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Give me one good reason why I should listen to someone of such physiognomy.

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>b-but anon...

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physiognomy is an ad hominem fallacy

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You're mistaken. His physiognomy is exactly the reason why you should listen to him.

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To assess their level of malice and humility. If they manage to lack malice, and better yet, they still retain humility, it's likely you'll find a useful perspective. Not one you need to have, but one to consider - you want others with such physiognomy to be like that, after all.

Yet if you find out that they are truly hostile to all good things, you may have found a way to rebuke them through one they are obliged to respect in turn; another ugly one.

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High masculinity, mildly autismoid features, has a beard denoting wisdom and presents himself in a somewhat disheveled manner, showing that he is both unconventional and honest.

All perfect traits for a philosopher.

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He looks like a slob. I want to punch his face in.

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Literally Greek philosopher phenotype

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>he says nigger

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Freaks are funny.

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literally this, he looks like a hobo Hegel

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Physiognomy is just cope for women who dont want to admit that they determine who they listen to based on sexual attraction.

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he's the most important philosopher of this century

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At least pick a good image of him, come on now

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But evolution determines who is valuable based on how they look, therefore it's the opposite of a cope.

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I picked the average one.

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Ideology is bad.

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holy shit he does

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If I call you a faggot does your opinion of me better or worsen?

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His arguments are very compelling. His ontology is revelatory. He has the most generative reading of Hegel ever. His thinking is intricate and beautiful and always tied to clear demonstrative examples. The cherry on top: he manages this maintaining humor and bonhomie. Ž is the greatest philosopher of our time. But I think he suffers from perceived accessibility. You really do need to be steeped in theory to appreciate what he's talking about, but because he's known as a personality, laymen think they can approach him, and walk away thinking he hasn't said anything at all.

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*ahem* you were saying...?

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I only listen to people who look like this

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There's more to reading physical characteristics than whether someone is ugly or not.

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Another ugly, life-denying bastard.

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Post ONE philosopher that is attractive.
Reminder that the minimum standard for attractiveness is pic related (8/10). I'll wait.

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>evolution determines who is valuable based on how they look,

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he went from being a double-phd suicide case to a nervous-induced-frenzy philosopher, shitting out dozens of books that amount to little more than "but what if we made totalitarianism work by updating our government bureaucracies with the fruits of complex psychoanalysis"

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Will you take paintings?

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Evolution is the process by which a trait that is relevant in successful reproduction becomes more commonplace in a genetic pool over time, it is not "strong jaw=good ideas", that's just womanish inanity justifying attraction to handsome men at a time when mental traits are supposedly equally attractive as physical ones.

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baudrillard is pretty handsome in that french guy way

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L'homme orange is pretty attractive desu
Would fug

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He looks Canadian

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Surprise surprise, this one stays up.

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wtf? He might be Frenchman who unironically abandoned his children but he does not look like a faggot.

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Do you take E-celeb grifters?

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Oh and what about this one?

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If Brad is only an 8 show me a 10

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