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Is it just me, or you can't download shit from Z-library right now?

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probably just you

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uh-oh magabros, i think it's over

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It has limited downloads. I think, you can only download 5 books a day. Try using Tor Browser.

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Why would anyone need to download more than that?

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Z-library has exactly the same content as libgen literature sectioon ( i used z-libray too before realizing it was just a mirror with premium options)

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No, it wouldn't download the first five books. Would stall for a while and then give me an error.

Idk, it is easier to browse, and I was looking for a really rare thing that I did not expect to find on libgen, while Google did give me results for Z-library.
But as it turns out, you're right, it's on libgen too!

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doing research

try libgen or pdfdrive too

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I'm gonna be needing a copy of this.

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