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60 pages in, already has introduced four major characters and she has gotten me emotionally attached to all four of them. I can see aspects of myself and most anyone in each of them, she has broken down everything people have in common and built characters around those aspects without making them seem generic or flat. Few authors have managed to get me so involved with a single character in 60 pages and she has me hooked on four already, Carson is impressive.

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I enjoyed it too. I also enjoyed the political stuff
Especially when the two socialists finally meet and talk

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Yeah, very nice book

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A true masterpiece. Pity she could never replicate it again.

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This is why 4chan is the best social media. The complete anonymity makes posturing pointless, so you can just speak your heart. If I saw this book recommendation on any other platform it would seem indistinguishable from any other "10 books to boost female voices" or whatever the fuck, where the content is secondary to the political performatism of posturing to be a good person

Instead I just know this is a damn good book, and I will read it.

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I've been trying to tell people how good this book is for a long time now. It's great Southern Gothic lit which belongs right up there with Faulkner and O'Connor.

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>It's great Southern Gothic lit which belongs right up there with Faulkner and O'Connor.
It's a good book, but let's not go overboard here.

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