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What do people mean when they tell you to grow up? I feel like the final result of the notion to 'grow up' (not in the biological sense) is just straight up narcissism. You love yourself so much that you don't give a fuck about anything or anyone, do your thing regardless of questioning it and stop being distracted by emotions. It's similar for parents who extend this narcissism to their child (maybe rightfully so) to a degree where they'd kill for the child. Depression and doubt is not a possibility for a 'grown up'. This is the best esplanation I can come up with when trying to understand why older people are like they are now where I am getting older myself. How else can you even bear to live in this world? Narcissism is the only cope that works long term.

Also, any book recommendations on this?
Pic related is just a random qute from google search which illustrates to me how stupid and empty this concept is.

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Black and white mentality. You really need to grow up.

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This is what you're looking for. To be well-adjusted in Western society is to be a crippled, stunted, degenerated freak.

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Grow up is adult bodied babbies whinging bc little jimmy won't be so easily persuaded by their opinions

Fuck old people, they're gonna die off anyway. Fuck growing up. Into what? The next small town gyno or lawyer? Utter nonsense

>inb4 Narcissus
Fucking half-gay with 2 feet in the closet and a torso aimed over water for retinal selfies. God damned man child who drowned in his own vanity

Develop a healthy ego anon, and stop using those faggy fucking buzzwords to guiltrip and shame yourself

Goddam fucking post millenium bullshit uses of pop psychology

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Grow up is real, you do need to change alot when you start become adult. But in that sense there is no such thing as grown up. And what people talking about is just the normies faggotry

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Growing up means about twenty different things to twenty different people, various types of liberal and conservative moralisings...

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growing up means beeing urself i'm not joking

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growing up doesn't mean not caring about what people think. Growing up just means not letting your ego make your decisions for you and to be in full control of your body by not letting your urges get the better of you. If i could sum it all up in a sentence i'd say: logic over emotions.

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Being able to support yourself and contribute more to the family/community than you take.

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Growing up is an arbitrary goalpost set up by society to vilify anyone who goes outside the status quo of what you're supposed to want in life. Anyone who overly concerned about "growing up" is a loser who can't think for themselves and deserves to be a slave.

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>average age in this thread


As the years go by you learn more and more about the minute intricacies of your feelings, social interactions, emotions and other things that can only be learned through the passage of time. Each of these lessons learned leaves you more capable of existing happily and less likely to still be a whiny little bitch like yourself. It’s not narcissism, it’s self confidence, which you seem to be lacking.

Exactly what lessons you learn depends on your surroundings and who you are as a person.

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Each day is a lot like the last, only worse. Pessimism brings understanding. Understanding is the agent of change. Growing up is about overcoming the brainwash of authorities like schools, religions, and parents. Its more often about stripping away than adding to. When you aren't passionate about yourself things get hard.

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It just means acting like the average adult and is a standard that varies based on who is proclaiming it. Just a means of enforcing conformity.

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This thread only made me more confused. On the one hand there are people saying that it is about overcoming social norms, those people I consider to be quite young, probably not older than 25 years old. On the other hand there are the people saying it's about contributing to society, I guess that is the most common interpretation for the average of society and in that way it does make sense.

Then there's >>16698636 and I don't think he's wrong but the kind of logic he's referring to is not enough. Many older people are some of the most irrational persons I've ever met. I rather think that older people learn to allow certain emotions while dislearning emotions that they deem bad and useless.
>>16699219 has probably the best answer, yet he seems to get aggressive for no reason. Also he uses circular reasoning when saying:
>Exactly what lessons you learn depends on your surroundings and who you are as a person.
You become the person you are based on your surroundings and you choose your surroundings based on the person you are.

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