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Is nazbol the true ideology of /fitlit/izens?

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Excuse me, /lit/ is a neocon board.

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you know it is

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Thats /pol/. We are marxists

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literally the second worst ideology imaginable

I propose the first: national-anarchism

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Fuck off /pol/, we know you are trying to take advantage of a successful merge.

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/pol/ are nazis. /lit/ doesn't really have any political bloc, although we get some commie larpers from reddit occasionally (not insulting the actual academic marxist on here, just the faggy reddit commies, you can typically tell them apart pretty easily)

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how does nazbol differ from natsoc? seems like the same thing with a sickle instead of a swastika and maybe no racial factor

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it's somehow more autistic than both nazism and communism

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Fuck off with politics

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The Original NAZBOL gang. true /fitlit/ godz in here

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>Academic Marxist

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If you're not a libertarian you can fuck right off

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Limonov, Letov, Dugin. Fuck, Marry, Kill?

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what are the differences between libertarians and ancaps? just curious.

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Small government with laws based on capitalistic free-market principles
No government with society entirely run by capitalistic free-market principles

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