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books about why the world went mad?

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Book of Genesis.

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Read Lasch

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The decline of religion is the only honest answer

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It’s a long story.

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I think even leftists recognize this. It's why the religion of "wokeism" is gaining steam among them. Substitute the Crucifixion with the Middle Passage and you've got modern leftism.

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Stupidly gay vague thread op. Thanks for giving the schizos a place to autistly obscess over whatever pet project that got their goat and can j'accuse.

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political ideology/=/religion

dont get why people always conflate the two

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By leftists here you again mean liberals in the pentagon who are arranging this woke war.

No the lack of christian hegemony isn’t to blame. The growing numbers of atheists aren’t why the world’s “gone mad”

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Time is a circle. Madness is inescapable.

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The fourth turning.

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>liberals in the pentagon are arranging this woke war.
>ah yes, the American military wants to destroy America

In any case, I do feel some sympathy for leftists of the non-idpol bent. They strike me as a bunch of Cassandras, warning people of the obvious future and present usage of idpol to mask class-related issues, but preaching to deaf ears.

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See you in Carcosa

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I think anon is pointing to the zeitgeist currently conflating the two, perhaps without realizing it

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