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jews bad

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>slavoj "sniffle sniffle nose wipe shirt pinch sniffle" zizek

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He's on adderall. It would all stop if he didn't use kiddie speed as a social crutch.

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Now reference one of his ideas.

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Zizek's political views are a meme... he's just a centrist with some points directed towards some accelerationist agenda "to save the left" who camouflages thru layers upon layers of jargon.

The left can't be saved, cause it is not endangered; the marxist utopia (no private property/means of production administered by the most efficient way thru a little bureau of transhumans ahistorical soviet who are obsessed with equality) will be delivered thru the neoliberal globalist technocratic singularity after all metaphysical identities are deleted by the machenschaft of technology.

The far-right is the one who needs to be saved.

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Nice try.

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Lol what a pseud

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>no private property/means of production administered by the most efficient way thru a little bureau of transhumans ahistorical soviet who are obsessed with equality
I've seen some awful takes on marxism but this must be the worst I've ever seen

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could you explain yourselves?


>Welcome to 2030. I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better


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Very based.

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i'm not saying that neoliberalism is marxism... i'm saying the passions which make people search for the left are satisfied better by neoliberalism than by marxism.

Communism deaccelerates the natural subversion of capitalism... why the fuq do you think that the less cucked and less woke parts of Europe are the ones who were communists, while the countries who always were liberals and capitalists are the ones who are most fucked up by this woke agenda?

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All I'm saying is that the 'Marxist utopia' you described isn't Marxist. When you say the left can't be saved cause it is not endangered, it is. The anti-capitalist left is suppressed and only the idpol is filtered through and allowed to grow. You seem to have got it in your head that the Left means liberalism or neoliberalism. Would you call yourself far-right? That might explain your warped perception here.

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do you think that the bolshevik revolution and the millions who gathered around it had all in their mind an intellectual strive for emancipation? they were all 135 iq intellectuals?

Logical forms are material, they're chosen for a reason. Let me illustrate: when a person is hungry usually he searches for food, but not always, what about the one who's on diet or the religious person who's in abstinence?

Knowing that food satisfies hunger, that diet makes weight loss and abstinence is what a god demands; they're all logical forms which serve a purpose. What do i mean by that? logical forms, doctrines, whatever you call it, are tools to satisfy passions; and passion, pathos, is the first phenomenological instance of the human being.

The jacobines didn't went on a murdering killingspree cause they believed in the sovereign principle of humanism; the bolsheviks were ressented, and you can see it thru the artistic depictions of the bourgeosie they made and glutton pigs.

The left cannot be defined by doctrines; in the XIX being a capitalist liberal was a leftist position, now is right wing... the left have a passional identity which only appears obvious when you track a serie of historical phenomena throughout history: the dissolution of hierarchy which are not based on material relationships.

As technology advances, and you can have eunuchs hormonated wearing a dress, the identity of it must be recognized; thus you have transwomen. The left is no other thing that the search of technology to dissolve barriers which before kept it outside of markets and natural resources.

The first stage of liberalism (the left in the XIX) was to dissolve the caste system of clergy and nobility; which are purely conventional, and those two castes slowed down the development of technocapital. For example: Catholic church codemns usury and abortion. Planned Parenthood had a 1.7 billion US dollars of profit in 2018. That profit wouldn't' be possible if the metaphysical barrier imposed by tradition (the sanctity of motherhood) was still protected; thus keeping technology away from the natural resource which is the field of the uterus. So the leftist ideology of feminism was created to dissolve the natural relationship of womanhood and motherhood; and for it, to be implemented in a massive industrial scale, has the need for technocapital.

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