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Who are your top three thinkers?

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Far right dude is a commie now.

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man, some people will create whole ideologies just not to get a real job.

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Who is he? He's cute

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Dylan Thomas AKA neuroposter FKA truediltom

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Keith Woods (far left dude) is awesome

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more like retarded

got completely filtered by Moldbug

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the fuck is a real job? motherfucker you can't be a capitalist and be a retarded "real job" andy

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Nah he's just became a christcuck.

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A commie christcuck.
Those things aren't different.

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Interestingly enough it happened to his former partner a few weeks ago too. Now this is the kind of deep and radical thought you get out of the guy.

Converting is a form of deradicalization.

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I am not right wing. I think that the most strongest element far right is religion. Ironically it is also the their weakest element. I was reading Keith Wood's comment section on his video that is Christianity left wing. And watching internet far right Pagans and Christians going at each other like dogs was quiet funny. Romans use to call Christianity a feminine religion for slaves and women. It's flourishing in Africa where most people are broken and poor. So it is absolutely left wing in that regard. I don't understand commie hate of Christianity when communism is pretty a reformation of this religion.

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These threads are leftie psyops to make us seem obnoxious, i know what you are doing.

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Michelle Obama
Greta Thunderberg

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Top 3 is hard. Can I do top 5?

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Sam was chill when he hanged out with interesting people like Nick, Kantbot, weck and don jolly but now its just about his stoner boy harem and gets mad if you point out they’re retarded or annoying

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