

I don't see how that would prevent corporations from being formed

>> No.8726604

I would agree with your post, but you seem so hurt. Amusing.

>> No.8726648

It can't happen out of pure logistic, unless you believe the communism=central planning meme

>> No.8726666

If it would have adopted an actual socialist economic aproach it would've been the most perfect system ever devised by man

>> No.8726667

Yeah but what about J. J. Halberstam?

>> No.8726686

Quads of truth

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Has Zizek ever written anything about Stirner? He is described as Hegelian so I thought there might be some overlap.

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>> No.8726697

Stirner is completely irrelevant outside this Prussian thought-representations agora.

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For a Marxists, he is really good at marketing himself.
I like him cause he knows the scourge of
identity politics that infects the left and refuses to subscribe to that

Recently i think that his whole nose sniffing thing and scratching and shirt pulling is a put on, part of his brand.

I applaud him for somehow being well known as a philosopher in 21st century

>> No.8726727

t. Marx

>> No.8726743


Sankt Marx

>> No.8726983

>Recently i think that his whole nose sniffing thing and scratching and shirt pulling is a put on, part of his brand.

its called a tic

>> No.8727359

It's called 80 dollars a gram

>> No.8727363


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