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How did the greeks manage to develop a rich written culture before everyone else?

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It's like how fags are apt to write poetry; they had nothing else to offer the world.

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Oral traditions transcribed and reasonably preserved. Like everywhere else.

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Yeah like why didn’t they just learn to rap

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Tragedies and comedies were often edited by the authors and didn't strictly follow their oral source material.

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And johnny Cash added the spanish horn section to June Carter’s Ring of Fire when he covered it.

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What about historical accounts & prose works? were they also made to be sung orally?

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To create higher civilization, you need a critical mass of people with the right genetics. For masses of people, that would make Egypt, Assyria, ancient Greece, and areas around what is now India.

Of these, R1B haplotype prevailed in the region where philosophy first developed (in Greek Anatolia).

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Just imagine all the stories that had come and gone throughout pre-recordable history.
They likely created cheatsheet symbolism on parchments...

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>Just imagine all the stories that had come and gone throughout pre-recordable history
they were assimilated into the mythical accounts unless you think the Trojan war was merely fiction

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>Trojan war was merely fiction
I trust Finley’s reconstruction. There wasn’t a war but a series of raids

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my point still stands

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you got exposed hard lol

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I would say it's more-so well preserved culture, which I would guess has to do with them being largely on the periphery of a highly active economic and cultural area.

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You need to suck deez
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I do think can tell, you fat ball of grease
Maybe I oughta bust you in da teef
Look at you! You show up unkempt
Lived yo whole like in regret
PreSocratic? How bout post-Socratic
Anything better than you automatic

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So it appears that I’ve agreed with you as far as this period and time goes.
Was there a debate?

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lay down the weed

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Oh. I meant time period and place. Distracted

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Nice bait and homosexual projection faggot, get a life and stop shitting up the catalog.

OFF-topic Sage.

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epic rap battles of history!

Socrates vs. Thrasymachus

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they stratified logos on language; a pretty good move for developing arts; a pretty bad move repressing human logos itself.

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>before everyone else

Mesopotamia, a product of alien engineering

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bernard knox.... no thanks

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>bernard knox
It’s just an introduction

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>before everyone else

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Because they had writing before everyone else
I bet native americans would have written dope books but they couldnt figure out writing, so

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