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Why does the Story of Sinuhe not get talked about nearly as much as Gilgamesh on /lit/?

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It's not nearly as well-known. I had never heard of it until it was mentioned in the Egyptian history book I was reading, and an anon in the last thread hadn't until it was mentioned on /lit/. I ordered it yesterday.

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Did you get the translation by Parkinson?

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Yeah. It also has some other poems from Middle Egypt included, which will be nice.
Is there any other great ancient Egyptian literature? When I google I mostly get that one and the other Middle Egypt stuff included.

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Because based Gilgamesh is better

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>Is there any other great ancient Egyptian literature? When I google I mostly get that one and the other Middle Egypt stuff included.
The Middle Egyptian period is usually touted as the classical period for literature, so it's definitely been studied the most. There are some notable later compositions, however:
The Satirical Letter of Hori
The Deir-El-Medina love poems
The Harpist songs
are some of my favourites.

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Yeah... it was a little shaky

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It's bound to be. 4000 year old literature is an inherent barrier to the understanding, I think. Gilgamesh and Sinuhe are actually thematically comprehensible for the modern reader, hence their popularity.

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Anon. PARKINSON'S translation was a little SHAKY.

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Well, excuse me for being a retard on 4chan.

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How long is it?

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The collection I ordered, which includes an introduction, The Tale of Sinuhe, The Tale of the Eloquent Peasant, The Tale of the Shipwrecked Sailor, The Teaching of Merikare, The Teaching of Ptahhotep, and The Dialogue of a Man and his Soul, is 336 pages

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not very

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And the tale of sinuhe?

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>The roots of algebra can be traced to the ancient Babylonians,[8] who developed an advanced arithmetical system with which they were able to do calculations in an algorithmic fashion. The Babylonians developed formulas to calculate solutions for problems typically solved today by using linear equations, quadratic equations, and indeterminate linear equations. By contrast, most Egyptians of this era, as well as Greek and Chinese mathematics in the 1st millennium BC, usually solved such equations by geometric methods, such as those described in the Rhind Mathematical Papyrus, Euclid's Elements, and The Nine Chapters on the Mathematical Art.

>Babylonian algebra was much more advanced than the Egyptian algebra of the time; whereas the Egyptians were mainly concerned with linear equations the Babylonians were more concerned with quadratic and cubic equations.[7] The Babylonians had developed flexible algebraic operations with which they were able to add equals to equals and multiply both sides of an equation by like quantities so as to eliminate fractions and factors.[7] They were familiar with many simple forms of factoring,[7] three-term quadratic equations with positive roots,[9] and many cubic equations[10] although it is not known if they were able to reduce the general cubic equation.[10]

>unlike the Egyptians and Romans, the Babylonians had a true place-value system, where digits written in the left column represented larger values (much as, in our base ten system, 734 = 7×100 + 3×10 + 4×1).[11]

nothin personel, cat worshippers

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If based Gilgamesh hadn't been forgotten, homer would not be nearly as influential to us today

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what the fuck do you want us to say?

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How is the Mika Waltari novel?

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