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What's a good idea for a book villain?

by posting in this thread you consent to me stealing your ideas and using them myself.

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A compulsive manipulator with a large nose.

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It's sort of been done to death in Harry Potter Manipulative Dumbledore fanfiction.

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There are way too many "intelligent, nihilist, with a wicked sense of humor" villains. Too many are composed sophisticated evil masterminds. We need some villains that are overly emotional, illogical, self-referential and instinctive in "thought" (as in, illogical and emotional), adamant ideologues of zero capacity of articulating their goals in a glorious speech and instead resorting to "just so" statements ("because [I think] this is right!")

They can even be more humanized and relatable to the reader, as their actions are justified in self-preservation emotional responses and an unstable emotional state they never learned to control, likely caused by mental illness. Many zoomers would identify.

Western (and global) media needs to give up this embarrassing obsession with "EMOTION GOOD" ideologies and bullshit like that, which they use to reduce even hard science-fiction into drooling retard "POWER OF LOVE" bullshit, and place emotionally-driven characters of moral values above logical principles as being evil, harmful, self-indulgent, self-preserving above others necessities that can only be solved through logistical organization and objective acknowledgement of the circumstances.

We need less "le sociopath" villains, and more Borderline/Bipolar villains.

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He sneaks into your house at night and highlights irrelevant passages in all your books.

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For their own good, there are certain things people need to be constantly reminded of.

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Maybe I can work it out myself. Evil things are rape and murder and stealing.

but no one cares about those things, what really upsets people is bureaucrats who find niches in systems that let them make people's lives hell and people who murder family pets.

so.....a dog catcher who keeps losing your paperwork and says it's your own fault when your pet gets put down because you didn't get the correct stamp, who probably rapes you at some point too.

fucking great, I just invented the BTK killer. it's already been done.

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>he reads genre fantasy
>omigurrd guys that's a totally badass 3d interestingino Big Bad!!!!!

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>literary work is bad because of the genre rather than the quality of the plot, characters, themes, allegories and metaphors

Try to Yes Chad your way out of this all you want, you are a dilettante philistine now and forever.

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I think the perfect villain would be like this: he is called anal beadman and he has the ability to shrink and grow. On one faithful night, Jeanna and her transgirlfriend go to a sexshop in Manhattan to spice up their sex life. They come across the anal bead aisle and pick up a new set. When they get home, and drink a few glasses of white wine, the fun begins. Jeanna pulls down her boxer briefs and spreads her cheeks, revealing a forest of hair and dingleberries. Her transgirlfriend opens the new pack of anal beads, sucks on each on to get them nice and wet, and slowly slips them into Jeanne's butthole. After all of them are inside, they decide to relax on the couch and watch some netflix.

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>the story just ends

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>overly emotional, illogical, self-referential and instinctive in "thought" (as in, illogical and emotional), adamant ideologues of zero capacity of articulating their goals in a glorious speech and instead resorting to "just so" statements ("because [I think] this is right!")
you just described literally --literally-- every protagonist ever in mainstream media.

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an orc woman who has 2 metre long arms and a concrete flat ass

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Holy shit, you're right. I wasn't even trying to do that (yes I am the same poster, I still have the thread open)

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a dumb nagging bitch that won't keep her god damned mouth shut because she doesn't know what's good for her.

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>tropes: subverted

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Buck Sneed the yellow liver failure having man who chokes black men with his two huge asscheeks

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Uses the power of friendship.
Make the villain have your ideology instead of the protagonist.

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This but also give her a horse cock.

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but if he has friends how could he lose

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Just go for unequivocally evil; morally gray is played out.

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